Five Reasons to Go To BlogCamp

Wow what a day, blogging is such an amazing industry. One that is so fast-moving and inspiring, an industry where people are totally cutting edge, always moving with the times and I love it. You see other industries claim or believe they are with it, leaders in innovation. But once you have attended an event like BlogCamp, hosted by the Lovely people from Tots100 you know that actually blogging is the place to be.

IMG_7092So here are my reasons why if you love blogging you must attend BlogCamp

  • Bloggers, it is full of them. I love it being in a room full of people who get me. People that don’t think I am either A. Mad of B. Lonely, and that’s why I write a blog.  These people understand why I want to stay up till midnight lovingly attending to my little space on the blogosphere.

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What To Look For When Buying A New Hairdryer

This is an easy post for me, I don’t really bring hairdressing onto my blog so much, which is crazy, as that is what I do, a career I have loved. So I have decided I am letting hairdressing in, although I will not allow it to take over.

But the true fact is that many people are total puzzled by all things hair, some are great and totally on the ball, but from experience, some genuinely find all things hair a total mystery. I can help with this, so why not.

I am starting today with how to choose and use a hairdryer. Yes, I know, point and turn on. But to get your hair smooth, and get lots of volume, there are simple steps you can follow that will help you achieve this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 20.43.42

I am currently using the Braun Satin-Hair 7 SensoDryer, and must say I am getting on great with it. It has all the features I expect from a professional dryer, and as someone with naturally curly hair that wears it straight and curly this is important.

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Internet Matters, Because Our Children Matter

So here’s the question, would you leave your  child alone in a hotel full of strangers’ overnight? Well I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t leave them for a minute. I don’t even allow Joe to go to the toilet alone in a supermarket.

Why? Well, it’s just not safe is it? You don’t know who is amongst us, and what their intentions are?  Our children are precious and should be protected, cared for, and who they come into contact with is closely vetted by us, their responsible parents.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 17.47.20However I don’t know about you but both our boys have access to the Internet via tablets, P.Cs and phones. The Internet is such a wonderful place full of exciting learning opportunities. But it also has a dark side, for a parent a worrying side of life, that you never ever want your children to be aware of.

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Happy Days, Weekly Round-Up

Another week of glorious sunshine, it’s lovely to wake up to the sun shining and birds singing. I can’t believe it is going to break, but lets hope it’s only a pause in great weather and the sun will soon be back where it belongs, shining down on us.

I always start my weekly round-up thinking hmmm I haven’t done anything this week, then as I write and my post unfolds I realise that actually I have been quite busy after all.

That’s what I love about blogging, I am recording all the little things I would normally forget.

Out and About

We were lucky enough to be invited to Bella Italia on Sunday for lunch. We love Italian and always visit Bella Italia when we visit Center Parcs. We had a lovely afternoon chatting and laughing after lunch. It really is the moments like this you want to cherish as a family, sitting round a table chatting and laughing. I just love this photo of Joe he was laughing at one of Jacks jokes as I snapped him. I love the happiness in his face.


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Win A Trip To Mauritius With Discover Mauritius

This week  a very exciting parcel arrived, a food parcel filled with goodies from Mauritius. It was sent by the lovely people from Discover Mauritius, and was packed with all sort of exciting goodies.

Firstly a cookbook full of recipes from Mauritius, I have had a read and there are many I would like to try, Vanilla Tea Bags,Rice Wine,Beer,Massale’ spice blend, DodoChilli dipping sauce, Pink Peppercorns.

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A Lovely Family Lunch At, Bella Italia, Didsbury

Last week we were invited to Bella Italia for lunch, now we are a family that loves eating out, it’s a chance to get your family together with no social media, Xbox, phones ringing or any other distraction. Eating out with them is almost like having a captive audience.


We visited the Didsbury restaurant, part of the Parrs wood leisure complex. Now I hadn’t been to Parrs wood but it really is fantastic, and has everything you need for a family afternoon, restaurants, cinema, gym and bowling.

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My Captured Moments, Pirate Party

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 22.35.29This photo was taken of the boys before they attended a pirate party, they were so thrilled with their costumes bless them, and had a lovely time at the party.

Gone are the days of dress up parties, we used to have so many dressing up outfits and used to love dress up play, sadly those days are gone.

Well, I say that Jack recently bought an alarming looking Horse Head  for fancy dress night on his ski trip. Not cute like a pirate costume though is it?

Running in Lavender

Ten Ways NOT to Deal With A Hypo! And I Have Done Them All!

Learning how to deal with Type 1 Diabetes is a real learning curve, one that I am still on. I have made some silly mistakes. Some, on reflection, absolutely ridiculous mistakes. But as I am totally comfortable with my non-perfectness. I am willing to share them so others can learn from my mistakes.

However when you start reading, I know you will think; No-one is that stupid, or as if you would do that? It’s amazing what you do in panic mode.

So here goes, don’t judge me or call child-line, I do genuinely do my best and most days do very well.

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