Making Simple Paper-Cuts With The Cricut Maker

Sometimes it’s so hard to choose a gift for a special occasion or a personalised print for you home. For me, this is why I have found my discovery of the Cricut Maker revolutionary.

I have spent hours of my time searching for the right personalised gift, something meaningful yet stylish. And I adore making monogram Paper-Cuts With The Cricut Maker. And it’s amazing what you can do with a Cricut Maker.Today’s tutorial shows how to make a beautiful paper-cut monogram letter, perfect for greetings cards or framed in a collection for an interiors project, or gift, with the Cricut Maker.

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Cricut Maker paper cut tutorial

Tutorial for Paper Cut Monogram Letters www.extraordinarychaos.comFollow These Simple Paper Cutting Design Steps to Make Paper-Cuts With The Cricut Maker.

  1. In your design space click new project.
  2. Choose your letter and font, I chose Colonna as I like the option of adding detail inside the letters as well as around them.
  3. Choose a rough size. This can be amended once the project is finished, before cutting.
  4. Go into images and choose the embellishments you would like to use to decorate your paper cut.
  5. Set the whole project to one colour, I use black to create a silhouette paper cut effect, this makes it easier to visualise and also enables you to group the project.
  6. Start dragging the embellishments to size and position onto the project. To duplicate, right-click and click duplicate or copy and paste. You can also flip embellishments to create mirror images.
  7. Once you are happy right-click and highlight the project, then click group, please note this will not make the project cut ready, just make it easier to size and continue adding to without affecting the rest of the design.
  8. One you are happy with your letter, right-click highlight the project and click weld. This will bond all the components ready to cut.
  9. Click make it, prepare and load matt, choose card selection on the design space and press go.

H Monogram Paper-Cut design space pattern,

Hints and Tips for following a paper cut tutorial with the Cricut Maker

When choosing the size of your crafting project, use your Cricut cutting matt for guidance. If using a photo frame I generally place it on top of the matt to ensure my sizing is 100% accurate. You can then change accordingly on the design space where you can access many free Cricut images to add to your design.

Keep the whole project in one colour to ensure you are able to group and weld it together.

Save it as a project before grouping so you can edit and change for future projects.

Also before grouping check for over lap of embellishments/images as this will create blank spots on the cut.

Avoid using any tiny detail as it can make the cut a little messy, the Cricut is able to cut fine detail as you can see from my finished letter. But too many tiny thin lines can be problematic.

Ensure the while project is connected in some way to create a connected finished project.

If you are struggling with multiple embellishments/images moving about during design, group the project to make it whole, I find this so much easier. You can then continue to add to the project.

Before pressing cut ensure you have welded the project.

Save the finished welded project for future use.

Easy Cricut Paper Cut Tutorial

Paper-Cuts With The Cricut Maker.

How to make a paper cut with Cricut Maker

Check out my vlog below, I have also included the links to my finished projects and the unlinked project. The latter being useful should you want to open and edit the project, change the letter and rearrange thus saving time collecting and sizing images.

Good luck, but honestly, it’s not a difficult project, but is very rewarding once finished. And if you create a beautiful letter from this tutorial please share it and tag me on @sarahjchristie 

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Finished and welded H

Finished and Welded S

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How to make paper-cut letters with the Cricut Maker, a guide on how to design and cut perfects gifts fro weddings, christenings and birthdays.