Guide To The Cricut Joy How To Use And Review?


The Cricut Joy is the smallest offering on the Cricut Machine front and different from all other Cricut offerings, including the Cricut Maker 3. And today, we want to tell you precisely what this little machine can do. Also, check out my Cricut Joy buyers guide; this handy guide will take you through what you need to get started with the Cricut Joy project by project.

Cricut Joy Beginners Guide How To Master The Cricut Joy

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What Is The Cricut Joy A Guide And Review?

What Can The Cricut Joy Do?

  • It’s a cutting and drawing machine
  • It’s compact and lightweight
  • Has a narrow mat, 4.5 inches to be exact as appose the the 12 inch matt of its counterparts.
  • Also had a mat design specifically for card inserts, which makes super quick and easy custom insert cards.
  • Can be used for mat free cutting with the new smart materials
  • It houses a fine point blade.
  • Yet also houses a pen ( However you need to switch between the blade and pen)
  • It’s perfect for card making.
  • And also labels.
  • But even better makes banners and signs up to 20 foot long. I know AMAZING!
  • It has specially sized cutting mats.
  • But can also be used without a mat alongside the smart vinyl.
  • The Cricut Joy is wireless.
  • Can be used with the Cricut app.
  • But also alongside other Cricut Machines on larger projects.
  • Yet is totally portable if you are crafting on the go.
  • Which makes it the perfect entry level machine for new crafters
  • And also a welcome addition to the craft room for experienced crafter.
Making Cricut Labels and Stickers with the Cricut Joy, Smart label and Cricut Pens

How Much Is The Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy costs £158.99 on The Amazon Cricut Store and  $120 on Amazon US. However, I have seen it for as low as $99 in Walmart.

What’s In The Box?

  1. Cricut Joy machine: This cutting machine allows you to create various projects.
  2. Fine Point Blade: This is the standard blade that comes with the machine and is used for cutting various materials, including vinyl, cardstock, and paper.
  3. Power adapter: This is used to power the machine.
  4. USB cable: This cable can be used to connect the machine to your computer.
  5. Welcome materials include a quick start guide, warranty information, and other helpful tips.
How to make Stickers Wtih Cricut Joy

What’s The Difference Between The Cricut Joy Vs Maker 3?

The Cricut Joy and Maker are cutting machines that allow you to cut various materials for crafting and DIY projects. However, there are some critical differences between the two devices.

Size and Portability

The Cricut Joy is a compact, portable cutting machine, while the Maker is a larger, heavier machine. The Joy weighing 1.75 Kilograms, is designed to be used in smaller spaces and is easy to transport. The Maker 3, weighing 4.84 kg, is better suited for a dedicated crafting area.

Cutting Power

The Cricut Maker has more cutting power than the Cricut Joy, allowing it to cut through thicker and more rigid materials such as leather and balsa wood. The Joy is better suited for cutting thinner materials like vinyl and cardstock.

Cutting Width

The Cricut Maker has a wider cutting width (12 inches) than the Cricut Joy (4.5 inches), which means you can cut larger designs and projects with the Maker. However, the Cricut Joy is versatile for quick craft projects and great for making custom cards and sticker sheets.

Compatibility with Tools

The Cricut Maker is compatible with a broader range of tools and blades, including a rotary blade for cutting fabric and a knife blade for cutting thicker materials. On the other hand, the Joy has limited compatibility with tools and blades. It has compatible tools such as foil and Cricut Joy pens.

Using Cricut Pens with the cricut Joy to make labels

How Much Is The Cricut Joy?

The Cricut Joy is less expensive than the Cricut Maker, making it a more budget-friendly option for beginners or those with smaller crafting needs.

Ultimately, the decision between the Cricut Joy and Maker will depend on your crafting needs, budget, and space requirements. The Maker may be a better choice to cut thicker materials or larger designs if needed. If you want a compact and portable machine for cutting thinner materials, the Joy may be a better fit. I use both machines regularly; they both have huge benefits. 

smart vinyl from Cricut

Cricut Joy Materials, What Can You Cut With The Cricut Joy?

It doesn’t cut the same amount of materials as the Maker. Saying this, it has features the Maker can’t offer, such as 20-foot-long cuts, smart labels, card-making features, and the option to go mat-free.

The Cricut Joy Has Its Own Custom Smart Materials

Several types of smart materials are specifically designed with the Cricut Joy cutting machine. These popular materials are compatible with Joy’s cutting technology, which allows them to be cut without a mat. Here are some examples of smart materials for the Cricut Joy:

  1. Smart Vinyl: This permanent, adhesive-backed vinyl comes in various colors and finishes. It’s perfect for creating custom vinyl decals, labels, and other projects that require durable vinyl.
  2. Smart Iron-On: This heat transfer vinyl can be applied to fabric using an iron or heat press. It’s great for creating custom t-shirts, bags, and other textile projects.
  3. Smart Label Writable Vinyl: This is a vinyl material that can be written on with a pen or marker, making it perfect for creating custom labels, signs, and other projects that require a personal touch.
  4. Smart Label Paper: This paper material is specifically designed for use with the Joy’s pen feature. You can use it to create custom labels, cards, and other projects that require text or graphics.
  5. Smart Sticker Cardstock: This heavyweight cardstock has a sticker backing, making it easy to create custom stickers and labels.
  6. Smart Adhesive-Backed Paper: This paper material has a removable adhesive backing, making it perfect for creating custom stickers and labels that can be easily repositioned.
How to make labels with Cricut Joy and Cricut Joy pens

Cricut Joy Is The Perfect Machine For Card Making With Cricut Insert Cards.

Cricut insert cards are pre-scored cardstock specifically designed to work with Cricut cutting machines, including the Cricut Joy. These cards come in various sizes, colors, and designs, making creating custom greeting cards, invitations, and other paper crafts easy. You can also create your own card designs. 

One of the unique features of Cricut insert cards is that they come with a corresponding envelope liner that can be easily inserted into the matching envelope. This gives your finished project a professional and polished look.

Using Cricut insert cards with your Cricut Joy is easy. Choose the card design you want to create in Cricut Design Space and follow the on-screen prompts to customize your design and cut your cardstock. Once your card is cut, fold it along the pre-scored line, insert the liner into the matching envelope, and your project is complete.

Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card Free SVG PNG Template

Cricut insert cards are an excellent option for those who want to create custom cards and paper crafts without the hassle of measuring, cutting, and scoring their own cardstock. They are also a great way to experiment with different colors and designs, as the Cricut insert card collection is regularly updated with new options.

Can You Use The Cricut Joy With Cricut Design Space?

Yes, it works under the same principle as the Cricut Maker and Explore Air; the only difference is that if you have both machines, you click between the two on the top left-hand corner of the design space.

If you are new to Cricut check out my Design Space Guide; however, check out all of these guides below, which are fundamental to Cricut success.

You Can Still Use Your Existing Cricut Materials With The Cricut Joy

Because you can buy cutting mats to fit the Cricut Joy, you can also use your existing vinyl; you cut them to the mat size. This gives you the versatility to try out the smart vinyl, which is fabulous but also use vinyl and cards from your craft stash whilst you build up supplies.

If you have a Joy cutting mat, the blade and the pen, you can use your Cricut Joy immediately.

Permanent smart vinyl

Which Sort Of Crafter Is Cricut The Joy For?

It’s not just for crafters. I have spoken to many readers who are not necessarily crafters but are creative in other ways. Maybe dressmakers, great cooks, and mums who like to make things with the kids or for the home. But can not commit the time and money to a Maker for whatever reason. The Cricut Joy is a tremendous first Cricut Machine.

The joy enables you to create quick projects such as labels, borders, wall decals and cards in minutes. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this. If you are a quick crafter like me, there are endless opportunities.

I can see myself using the Joy more than I use my maker. If you read my blog, you will know how much I love my maker. However, I love the instant gratification of the Joy and the fact that you can take it anywhere.

How to make bigger projects with the cricut joy

What Have I Made So Far?

When it arrived, I spent a glorious morning unboxing my Cricut Joy, trying it out and making a card and a fox cup.

Both projects were easy to make and made in minutes. There are many ready-made Cricut Joy designs in Cricut Design Space that load in seconds prepared to cut.

Using the smart vinyl felt odd initially, but the thicker backing made it sturdy and solid as it cut. The cut was quick and sharp.

The card mat is a stroke of genius, with a clever slot to slice the card into, enabling you to cut and draw the top of the card in minutes. And although you have to swap the pen and fine point blade halfway through, it’s a smooth, quick process (not as tight as the Maker blade housing).

Since then, I have gone on to personalise Disney cushions for a project I am working on Cruising With Kids. These Disney commemorative cruise cushions can be personalised with anything a year, occasion or name. I picked these up in Primark in the sale bin.

Masking personalised Disney Toy Story Cushions

I wish I had a Cricut machine when our boys were younger—the hours I spent scouring the internet for the right personalised gifts and travel accessories.

Guide To Setting Up Your Cricut Joy?

Setting up your Cricut Joy is a relatively straightforward process. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow:

  1. Unbox your Cricut Joy and remove all packaging materials.
  2. Connect the power cord to the machine and plug it into a power outlet.
  3. Download and install the Cricut Design Space software on your computer, Or the Cricut Joy app on your tablet, iPhone or smartphone. You can find the software at
  4. Create a Cricut account or sign in to your existing account.
  5. Turn on your Cricut Joy and connect it to your device using Bluetooth or the USB cable provided.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts in the Cricut Design Space software to set up your machine and calibrate the cutting blade.
  7. You can load your smart material into the machine and follow the prompts in the software to start your project.

Some additional tips:

  • Be sure to update your machine’s firmware to the latest version for optimal performance and compatibility with smart materials.
  • Always use the correct blade and mat for the material you’re cutting.
  • Keep your machine clean and free of debris to ensure accurate cuts.
Mug made with the Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy, My Review?

I adore the Cricut Joy, its portable, simple to use, and the cut is so defined. This isn’t a massive surprise as I knew I would like it; show me a Cricut Product I don’t love.

The Joy is perfect for creating anywhere quickly, and I love that. However, I did wonder where it would fit in, especially as I love the Maker. Quick craft projects are the way forward.

Check out my Instagram stories to see how I got on. More importantly, check out how super easy these projects were to make.

I was gifted my Cricut Joy and the materials in return for an honest review, however you can’t argue with how amazing this little pocket rocket of a machine is! And please note this post contains an affiliate link.

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  1. Hi, What would be the largest size of cutout the Cricut Joy could make? Some of the metal dies I currently use are not big enough for my projects.
    I found your blog most informative and can’t wait to get a Cricut and start experimenting.

    • Hi Daphne, honestly I love it! it will cut projects 20 foot long by 4.5 inches so you can go quite large as for example you can stack the lettering on your mat and cut in in a line.


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