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How To Cut Your Own Images In Cricut Design Space.

Cricut design space is incredible, there’s not much you can’t find in there. However what if you want to cut an image thats not available in design space?

How To Cut Your Own Images In Cricut Design Space.

Can I Create And Cut My Own Images For Cricut Design Space?

Surprisingly cutting your own images is incredibly easy. Some projects may require a little patience. But the process is a simple one and the easier the design the more simple adding an image to Cricut Design Space is.

Creating Images For Cricut In PicMonkey

I sometimes like to create paper cuts or stickers in PicMonkey and transfer these to design space. Notably its very simple to create images and paper cuts in PicMonkey.

Simply design your image with a transparent background. Thus when you upload to Design Space it will upload ready to print or cut without a background. However if your image does have a background it’s easy to remove.

I made the cut file below by choosing a tree in images. Then duplicate and crop both images, one at the top and one at the bottom to create two halves a top and a bottom of a tree.

Next add two rectangle lines to frame your text and add text. Now save either with or without a background.

Pic-Monkey design for Cricut
Using any image in Cricut

How To Add Any Images To Cricut Design Space.

Uploading To Cricut Design Space

Click upload at the bottom of the left hand bar and find the image you want to add, (even screenshots work) and click upload. Ensure you observe copyright laws, however personal images are fine.

Using my own images on my maker

Edit Your Image To Remove The Background.

Once uploaded you have the option to select and erase parts of your image by clicking the star on areas to be removed.

Keep going until you are happy, however if you make a mistake just re-click to remove or correct.

Removing backgrounds in circut design space
imported image to cut on Cricut

Once the background is removed you are left with a cut image, you now have the option of saving as a cut file or print and cut which can be changed in design space.

You can now upload the image and use it in design space.

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