Day 4 of our Incredible Q Hop, The Chesford Grange

It is with a heavy heart I write my last post of our incredible Q Hop, it feel like our little mini adventure is truly over by writing about our last hotel. And trust me last is by no means least in the case of Chesford Grange, based in the beautiful county of Warwickshire.

The Chesford Grange is a huge grand resort that seems to go on forever. Yet its period features, grand staircase, and the bar that is set over a several areas such as a library and conservatory makes it feel intimate.  The hotel has many levels and the most stunning grounds that seem to go on forever.

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Beach Essentials For Kids

With only a month to go until our holiday I am trying to get all my packing organised, it is so hard remembering every little bit isn’t it? I think the fact that we have several components to our holiday theme park, pool, water parks and beach. I have found some great each essentials for this year, things that should make our holiday so much easier.

I am so conscious that I have to take precautions to keep the boy’s safe and well on holiday. I know there are certain things I have to prepare for; Joe getting water in his eyes, he gets so stressed. Jack getting water in his ears, he is always in the water but then gets earache. Both of them getting bitten, and Joe getting burnt he is so fair-skinned.

So when I found all the products to answer my holiday dilemmas I was thrilled.

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My Weekly Round-Up, And Feeling Inspired

Another weekly round-up and I am feeling Inspired After a busy couple of weeks and lots of reflecting I have I think decided to chill out and go with the flow, we are always so busy which we love. I know that if life slowed down we would be climbing the walls.

My Word Of The Week

My word can only be inspired, after an incredible BritMums weekend. It was so great to see so many lovely bloggers, have endless chats about blogging and attend all those fantastic sessions, I learnt so much it blew my mind.

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I would love Your Help With The New Qkids Menu

I am working with the lovely people at Q Hotels on a new little project, which I am hoping to get a little help and advice with.

If your kids are anything like mine they are extremely fickle, know exactly what they like and don’t like which can be a really pain when you eat out cant it?  I often watch those families whose children will eat anything of a menu without complaining with envy.



Our two are can be so awkward, Jack is Mr. Plain taste, hates sauces and likes his food the plainer the better, whilst Joe is Mr. adventurous and loves to order streak, venison and squid. There seriously is no middle ground between the two of them. I had chatted with the lovely people from Q Hotels about this and they have worked on a new menu to endeavor to excite our little angels, because lets face it, happy kids, happy parents. Continue reading →