Cricut Design Space Guides For Beginners

Welcome to my Cricut Design Space Guides For Beginners. Here you will find a host of tutorials to help you navigate through using you Cricut Machine. I currently use a Cricut Maker and Cricut Joy. Which are both compatible with Cricut Design Space, allowing you to set up more than one machine and switch between them depending on your project.

If you are working competently on your Cricut Machine you will have forgotten how daunting it is when you first open that box. However if that is you, and you are feeling total Cricut overwhelm then you have come to the right place. I have been working with my machines and Cricut UK for several years now. Whilst I don’t know everything, I can most certainly try my best to help.

How Having A Cricut Machine Can Help A Small Business Increase Profit?

If you are a crafter selling products online, on Etsy then mastering Cricut Design Space and learning all the tips and tricks means you will no longer have to buy cut files and SGV files. Because they are sooooo easy to make. Cricut is easy to learn for beginners, in fact its fun!

If you have the following small businesses, you can design your own images easily once you have mastered the following tutorials on this page.

  • Cake makers
  • Businesses wanting branded goods such as bags, stickers and bag seals
  • Card makers
  • T Shirt designers
  • Crafters creating home wares and personalised gifts.
  • Planner designers
  • Home produce makers such as jams and pickles
  • Party planners.

The list goes on, however the point remains you can design and make you own files to cut out easily.

This in turn of course saves on revenue as you are no longer buying cake toppers or out sourcing t shirt printing, or planner sticker making, or something as simple as creating labels and seals for jar, it can all be done easily with Cricut, if you are still unsure check out my Cricut Home Page to see exactly what you can create with Cricut?

How mastering Cricut Design Space Can Help You Improve Your Earnings From Your Craft Business

Tips And Tutorials, Design Space For Beginners.

Cricut Home Page

Complete Cricut Design Space Guides

These complete guides are great if you want a quick read through and refresh on using you machines or design space. Answering the basic questions and pointing you in the right direction to start of project. I am most definitely a kinaesthetic learner, I learn but doing. For that reason I have included vlog tutorials where I can. However if you prefer to read and absorb, then these guides will give you all the info you need.

Using The Cricut Design Space

Design Space Cricut Tutorial For Beginners.

Making a car cushion with the Cricut Maker

Design Space Technical Guides

These Cricut Design Space Guides are smaller bite sized guides that deal with specific topics. Sometimes you want to know how to do something, read it, do it, move on. In this section I will try to add quick guides to help you with all of those quick questions.

This is a working progress, so please if there is anything you would like to see drop me a message and I will try my best to answer your question and create a tutorial to help others.

What Is Grouping?

Attaching Letters In Design Space?

How To Weld Images And Words In Cricut Design Space?

Slicing In Cricut Design Space?

How To Add And Cut You Own Images

How To Use The Contour Tool

How To Cut Larger Images On The Cricut Joy?

Creating Cricut Joy Stickers

How To Make Print And Cut Stickers On Cricut

smart vinyl from Cricut and Cricut Design Space Guides
Cricut paper cut projects and tutorials to make projects for gifts and to sell.-3