Freya Gym Gear

Working out On A Weekend Away In Leeds

Whether you’re planning to travel to Leeds for work or pleasure, it’s never a bad idea to make some time for your fitness routine. But when you’re away from home it can be hard to come up with fun workout ideas, especially if Leeds is missing all your usual haunts. If you need some inspiration, …

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How to choose the best pair of sunglasses for travel

How To Choose The Best Pair Of Sunglasses For Travelling

How to choose the best pair of sunglasses for travelling Everyone knows that sunglasses are a must-have when going on holiday, but finding the perfect pair is a whole other story. If you’re in the market for some new shades but aren’t sure where to start, this post will help you to find the best …

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Advice For Curly Hair and how to make it curl

How To Get Curly Hair, Tips And Advice For Curly Hair

I write a lot about hair, about following curly girl, going straight, products and lately my changing colour. But I still like my curls and love the option to be straight or curly, thus I wanted to share my top tips on How To Get Curly Hair from a stylist. How To Get Curly Hair …

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Rutland Walking Boots From Hotter

Review Of Rutland Hotter Walking Boots

Hello and how are you on this rainy day? I wanted to share a review of Rutland, Hotter Walking Boots with you. Firstly because I agreed to put said boots to the test. But secondly and more importantly, I love them so much I consider it a public service. If you regularly read my little …

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Remmington Hairdryer and Diffuser for UK Curly Girl Mathod

Curly Haircut Tips From A Curly Hair, Salon Stylist

Having curly hair can be a minefield, especially when looking for a salon to have a curly haircut. Every qualified hairdresser is experienced in curly hair, when they say this, it is true. However not everybody is experienced cutting curly hair curl by curl. It’s a totally alien concept to anyone who has trained to …

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