Your Questions About Bodysuits Answered


If you’re looking to find out more about bodysuits, then this is the article for you. Bodysuits are typically close-fitting one-pieces that cover the chest, right down to the crotch area. They have a  similar appearance to leotards. Bodysuits are made out of stretchy material that hugs your figure. Here we are going to explore some of the most common queries people have when it comes to bodysuits. Check them out below.

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How can I style a bodysuit?

Bodysuits can be styled in so many different ways, which is the beauty of them. You can wear them with pretty much any bottoms you like, dressed up or down. If you have a new SKIMS bodysuit, then you can try it as an everyday item, workwear, or even as loungewear! Whatever works for you, you’ll be able to get plenty of wear out of a bodysuit. They can be worn as a top or you can layer them up in the colder weather. As they’re usually pretty neutral pieces they are great to jazz up with accessories. 

Are bodysuits comfortable? 

In terms of how they feel, yes, bodysuits are extremely comfortable if you get the right size for your figure – that is one of the biggest appeals to this type of clothing. Due to the fact that they have so many different style options, there is always going to be a bodysuit that makes you feel comfortable in the way you look too! Win-win.

Can bodysuits be used as swimwear?

The short answer to this question is no, bodysuits are not designed for swimming or sunbathing. They are for day-to-day wear to complete your outfits. However, if you flip the question around, a swimsuit could sometimes be worn as a bodysuit if you saw fit! Although a proper bodysuit would give you better support and is the preferable option, you could always try your swimwear instead if you have limited options.

Are bodysuits underwear? Or do I wear underwear underneath bodysuits?

Now, this question totally depends on the bodysuit in question, and the wearer of the clothing. Whilst a lot of the time, underwear is not necessary with a bodysuit, if you feel more secure with extra support from a bra, then you have the choice to do this. Same goes for if you want to wear knickers underneath for hygiene and comfort reasons. It totally depends on the individual and what seems right.

Do bodysuits have crotch buttons?

Some do and some don’t – again, it really depends what you’re looking for, but both types are available on the market. Snap crotch bodysuits can make it easier to go to the toilet but bodysuits without can be more effective when it comes to sculpting your figure. 

Hopefully this has answered some of your questions about bodysuits! The best way for you to get your queries answered is by either ordering some to try on for yourself or by seeing what they’re like in the shops. Then you can decide first-hand whether or not you are a fan. See here for more style posts.

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