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Hey There, Welcome To My Food And Drinks Page

I adore food and drink, eating out, cooking, crafting cocktails you name it I get excited about. On this page I have broken down all of my food and cocktail recipes and restaurant reviews to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Starters And Dips

Extraordinary Chaos Starters , side dishes and canapes

Recipes which make great starters and side dishes for entertaining and snacks.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Extraordinary Chaos Slow Cooker Recipes

Those meals that you can just pop in the slow cooker and leave cooking all day.

Hearty Italian Meals

Extraordinary Chaos Italian Meals for all the family

Perfectly easy midweek family meals which are authentic and easy to cook.

Sunday Roast

Extraordinary Chaos Sunday Roast Recipes

There is no better meal than Sunday Dinner and here are all the components to the perfect roast.

BBQ Food

Extraordinary Chaos BBQ REcipes

Food Alfresco dinning and when the weather is not so good movie nights with weekend food.

Pies & Pastry

Extraordinary Chaos pies and pastry recipes

Because some days you just want comfort food and a hearty pie.

Carb Conscious Families

Healthy home made recipes, which are balanced and delicious.

Slimming World Meals

Extraordinary Chaos Slimming World Recipes

Amazing food doesn’t have to be plain, delicious low fat slimming world friendly recipes.

Slimming World Desserts

Extraordinary Chaos Slimming world desserts

You can still have desserts on a healthy diet plan, its all about knowing how to cook low fat versions of your favourites.

Cakes And Desserts

Extraordinary Chaos Cakes And Desserts

Sometimes only cake will do and this section is packed with delicious dessert recipes.

Cocktail Recipes

Extraordinary Chaos Cocktial recipes

For a little indulgence try out some of my super easy cocktail recipes.