Cricut Joy Stickers: A Step By Step Guide To Making Your Own


Today we are going to to share how to make you very own Cricut Joy Stickers. In this post you will learn how to make your own stickers on your Cricut Joy with these simple, step by step methods, that you can use over and over again to create any design and pattern of stickers you want.

The great thing about the Cricut Joy is that it’s portable and versatile. Thus giving you endless possibilities of working on the go. As long as you have your phone or Mac you can work anywhere. And this is a great way to make custom labels, printable labels and messages. Plus of course planner stickers and bullet journal stickers. These stickers are also great for crafts with kids and creating decal sets and scrapbooking stickers. 

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Simply follow our step by step tutorial to get on the road of Cricut Joy sticker design and I guarantee you won’t believe how easy making stickers is?

Step by Step guide to making stickers and labels on the Cricut Joy

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How do you make custom stickers on Cricut Joy?

What materials do you need to make stickers with a Cricut Joy?

And Any Of The Following

Planner stickers made with the Cricut Joy

What sticker paper can I use with Cricut Joy?

You can use any sticker paper you simply have to cut it to size. However Cricut have also create a range of materials especially for sticker making such as Cricut Joy Smart Labels, Smart Sticker Paper and Patterned Sticker Paper. You can also use regular vinyl it’s great for making coloured sticker decals. 

How To Design Your Cricut Joy Stickers?

Start by opening Cricut Design Space click new project and check design space is set for the Cricut Joy. To do this click to tab in the right corner of the top bar in Cricut Design Space. You can also make stickers in the Cricut Joy app, but I prefer the desktop version or Cricut Design Space.

you can find images for Cricut Joy stickers in Cricut Design Space

Now go into design space images and shapes and choose shapes and words from the left tool bar for your Cricut Joy Stickers. You want to look for Chunky images and words. For this project I have made planner stickers or bullet journal stickers so searched days of the week. Then you add accents, I have used flowers, arrows, hearts and question marks. 

If you have A Cricut Access Subscription you will have more options, but there are free images you can use if not. However also check out where to get free images for Cricut and Silhouette here.  

Choose days of the week to make Cricut Joy planner stickers

Ideas For Shapes And Words To Create Planner Stickers

  • Days of the weeks
  • Motivational Words 
  • Speech Bubbles 
  • Arrows
  • Hearts 
  • Stars 
  • Question Marks 
  • Basic Shapes 
Once you have arranged your images select all and make them the same colour

Arrange Your Stickers

Once you have chosen your words and shapes, right click and select all and make them the same colour by choosing operation, colour on the top bar. This is very important and you want the project to all cut on one sheet of sticker paper. If you have chosen any words or shapes that are delicate you may want to create a slightly offset with the offset tool to make the work chunkier. 

Arrange all of your images so no space is wasted but they are not overlapping

Additionally, if any of your stickers have layers you might want to consider flattening them using the flatten tool. This will take away some detail, however if you are creating single layer stickers then this step is necessary. Simply select the image and click the contour tool on the top menu, you can now choose how large your contour layer will be. This will leave you with a larger contoured layer. Simply delete the original layer. 

Now arrange them in an oblong shape, you cannot cut your stickers wider than 4.5 inches so alignment is very import. Although the length depends on what material you are using, if you have a light grip mat or smart materials. I like to arrange and align my stickers so they are in an organised pattern, not overlapping but also not wasting excess space. 

Arrange all shapes and then weld together

Making Cricut Joy Labels With Smart Labels And Cricut Pens 

You are now at the point that your stickers are ready to cut, however with a few more simple steps you are also able to add messages or make Cricut Joy labels with the writable smart label and smart vinyl materials. 

 Here I have created food stickers for our dogs food. I like to prepare their food in advance and find this the best way to label their food. However can be used for so many kinds of food and kitchen labels. 

Once you are happy with the alignment, select all and click weld. Do this before adding any text not after as you will loose the text. This ensures the sheet or stickers will cut onto your sticker cardstock exactly the same as they appear on the screen. 

When you add writing to your images select all and click attach so the pen write the words in the correct place

As its for the dogs I chose dog bone shapes in Design Space Images and clicked text in the left toolbar, now click on the text in the top bar and click refine to choose writing, lastly choose your writing font and type your message, names or words. 

Choose your font to create custom Cricut Joy labels

Next position the words on the stickers, click select all and press attach in the bottom right hand bar. This will attach the words to the stickers, therefore your Cricut Joy will know where to cut and where to write. 

Making Cricut Labels and Stickers with the Cricut Joy, Smart label and Cricut Pens

Cut Your Cricut Joy Stickers

When you are happy click make it, you will be taken to the print preview screen where you are able to do a quick visual check to ensure no stickers are overlapping, if they are then go back and rearrange, if you have welded click the back arrow until they are unleaded. Then choose your material on the preview screen and when prompted load the sticker paper into the Cricut Joy. 

Check not of your Cricut Joy stickers are overlapping when you send to cut

As you can see I can cut my Cricut Joy stickers on several types of sticker paper to illustrate the choice you have using patterned papers. I suggest words unless large and chunky are better cut on plan sticker paper. However there is a great choice of bright colours to choose from. (I haven’t weeded all the stickers on the pink sheet below, but figured I would do it as I use them.)

Making planner stickers with the Cricut Joy

If You Are Making Cricut Joy Labels?

You will be asked to add the Cricut Pen into the holder first. To do this simply unclip the blade by flicking the teal lever on the blade. Popping out the blade and replacing with the pen before clamping shut. Pop in your smart label paper and the Cricut Machine will now create its magic and write your labels. When it’s fished it will ask you to replace the blade and cut the out line of the labels.

Using Cricut Pens with the cricut Joy to make labels

If You Are Making Planner Stickers?

If you aren’t using the draw feature, simply follow instructions in design space, choose your materials and feed your smart materials into the Cricut Joy. If you aren’t using smart materials, attach your sticker paper or vinyl to a lightgrip mat and roll over with a brayer to adhere to the mat. It’s now time to feed you paper into the Cricut Machine.

How to make Stickers Wtih Cricut Joy

When Your Cricut Has Finished Cutting Your Stickers

Simply unload the stickers and remove the outer sticker paper. If you have made detailed stickers, you can choose so weed your stickers or weed when you use them.

How to make labels with Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy pens

Can Cricut Joy Make Vinyl Stickers?

Yes, vinyl stickers are easy to make on the Cricut Joy following the above tips, also see our Vinyl Sticker Post for step by step instructions.

How To Make Vinyl Stickers

Can You Make Vinyl Decals With A Cricut Joy?

Yes I have previously made large vinyl wall decals with the Cricut Joy and its so easy. Also check out our SVG Alphabets for ideas to decorate children’s bedrooms and nurseries or classroom decor. 

choosing kitchen flooring, should my kitchen floor be light or match my worktops

Can Cricut Joy Cut Printed Stickers?

No the Cricut Joy does not print-then-cut stickers, however with a little perseverance I am sure there is a way to make printable stickers on the Cricut Joy using a printer and printable sticker paper so watch this space.  However if you have a Cricut Maker or Explore Air check out our Print then Cut step by step tutorial.  

What Is The Best Cricut For Stickers?

This table will tell you which Cricut Machine makes which stickers and labels. Depending on you Cricut Machine depends on the process to make Cricut Stickers. However this quick guide may help.

Sticker TypeCricut JoyCricut Maker/Maker 3Cricut Explore Air
Sticker ShapesYesYesYes
Written LabelsYesYesYes
Print-Then-Cut NoYesYes
Patterned StickerIf you use
patterned paper
Printable LabelsNoYesYes
Name TagsYesYesYea

Hope that has helped and if you need any design space tips and advice check out these posts.

How to make stickers and labels with the Cricut Joy

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