Welcome Back Striking Mums

I am thrilled that the lovely Kate has resurrected striking Mums for the new year. I love the fact she sets little questions every week. And that they are flexible. It’s a lovely supportive group which I am proud to be part of.

So here are Kate’s questions for the week.

1. Look at an old photograph of yourself. How does it make you feel? What hopes and dreams did that person have? What things did they enjoy doing? What might this person say to you now?

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 20.44.03Well, it just has to be this photo, with my lovely Brothers and Nan. This 9-year-old girl wanted to be a writer, spent hours writing children stories and believed one day she would achieve her dream.

I want to say to her it’s all good, you will be lucky in life. And don’t be downhearted by that English teacher at high school; she has no idea what she is talking about. Have faith and one day you will write, but enjoy what comes in between as it’s a great journey.

These things happen for a reason, and your journey will be great, so enjoy it.

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Being Treated Like Royalty at The Queens

I thought long and hard about this heading, it sounds a little corny doesn’t it. I have tried to think of another fitting title but I can’t argue with facts can I? So the title stays, and becomes less cheesy and more a statement of truth. We loved our stay at the Queens. They truly made us feel so special.

Let me start with our welcome, I was a little stressed about finding the Queens and parking.  I had never been to Leeds before and although Chris has, he didn’t know the City well. The great thing about the Queens is you don’t have to worry about parking as they have concierge parking. And trust me when you have two hungry kids in the car this is a godsend. We were able to pull up outside the Queens, unload and drop the keys off to reception. And for £15.99, I thought this was a mega bargain and worth every penny.

The Queens 1

We were welcomed at the reception by the Queens general manager Jacquie and David, and a lovely lady whose name I didn’t get (sorry) Meeting Jacquie was like meeting an old friend as we had been tweeting on the run up to our visit.  I had tweeted Jacquie prior to our visit, as I had been concerned about Jacks sugar levels as we were collecting the boys from school and traveling straight to Leeds. The chef had very kindly arranged some snacks for our room to ensure he was able to eat. Things like this make such a difference when you have a diabetic teen; I am so touched the Jacquie and her team took the trouble to ensure Jack got a snack. Continue reading →

Happy Days Link, Another Fab Week

Here we are again, Happy Days Linky. Its great celebrating the week and looking forward to the week ahead.

Out and About

We have spent a wonderful weekend at Center Parcs. I love the fact the boys can ride their bikes everywhere without worrying about cars and traffic. You can see the sense of freedom they feel, it is wonderful to watch them happily cycling from one place to the next. As we live on a country road they do not have the freedom to do this as cars drive like maniacs in the country.

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The Beautiful Iconic Queens Hotel Leeds.

Before I shared our Queens experience I wanted to write a little about the History of the Queens, as the building is just stunning.  The Queens hotel has stood over City Square in Leeds since 1937. It was designed by architects W.Curtis Green and W.H.Hamlyn for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway; The Queens was built as the flagship, modern hotel for the recently redesigned Leeds Railway Station.

According to my research it was the first Hotel in Britain to have en- suite facilities. And when it opened in 1937 is cost 10 shillings and 6 pence a night to stay. Which was just under £18.00 in today’s money. It must have been a fortune then. Especially when you think the average house price was £540 at that time.

The Queens Way Back When Although the Queens is beautifully restored, they have take care to retain lots of original features, including the original lifts and windows, which are listed. I am such an old romantic and can just imagine the glamour of the 1930s, the grand opening ceremony. Can you believe this stunning building like many other historical buildings has lived through a war? If walls could talk I bet it would have tales to tell.

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Tips For New Bloggers (From A Newby)

I feel a fraud writing this post, I haven’t been blogging for a year yet. I am by no strength of the imagination what they call a big blogger. I am a newby, still learning.

But maybe it is a good time to write it. Why? While its all fresh in my mind. I have made lots of mistakes. I have gradually built my little blog into something I am enjoying, something that I get so excited about.

blog l plateSo from my limited experience here is what I have learnt.

  • Choose your name wisely. Search chosen names on the Internet to check it isn’t already used in some form. Make sure it is a name you love, something you won’t get bored out of, or grow out of.
  • Think about your design and layout. This is such personal thing. I sometimes look at other people blogs and think, ooh I love that; that’s how I want my blog to look. It is a little like being a child in a sweet shop. All bloggers have a different style. It took me ages to find my own. And I still make changes every now and then.
  • If you are serious purchase your name. You can just buy for a year from as little as £3.50. I used TSO host, and bought my name from day 1. This means that if you change your blog host you keep all your readers stats etc. Your name is your unique identity, so the less you change it the better. Continue reading →

My Captured Moment, My Little Boys


For this weeks captures moments I have chosen a picture of Jack and Joe when they were little. I love the fact that they were laughing and I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Trying to get them to both smile at the same time. Ah they seem so small, bless them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 20.12.35

I am so loving this linky but need to get my photo albums out as I have so many photos in albums that we don’t have digital copies of. So next week I am using a pre digital photo, I am so excited to be able to share some of these old memories.

Running in Lavender

Things I love about being a Mum

I thought of the title first. Then I sat here for ages trying to pinpoint what I love about being a Mum. And I mean ages, then I started to delete it because I couldn’t think what to write, but I felt guilty; there is no way I could delete a post I have started about what I love about being a Mum. How disloyal to the boys. But the truth is, I couldn’t list it, because I love everything, and I mean everything.

IMG_5482.JPGSo I am going to try to list it, try to quantify exactly what I love about being a Mum.

  • Well the first thing has to be my children, obvious I know. But without these mega frustratingly wonderful boys, I would have this amazing job.
  • The fact that even though I seem to have become embarrassing in public, they still tell me they love me every day. It makes me feel so special every time they say it.
  • They have made me a braver person, you would never have got me tree trekking or climbing before they came along. But you will try almost any activity to support your children won’t you? (If you are reading this boys, I draw the line a gator land, this is NOT negotiable.  The thought of it makes me feel physically sick. And what if one of you got eaten whilst we were there? Yes you never thought of that did you) Continue reading →

Happy Days, A Fantastic Week All Round

Another week over, this month is flying isn’t it? I love the Happy Days Linky with Jenna and Katy. And because it ensures we are getting out I can also link with the lovely Fiona at Country Kids. I am so enjoying looking back and reflecting the weeks. This is going to be great to look back on in years to come. My own little weekly diary.

Out and About

We have been up to all sorts this week. Joe has had to start new riding lessons, his stables stopped offering public lessons, and he was so upset. However my friend recommended a new stable. We were so lucky that they could fit him in, and he loved it. It was very cold as it was an outdoor arena but the ladies were lovely and very professional. I just know he is going to love riding there.

We have had a fab time walking and sledging in the snow on Sunday afternoon. The snow is quite deep, perfect for sledging on those hills. It was breathtaking to walk amongst.

Poor Toby fell through some ice into a puddle, I had a feeling it was a bit unsafe as we walked round the edge of these huge puddles so put him on his lead. Thank goodness I did, as he didn’t have the sense to avoid the ice and fell through. It wasn’t deep, but very cold bless him. It was nothing a warm shower and a lovely snuggle in blankets couldn’t solve though.






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