Downloading My Free Cut Files,Trouble Shooting


I get a lot of emails asking me the following questions. Most of them are lovely and ask for help, and we won’t mention the ones that aren’t so lovely! Anyhow, I thought it would help to create a troubleshooting page to answer all those questions. Please let me know if I missed anything.

Resetting Your Password

If you are not getting a password reset when you request it, your site is blocking my reset. Email me asking for a password reset. Rude emails go straight to spam. Most of you are lovely, kind people, and thank you for that kindness; it means a lot. I will get a reset out to you ASAP. I do it as quickly as I possibly can, but bear with me in case I am out.

If you want to see me create my projects, follow me on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Do Not Click On These Images

These are spam ads, I complain to my ad agency every day, yet they still appear. It is very upsetting when I ge rude emails as I do everything in my power to stop them. If they have a little cross in the right hand corner, they are not my site offering freebies, they are spam.

Where To Download My Free Alphabets And Files

If you’re on this page because you can’t find the download of a free alphabet? Go back to the project page and look for the banner image that says subscribe here or click to download, get the files here, or words to that effect.

The image will always have an image of the file in the background and look like the image below. You can click on the image or there will be a link above. There are also links to help you upload to Cricut Design Space; there are all clearly labelled. If you are unsure, just click on the image, this will take you to my shop.

When You Are In The Shop

You will see the file you require to get the free (or paid) file, click the blue add to basket button.

Click add to basket, the blue button

How To See Your Basket

Click on the basket on the top right corner and you can see your basket, from here click view basket of checkout.

Click on the basket icon in the right hand corner to get to your basket

Your Shopping Cart

Now you can see your shopping cart and order; if you click on another product on my email or website, you can keep adding to your cart until you are ready to check out. Note, you must always check out free SVGs of the week, as they are only live for a week.

Here you can see whats in your cart

Scroll Down To Click To Proceed To Checkout

If you cant see the proceed button, just scroll down.

Scroll Down and click proceed to checkout

Click Place Order

By doing this, you are agreeing to sign up for my free emails and files.

Scroll down and click place order

The Download Page

This is the critical page; I do not email your file; you can download it here. Look at the image below; just below that, there is a blue button with the name of the file. Click that to download your file.

After checkout you will see this form click the blue button under download and you can download your free file

Finding Your Previous Downloads

Click my account and click on downloads; here, you will find all the files you have ever downloaded. (The free SVG will all have costs attached as these need to be downloaded within a week, so download immediately)

Click on my account to see your downloads

You can re download them by clicking on the blue button.

Your Download File will show you all the files you have ever downloaded

If you Can’t Leave Me A Coffee

If this fails, it sometimes does, so you can donate a coffee directly to my PayPal. My address is

Thanks and I hope I have answered all of your questions, if not email me at and let me know.

7 thoughts on “Downloading My Free Cut Files,Trouble Shooting”

  1. Hi. I have tried print then cut on my HP Envy printer and it just chews up the sticker paper. Do you happen to know a hack that can get around this issue?
    I would be really grateful for any advice.
    Many Thanks

  2. When I go to the cart it says to enter email and password, which I have done but says wrong password (h—-). The form is filled out with my info but keeps says to sign in

  3. I have ordered some free SVG files and paid for some coffees, but am still waiting to be able to download them. My account just says processing. Surely there is nothing to ‘process’? You don’t need to get payment for free SVGs. Other sites that offer free SVGs to download send them immediately as do paid sites….

  4. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful work you do in so many free files. People need to learn to appreciate someone who gives them a gift instead of complaining and hurting their feelings. It is so easy to ask a question politely. The only issues I have ever had with your website is user error. If I can’t figure something out, that is on me, not you. If I wouldn’t lose the bookmark, I would bookmark this page so I could refer to it, but I guess I will just keep stumbling along until I remember where to find what I was looking for and enjoying the surprises I find while looking.


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