Cricut Paper Cutting Art Projects And Tutorials

Paper cutting is perhaps my favourite feature of Cricut. Yes, Cricut machines are so versatile you can create so many amazing projects. However, there is something wonderful about creating a beautiful paper cut as a gift or seasonal decorations. On this page I will will share and update you with all of my Paper Cutting Art Projects and tutorials as and when I create them.

Many of these posts also contain step by steps and hints and tips. Additionally check out my Design Space Guides page. These also have many step-by-step design space tutorials to help you understand using your Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy.

Using any image in Cricut paper cutting art and projects

Paper Cutting Art Projects And Tutorials

I have seperated my paper cuts into sections to help you choose from tutorials, seasonal, parties, letters and art. Thus finding best project for your paper cut needs.

Paper Cut Tutorials

How to paper cut with hints and tips on how to get the best results out of paper cutting.

How to weld in Cricut Design Space. This is essential for successful paper cutting.

Easy Cricut Paper Cut Tutorial

How to make a scrapbook word cut file, and how to back a scrapbook cut file this can also be used to frame.

How to make a word cut file with Cricut Design Space

Seasonal Paper Cuts

You can create beautiful seasonal paper cuts for decorating your home, creating Santa’s Foot Prints and

Valentines Cards.

Home made paper cut valentines card

Creating Santas Footprints

Halloween Paper Cut

Craft ideas for Halloween

Paper Cutting Art Projects Letters And Numbers

Paper Cut letters and numbers are perfect for creating banners, using for wedding decor including table numbers and cake toppers. I have created a set of co-ordinating floral letters and numbers which are free and ready in a design space project if you have e paid access. If you dont there are downloadable versions with instructions on how to add them to design space.

How to cut your own images in design space. This method is also great for adding artwork, logos and your children’s artwork to design space.

Free floral paper cut alphabet.

how top make paper cut gifts

Free floral paper cut numbers.

paper cut numbers for cake toppers and paper cutting art

Paper Cut Alphabet For Fall, Autumn And Halloween

Autumn Craft Project Ideas

Christmas Paper Cut Letters Of The Alphabet For Paper And Vinyl

Christmas letters for crafting with Cricut

Paper Cuts For Parties

Although the floral letters and numbers are incredible for parties. There are many other ways your can use paper cutting to create wonderful party decorations and create themed parties with your Cricut and Cricut Design Space.

Birthday cake topper templates.

free cake topper templates

Making paper cut party straws.

Golden Snitch paper cuts for Harry Potter themed parties.

Golden snitch party chocolates and Cricut paper cutting art projects

Crackers for parties.

Gin Christmas Crackers

Paper Cut Art

Paper cutting is also the most wonderful way of saying happy birthday, celebrating families, wedding and births. Thus creating personalised art and something truly beautiful to frame and gift to someone you love.

The New Baby Paper Cut is great to frame or to cut on vinyl for nursery walls.

Free baby paper cut template

Elephant Paper Cut, this is a reverse paper cut and a great tutorial for newbies to paper cutting.

Beginners Papercut With The Cricut Maker, Cricut paper cutting art projects

Unicorn Paper Cut, this reverse paper cut is slightly more advanced and shows you how to created raised elements to a paper cut.

How to make a Unicorn Paper Cut With The Cricut Maker
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More Cricut Project Ideas

Paper Cutting Art Projects And Tutorials
Cricut paper cut projects and tutorials to make projects for gifts and to sell.