50 Iconic Childhood Memories, 70s and 80s

I have been tagged by the beautiful Kat from Beau Twins Blog to take part in the 50 Iconic childhood memories, and I could wait to take part. Although mine is a little earlier, 1970s to 80s. but I just love taking a little ol trip down memory lane ad there are so many gems from the 70s,80s that I will struggle to narrow it down.

So her is my ultimate icons from the 70s and 80s.

1. Roller Bootsroller boots

2. Care Bears

3. Sindy

4. Tom Hanks, Big

5. Karate Kid

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More Drinks, A Flavoured Water That is Not Packed With Sugar

If I saw more drinks in the supermarket I would just walk on by, why?

Because I don’t buy flavoured water for the boys. In general it is absolutely packed with sugar, which also means high carbohydrates.

I remember when they were little buying flavoured water thinking I was doing the right thing and then I read the sugar content and could not believe what was in it. So from then on I bought plain water only, and let them have flavoured as treats, on days out etc.Juice 1 Continue reading →

My Weekly Round Up, Exciting Times Ahead

Wow this year is flying, I think I say that every week during my round up don’t it? Another half term has just gone and we have so much excitement ahead of us in the next few months that I just know that will fly too.

Time For Me

This week Karen from Mini Travellers and I have embarked on a new venture.  Me Time is aimed at making time for yourself and hopefully we will be embarking on a few adventures and taking a few friends along too.me time full sizeWe kicked off our venture in style with a spot of Go Ape adventure, I must say there is much more to it that meets the eye, but we had a fantastic day

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 11.13.33

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Introducing Me Time

I am so excited today as I am starting a new little blog adventure with my good friend Karen from the amazing Mini Travellers. We both write our little blogs about traveling with our manic families and decided it would me nice to have some Mum treat time.


Its hard being a Mum isn’t it, we revolve our lives around our families, and put having a busy career into the mix and there is little time for pampering, relaxation and a little adventure. Mums’ whether SAHM or working, have very little time to spend on themselves.

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What Being a Mum Has Taught Me?

I have thought long and hard about this, what has being a Mum taught me? Honestly, hand on heart I am not the person I was pre children. Having the boys has changed me in so many ways. Yes, deep down I am still me, but a better version of me most definitely, not that I was awful before, but I just didn’t get first time gushy Mums.

I am from a huge family where there is a new baby every year. I was quite matter of fact about them, took them for granted almost like having good food in the cupboard. There were always babies around, I loved them all, but they were everywhere.

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Our Next Q Hotels Adventure

We are all so excited as next week we are off on another little adventure. We are doing a spot of hotel hopping around the Midlands with the lovely Q Hotels. I must say I am loving my ambassador role, we have got some great locations planned  there is so much to see in the UK, places that we haven’t even considered visiting before.

I mean don’t get me wrong, going abroad it great, but there is a lot to be said about traveling in the UK showing the boys the heritage of Great Britain.

So  where are off on our little Q hop?

We are starting off at the Telford Hotel & Golf Resort.

Now firstly, have you seen this pool, it looks fab. The boys are going to love swimming in here and there are dedicated splash times for families. The spa looks amazing I am wondering if I can sneak off for an hour and pay it a visit, for research purposes only of course.

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My Holiday Essentials Challenge

Lists, lists, lists. That’s what I live my life by it seems? Travel plans, football fixtures, clinic appointments, dentist appointments , and special events at work. You get the gist don’t you? Being a working Mum means I need lists to survive.

But I have to say my favourite sort of list is a travel list, and trust me at any given time I have a few on the go. So when I got the chance to work with Chemist Direct I thought great an opportunity to reduce one of my lists.

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