Fun Things To Do With Paper When You’re Bored


Do you ever have those afternoons when you just want to craft? Ok thats me all the time, but I know for some it’s more of an effort finding things to do ion a rainy day. I was that parent that always had a craft box on the go and ready for crafting. But it’s amazing what can you do to stop the boredom with a few basic supplies. This post takes you through Fun Things To Do With Paper When You’re Bored with kiddies.

Especially on those rainy days or in school holiday when you just want a quick fun activity to fill a bit of time. But also have some fun and structured time away from screens. Crafting is perfect for that, and many of my memories from when our boys grew up were of crafting afternoons, so I hope my fun things to do with paper post will give you a little inspiration too.

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Fun Things To Do With Paper When You're Bored, great paper craft ideas for families, kids and teens

Fun Things To Do With Paper When You’re Bored

What You Will Need

Make A Magic Flip Wallet

I used to adore making magic flip wallets when I was small, or as we called them milkman wallets. They are so much fun and still blow my mind a bit today. This is a fancy version, however you don’t need a fancy cutting machine to make it, just a pair of scissors.

How to make a magic flip wallet

How To Make A Paper Fan Flower Card

Of course you can just make the paper fan, this is a great home made card activity.

How to make a fan birthday card

Create String Art Flowers

These string art cards from Hello Wonderful are just beautiful, and such a fun thing to do with paper to make cards and art work. Not only do they look so pretty, it’s also such a rewarding project.

Make Lanterns With My Free Template

Create these cute lanterns with my lantern template, these have little eggs on, but you can remove the eggs for an all year round lantern and it’s a great project to make with kiddies.

DIY Easter Lanterns

Print Or Make Your Own Colouring Pages.

Have you ever tried making your own colouring pages? If you have Cricut Design space its so simple to do with the draw feature. We have a collection of free printable ones here. But they are also easy to make yourself, whether in design space, or on editing software.

Cruise Colouring Pages For Children

Make Alphabet And Maths ABC Colouring Games

Check out our sister site ABC Colouring for themed alphabets that are great for so many rainy day activities, including maths games, printing small and making snap or bingo or indeed creating personalised birthday cards.

Letters and numbers Butterfly Colouring Pages

Create Your Own Dress Up Dolls

I made magnetic dress up dolls last year. Check out my tutorial, there is a downloadable pdf should you just want to cut them out on paper.

These dolls were favourites of mine when I was little and are a great ways to keep kiddies busy cutting them out and creating little worlds and scenarios away from reality.

How to make magnetic paper dolls

Trying Making A Fortune Teller

Making a paper Fortune Teller is such a great and fun craft to try out with kids, and keeps them occupied for ages. They can even be used for fun learning games.

How To Make a fortune Teller With Paper

Make Paper Mache

There is so much you can make with paper and wallpaper paste. Check out this incredible Paper Mache balloon, omg how cute is it?


Create Your Own Circle Fans

Caro at the Listed Home is a genius at make circle fans, she uses them for themed decor at all time of year. Check out her post for step by step instructions.

how to make a paper circle fan decoration

Make Journals

Dig out the needle and thread, find some old fabric, wallpaper or card and make home made journals. We are living in a time that the future will want to know about, keep a positivity diary. This is also a wonderful way of keeping the family positive and happy.

fun things to do with paper when your bored

Create A Nature Journal

Why not press flowers and create a nature journal, flower pressing is something that takes time, something we have in abundance at the moment. Check out this fab post on how to press flowers.

Print Off Quizzes And Word-Searches

Whether it’s fun quizzes, check our Cruising With Kids Disney, Cruise and Dreamwork’s crosswords and word-searches.

Quizzes for kids

Arrange A Family Origami Tournament.

Kids LOVE origami, it’s a great creative way to pass the time. My favourite is this apple, but there is an abundance of activities here to try out. I love that there are different tutorials for all levels making this something the whole family can take part in.

Things To Do With Paper

Make Paper-Cuts

These are a great way to make gifts, cards but also create activities for all levels from simple elephant and unicorn paper cuts that can be made with a stencil to more advanced paper cuts that you can make on a Cricut Machine.

Beginners Papercut With The Cricut Maker

Make Lily Pads And Paper Flowers

This is a great activity for younger kids, there are all sorts of crafts you can make with paper plates but these lily pad plates are my favourite, topped with paper flowers they can be built up to make a wall pond full of happiness.

Things To Do With Paper

Make Paper Flowers

And here’s a paper flower tutorial from Donna at Like Love Do, she cut hers out on her Silhouette, however, you can also cut them out by hand and they look incredible.

How to make paper flowers

Make Home Made Stickers

Home made stickers are so easy to make with printable sticker paper and my printable colour alphabets, you can make games, create themed decorations, banners, even create themed walls, the possibilities are endless. And you don’t need a cutting machine you can just upload them to Canva and create sticker sheets to print and cut out by hand.

Easter Bunny Ears Stickers

Hope that helps you pass the hours, keep creative but also have fun because this is what our kids need right now.

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