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Cricut Halloween Paper Cut Project

Cricut Halloween Paper Cut Index

It may only be September but it’s time to start thinking about Halloween projects. And I am going to share how simple this Cricut Halloween Paper Cut is to make on the Cricut Maker.

This Cricut Halloween Project is so versatile. Thats what I love about papercuts. They can be used in so many ways.

Witch papercut

Ideas For Using Paper Cuts Include.

  • Framed papercuts for seasonal decorations
  • Cards
  • Party invitations
  • Cake Toppers

How To Make My Cricut Halloween Paper Cut

Start in Cricut Design Space, for this project I used the offline design studio app for the first time. The app is much smoother than the online version if you live in a limited wifi.

Craft ideas for Halloween

Step By Step How To Build A Paper Cut

  • In design space search trick or treat and scroll down until you find the scrolled ‘trick or treat’ lettering and add to design space.
  • Some of the letters are not connected so add a flourish to connect the letters r,c & K.
  • Next add the ‘witch hat’, I chose this image as once unlinked the hat had detail to cut out. Additionally slicing the buckle into the hat creates further detail.
  • Once positioned, highlight and weld together.
  • Then search and add the ‘Witches Shoes Green’. The striped version are perfect as they will stay connected duding the cut, as will the zig zag version.
  • Unlink the image and discard of all parts, except the black cut out image.
  • Once sized correctly weld to the overall image.
  • Add the ‘vine flourish’ and then the ‘spider hanging borders’ image. These work well together to create a little detail.
  • Next search ‘witches cat’, I choose the cat with an arched back but had to scroll down quite some time to find this.
  • Now add the broom stick, for a little detail I went for the ‘Miss Kate Cuttable Witches broom’, unlink, remove the bow and all flourishes and then resize and slice the top yellow layer into the black image for a little detail.
  • Lastly slice the spider from the spider handing borders and attach to the letter k.
Cricut Halloween Papercut

Cricut Paper Cut Issues

However I did make 2 mistakes with my paper cut, and have photographed the paper cut with mistakes on. Its important to look at mistakes and learn from them rather than redoing, editing and not addressing.

Halloween Paper Cut Ideas
Cricut Papercut issues

If you look closely I had to remove the spiders web on the right hand side of the paper cut. Whilst the Cricut machine is fabulous it was a big ask for a web so small and fine. This is why I replaced with the spider in the vlog.

Also my witches broom was to intricate, thus I replaced it with a broom with a chunkier brush, it may also be an idea to keep this solid to avoid issues.

To Use This Paper Cut As A Halloween Cake Topper?

Simple duplicate the image and cut one of the images as a mirror image. This way you can glue them back to back with two sticks in between to place into your cake.

I would recommend spraying you sticks silver or black ( With food friendly paint) to blend in.

And consider cutting in poster board rather than card stock for a more solid final cut.

Which Images Did I Use In My Paper Cut?

If you click on my PROJECT in Cricut Design Space and click on the tab at the bottom. There is a full list of all images and serial numbers.

Paper Cutting Tips For The Cricut Maker

Ensure all of your images connect in some way, if they don’t the cut will not cut whole.

Whilst the Cricut Maker can cut pretty intricate designs, be aware some tiny images may be a struggle. The more you papercut the more you get to know the capabilities.

When you’re building a paper cut image just be creative and go with what you like.

When you set your image to cut I usually go into pressure and click ‘more’ for a more defined cut. In theory you shouldn’t need to do this. However it does make it easier to weed out.

When the final image is cut gently lift the image from your cutting mat with the Cricut spatula. Do this a bit at a time so you don’t tear your image.

Watch my vlog below for a more detailed step by step and let me know how you get on. Happy Crafting x

And for more Cricut Crafting Projects check out my Cricut Section on the blog.

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Halloween Papercut With The Cricut Maker

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    These are fab, the cricut is such a clever machine/system I so want to have a play on one ha!x

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