Top Tips For Using Your Cricut Maker For Beginners

If you are new to this Cricut malarky then unpacking a new Cricut Maker is both exciting and overwhelming. However once the initial overwhelm has settled down it really is the best thing ever. I wanted to share my top tips for using your Cricut Maker Including how to navigate around and get the best from design space. In part one I am starting right at the very beginning. All those little things that really flummoxed me.

Tips for using the Cricut Maker Design Space

Design space is universal for all of the Cricut Machines, when I transitioned from my Cricut  Explore Air 2 over to my Cricut Maker, all my projects stayed the same. You simply set up a new machine in design space.

How Much Is Cricut Design Space Access Uk

If you pay monthly Cricut Design Space Access is £7.99 a month (which you can cancel anytime), however a yearly subscription will save you £24 pounds over a year, working out at £5.99 as month (a one of payment of (£71.88). This gives you unlimited access to over 30,000 images, over 1,000 Make It Now projects, and 370+ fonts.

Can I Use The Cricut Design Space On My iPad?

Yes it can be used on a desktop version, or downloaded as the Cricut app. I have it on my iPhone and iPad. This is great for designing on the go, and also printing projects if you desk top is not near your Cricut Machine. I save my project on my Mac and then open the Cricut App on my iPad to connect to my Cricut Maker and cut.

Cricut Design Space Tips, How to find projects and tutorials in Cricut Design Space 

Once you have set up your machine and are ready to go, scroll through your home screen the Cricut design space is full of video tutorials and ready-made projects. This is a great way to build your confidence in creating projects. It is all there for you, should you prefer to follow instructions and have the design all made and ready.

Tips For Using Your Cricut Maker For Beginners

Can You Create Your Own Designs In Cricut Design Space?

Absolutely, and it is so easy once you know how. This is where the Cricut Maker comes into its very own. Allowing you to custom design projects for home-wear, the kitchen, clothing, party supplies and more. Today I am going to start with the basics, and look at how to create a custom image using un-grouping,  and welding. I will also look at different types of paper cuts and slicing in design space.

How To Change Images In Cricut Design Space To Suit Your Craft Project

Sometimes all you need are a few handy tips for using your Cricut Maker and Design Space to get the best out of it! It’s all about having a plan of what you want to create,  I am going start with a unicorn horn. This is how I created my Unicorn Paper Cut, I wanted to create it myself from scratch and not use a pre made file as it was a gift.

This also makes use of the images I have available within my Cricut Design Space Subscription. I started by finding a suitable image in design space that I could transform, a Cricut access image. The image that caught my eye was a set of sea shells, which had a long shell that I knew I could transform into a unicorn horn.

First Select Your Chosen Image For Design Space

Click images on the side bar, and put your chosen search into the search bar, be creative images can be changed, layers moved and deleted. You can ever slice parts of images away to make them work and fit into your design. Once you have chosen your image click select to transfer it onto your design space project area.

How to choose images in Cricut Design Space

Once imported, right-click and highlight the image and click un-group (up in your top right hand corner). Un-grouping allows you to remove all the parts of the image you do not need or want. In this case I have left the two layers of my long green shell to choose from, but decided that I prefer the contoured cut out shell.

Tips for using you Cricut Maker

To remove the small holes at the base of the shell and make it appear more like a unicorn horn choose 2 circles from the shapes on the left hand side, size them to cover the holes, right-click and click weld in the bottom right hand corner. Welding will consolidate all the layers together to create on solid image.

How to weld in Cricut Design Space

Now You Have Your Unicorn Horn You Must Decide Whether You Are Creating A Paper Cut Or A Reversed Paper Cut?

These are not technical terms but how I differentiate two different paper cut methods in my own mind. You see when you have your plan you have two ways of doing this:

Adding a series of designs by welding images together to create a final paper cut.

This would look like the image below. Can you see that I have welded lots of flowers and images together to create a paper cut, cut out? Check out the tutorial for the full vlog, but this is done by continually welding to build an image.

When it’s complete the Cricut Maker will cut this image out of the card and you will discard the rest of the card leaving you with your design.

The important thing with this paper cut method is that before cutting you MUST weld the design together to send it to the machine to be cut. If you only group it, it will separate every single image on the cutting matt.

Easy Cricut Paper Cut Tutorial

How Do You Weld Images Together In Cricut Design Space

To create a paper cut I keep adding imaging and grouping them together, this is easy to undo if you need to! Once I am happy with my design I right-click, highlight and weld  (Bottom right corner). The image will now be permanently stuck as one image.

A Reverse Paper Cut Is The Opposite

Rather that welding images together, you slice them out of a large square in design space to build up a cut out image like the unicorn image below ( Can you see it is the opposite of the letter h above)

It is vital when using this method you leave some parts of each image attached, can you see how the flowers pop out because they are still slightly attached to the card. But my unicorn horn was not so I had to stick this separately.

For an easy first paper cut try out this Elephant Family  Beginner Paper Cut Tutorial.

Unicorn Paper Cut With The Cricut Machine

Tips For Using Your Cricut Maker, Terms In Cricut Design Space And What They Mean 

Weld, Welding is where you can weld images or layers together, this is permanent and will send your image to cut as it looks on the screen, if you weld by accident press undo to cancel the action.

Group, Grouping is perfect for building up projects as it will group it together but it is not permanent. You can un-group at any time. However you must weld before cutting.

Slice, Slicing enables you to slice away parts of an image perfect for designing your own images. Check out the vlog below. You can only slice one image at a time, however of you want to slice multiple images into a background it’s a great idea to arrange them, weld them into one image and then slice, this saves so much time.

Score, Scoring is for creating indentations on projects, perfect for flower indentations or fold score lines on cards. You will need a scoring blade or scoring stylus, if you use a stylus you will need to change the settings in the menu before cutting.

Contour, A contour is a cut within a cut, so for example of you design a heart with lots of little dots cut out in it. You can choose to cut your heart without the holes. If you right-click and select contour you can choose contours to exclude from a cut.

Flatten, Flattening allows you to use any image for print and cut. Print and cut projects print and image first and then cut it out, however if you choose a layered image in design space you can flatten it to make it printable.

There is so much to learn to get to know the Cricut Design Space but once you know all the tips and tricks its actually very easy to use.


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Tips for unsing the Cricut Design Space For beginners


Cricut Design Space Tips And Advice For Beginners my tops tips on how to start to design your own images and templates with cutting and slicing