Theatre Guide And Reviews

Manchester Theatre Guides

Theatre Guide And Reviews.

Here you will find all you need to know about the theatre, including where to eat and what shows to see.

Classic Theatre Productions

Classic much loved tales transformed to the theatre, the shows that have defied time and never fail to woo.

New And Exciting Shows

Manchester Theatre reviews New Shows

The new kids on the block that have something to prove. These are the brightest new shows to launch in Manchester.

Family Friendly Shows

Manchester Theatre reviews

Perfect for a family night out in Manchester. Theatre has something to offer all ages and all families.

Shows Inspired By The Music

Manchester Theatre reviews Rock Musicals

The shows where the music came first to inspire box office breaking extravaganzas that you will never forget.

Shows Inspired By Movies

Manchester Theatre reviews musicals

Productions where the movie came first and inspired a show that has now become and entity of its own.

The Ballet

Manchester Theatre reviews, The Ballet

Everybody should see the ballet once in their lives, and like me you may well fall head over heels in love with the stunningly graceful way of interpretation.

Manchester Theatre Guides

Theatre Parking In Manchester

The Palace and Opera House have secured special theatre parking deals with select car parks in Manchester City Centre. Check out the posts below for more info.