American Independence craft project

Stars and Stripes SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers

As Independence Day approaches I wanted to create a Stars and Stripes SVG, PNG Alphabet for crafting, scrapbooking and creating gifts and decorations to celebrate on the 4th July. This little alphabet and number set is perfect for creating custom made projects to give as gifts of decorate July the 4th celebrations and parties with. …

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Free Back To School SVG Pencil For 1st Day Photos

Free Back To School SVG Pencil For Cricut And Silhouette

Yay we’re almost at the end of a school year in the UK, I know that you guys in the US have already finished, which calls for a huge pat on the back for us parents, it’s been a tough one with bubbles bursting quicker than a Champagne cork. It’s been a year of not …

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How to remove backgrounds in Illustrator to make SVG and PNG files for Cricut and Silhouette

How To Remove Backgrounds In Illustrator

Today I am going to share an easy way to Remove Backgrounds In Illustrator. And yes, there is an easy way! Which I discovered by accident after spending hours and hours watching videos that made removing backgrounds look very complicated and a long process. All I need to do is remove the back off black …

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print and cut projects on Cricut 3

How To Print And Cut On Cricut

I adore my Cricut machine there is so much you can do with it! One of my favourite projects is making Cake toppers. However planner stickers is also a huge favourite of mine, I love the fact that you can create anything you want. You can make party accessories and decorations for any holiday. So …

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Happy Birthday SVG : PNGs for cut files

Happy Birthday Alphabet SVG Letters And Numbers

Omg I adore birthday, I honestly don’t get anyone not celebrating them. In fact I have been known to celebrate my birthday for a week! Or two! Its also clear so many agree with me as my Cake Topper Numbers are such a popular post. With that in mind I have created a whole set …

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Ballet alphabet and numbers svg png for cricut and glowforge

How To Make A Layered Cake Topper With Cricut?

I share lots of mini tutorials and step by steps for Cricut, but they are always tagged onto one on my free Alphabet and Number SVG sets. Today I am sharing a stand alone post which will work for any file to take you step by step though “How To Make A Layered Cake Topper …

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