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Whether you’re planning to travel to Leeds for work or pleasure, it’s never a bad idea to make some time for your fitness routine. But when you’re away from home it can be hard to come up with fun workout ideas, especially if Leeds is missing all your usual haunts. If you need some inspiration, then read on for some amazing ways to work your muscles and enjoy your weekend at the same time.

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Visit a personal trainer

Even though you might not be in the area for very long, the best personal trainers in Leeds can help you to have a workout to remember. If you’ve never visited a personal trainer before, they can even help you to identify your fitness goals and help you put a plan together that you can keep following once you go back home. This is also a great option for people who are in Leeds for work and have some time to kill once all of their meetings are over. Don’t end up at a restaurant or bar every evening, do
something for your health as well.


Want to get a feel for the city and boost your fitness? Wake up early and go for a jog to really drink in the urban atmosphere while your heart is pumping. If you’re worried about getting lost, pull up some popular jogging routes online to get an idea of the streets you should take. The whole experience will be even better if someone you’re travelling with also wants to come, so make sure you pitch it to your friends and family so they can bring their trainers.

Go to a yoga class

If you love yoga then you’ll know it’s easy enough to join a one-off class and have a great time. Leeds has lots of yoga sessions that you can try for an evening or two, allowing you to experience a different instructor’s teaching style. If you don’t usually practice restorative or hot yoga, consider switching up your style and trying something different. You never know, it might just become your new favourite activity.

Try trampolining

The beautiful thing about visiting Leeds is that there’s so much going on. Not every town or city gives you the chance to go trampolining, but you can try it out in Leeds. Not only will you have lots of fun jumping up and down, but you’ll be getting a great cardio and muscle-toning workout. Some trampolining centres will play music or have an instructor guiding you through movements, while others will give you the freedom to move around the centre and bounce to your heart’s content.

The gym

If you’re a member of a gym back home, check to see if Leeds has a branch you could stop by for a one-off session. Lots of gyms are available across the country these days and don’t restrict your usage to one location. It’s a really convenient way to do your usual workout without spending too much time looking for a new activity.

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