Easy Homemade Ideas For Family Meals

Welcome to my Ideas For Family Meals page. Before we go on I need to tell you, I am not the best cook in the world. Consider me more of trier, determined not to be beat.

I want to be THAT cooking mum, especially as Chris is such a great cook. Since having the boys we have been on a mission to to get them out of their fussy eater ways. Crafting is most definitely my talent in life.

However with as little perseverance I have got there. Why did I tell you that? Well, because we are not all natural superstar cooks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cook delicious food, I am testament to that. So don’t give up, if you want to cook great homemade family food you can.

The Ideas For Family Meals On This Page Are All Easy.

Some needing a little more time than others. so don’t feel overwhelmed, put some music on and jump in feet first, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Here you will find a mix of starters for entertaining, hearty easy midweek meals, healthy slimming world friendly meals, and cakes and desserts. Because family life is not just about easy midweek meals. It’s also about making kids and teens excited about food, cooking and eating out.

I live with the hope our boys will go into life enjoying cooking, making healthy choices and continuing to be adventurous with food.

Ideas For Family Meals, Starter’s

Cooking is also about enjoying entertaining, whether it’s a big family meal, or inviting friends for dinner. This was a lifeline for us when the boys were little. We spent lots of time mixing with friends with children of the same age, thus still having a social life.

puff pastry tart

These starters are great ideas for family meals. My goats cheese and red onion tart is a real favourite when entertaining. The beauty of this recipes you can put almost anything on a tart, kids love mozzarella, ham and mushroom which also works as a great easy midweek meal.

And for a show stopping tear and share starter check out my Camembert and Tiger Bread Recipe which is delicious served with Beetroot Hummus.

Quick and easy beetroot hummus

If you are a fan of Indian Food my Air Fryer Onion Bhaji’s go perfectly with the slimming world chicken curry.

Easy Midweek Meals

Family life midweek is chaos and my easy midweek meal section recognises that. As parents we spend so much time ferrying kids, life is like herding cats. So to have a few great meals up your sleeves that you can batch cook makes life so much easier, there are some great Ideas For Family Meals in this section.

Easy corned beef hash recipe

Corned beef hash is a great Monday Night Family Meal and firm family favourite in our house. It’s easy to make, freezes well and is great in the winter months. You can even make your own pastry. For an Italian feel these pork meatballs are also a favourite which can be served with or without sauce to keep even fussy eaters happy. I

f you love Italian food then also try my spaghetti carbonara recipe, its delicious. Or for the ultimate steak pie try my slow cooker steak and ale pie.

Easy recipe for pork meatballs with Italian tomato and basil sauce, Ideas For Family Meals

And for weekends try out my home made pizza recipe, or just a pizza base the boys adore home made pizzas. It makes an event of cooking and saves a fortune on takeaways.

Easy Home Made Pizza Recipe

Slimming World Meals

If you are looking for idea for family meals which are low in fat and slimming world friendly then look no further. These low fat family meals are perfect for maintaining a healthy diet yet are also delicious so the whole family can enjoy them. Try our my incredible Slimming World Chicken Curry, Beef Curry or Slimming World Pulled Pork for take away style recipes with a fraction of the calories.

Slimming World Tasty Pulled Pork, Ideas For Family Meals

Or for an easy midweek meal my Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe is amazing, but trust me and try it with mayonnaise.

slimming world bolognese sauce , Ideas For Family Meals

Ideas For Family Meals, Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast is a meal I get so excited about. It’s also the one meal the boys groan at eating. Yet they always eat every last bit.

Cakes And Desserts

Slimming World Desserts