An interview with the Lovely Katarina West

Eeek I am so excited to share an extra special post today.  Sorry but feeling a tad giddy here. You may have seen my review last week on the incredible book Witchcraft Couture, a book that I just loved; it totally absorbed me, and got into my head. In fact I am still pondering over the ending. You know one of those books that you could interpret the ending as one way or the other.

I have been lucky enough to have email contact with the author of this fantastic novel the lovely Katarina West. As several emails have passed between us I have got to see the warm generous person she is, and was so honoured when she agreed to an interview for my little blog.

Katarina West

What inspired you to become an author?

I’ve always known that I wanted to become an author, since I was twelve. Writing has always been with me, so it feels like I’ve never chosen it. Continue reading →

Top 5 tips for a stress-free Easter trip

When my lovely friends from Q Hotels asked me how I prepared for family breaks it really got me thinking, anyone who reads my blog know all I think about is traveling, and spend ages planning trips. With Easter coming up I thought I would share our tips on how we manage stress free family travel.


  • Do your research; there is nothing worse than being stressed because you are in an environment that is not child friendly. I always look for a hotel that welcomes families, has a pool area or sports facilities of some kind, and is close to an exciting place to explore.

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Happy Days Linky, Another Week Flies By

Another week has passed, and here I am writing another Happy Days Linky post. I can-not believe we are almost in March. But I suppose the positive of that is the nights are getting lighter, this is such a relief as I can now walk Toby in daylight rather than in the dark with a torch, which is pretty scary. I am so looking forward to hot summers days, and being able to use the garden again.

Out & About

Mmm well we have tried to get out an about, we had planned to visit Cocky Trail on Sunday, the weather wasn’t great but our two don’t mind a bit of mud so we were hopeful. Then just as we almost got there the snow started. Not just snow it was almost blizzard conditions. We decided to head home, as our home is in a pretty remote place so we knew if it got much worse we would struggle getting home.

So we turned around a set of back home, the conditions were terrible on the motorway the snow was so heavy. I must say I was very relieved to arrive safely home. Clearly Crocky Trail was not meant to be on that day.

Chris and I also went out last night for a lovely meal to a new local restaurant; it was lovely as we haven’t been out on our own for ages. Mind you Jack had other plans and the sneaky monkey had talked Grandma and Granddad into taking him and Joe to the very same restaurant.  Grandma had no idea were going so innocently booked.

Fortunately they dined an hour before us, so we said hello on the way in a sat and enjoyed a glass of wine at the bar, and then they left. It felt a little weird not being sat with them; I suppose we should be flattered that the boys love us so much they want to stalk us. But am surprised at how crafty my beloved oldest son can be.

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A Little About Toby

He is like my little angel, we thought long and hard before getting another pet, and agreed on a tiny non moulting dog. But you can’t help who you fall in live with can you, and it really was love at first sight. So we have a bear instead of a dog, he smells, has so much energy and moults not just fur, but fur balls, oh and he loves mud.


But I still love him so much, however he really does believe he is human, so I thought I would share a little about my bear and his personality. Continue reading →

Win a Night in an Amazing Q Hotel to Celebrate my First Birthday

Hoorah my little blog is 1, I can’t believe its my 1st birthday. Today is officially my Blogoversary, and wow what a year. I will never forget the day I published my very first post. And I have honestly never looked back. This year has been incredible, a bit of a dream come true.


So what has been great about this year?

  • Firstly I have loved writing.  Every single minute of it.
  • I have met some amazing friends, this is just the most supportive community and one I feel proud to be part of.
  • I have become more creative, I am already a creative person; but I can-not believe what I have learnt this year. My photography skills are slowly improving, and designing and planning my own blog, well who would have thought.
  • My IT skills have improved dramatically, I have learnt about HTMLs, widgets, plugins, self hosted sites and much, much, more, all of which was completely alien to me 12 months ago.
  • I have attended some amazing conferences, and met some truly inspiration bloggers, you never stop learning do you?
  • I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible brands. We have been lucky enough to be crowned as the Q Hotel Family Ambassadors, a journey that we are loving every minute of, and we still have a very exciting year ahead of us.

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My Captured Moment, A Pudding in New York


 I love this photo, Joe was only 5 and we had been in New York a couple of hours and had found this amazing Italian restaurant. Joe was trying to negotiate through this huge desert, but bless him he had no chance.
His poor little cheeks were so red as the day before we had enjoyed a walk in the sun on the deck of the QM2. As it was so windy it felt cold, and we all ended up with a touch of wind burn. A valuable lesson, we felt awful. But not much bothers Joe, and it was nothing a huge American pudding couldn’t solve.
Running in Lavender

The Perfect Family Day Out

When Karen over at Mini Travellers asked what my perfect family day out was?  It really got me thinking. So what is a perfect day out for the Christie’s? We love so many different activities. The boys are total adventurers and like such a diverse range of activities. So I thought I would try to write a little recipe for the perfect Family Day.

Firstly Sunshine, not compulsory but it always helps doesn’t it? We are one of those families that is happy to put on our wellies, coats and hats and still have a great time. You can’t Control the weather can you? But let’s be honest sun makes everything seem nicer.


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The Perfect Ingredients for a Mummy Bloggers Night In

On Saturday I travelled to the home of my lovely friend and fellow blogger Karen, of Mini Travellers, to attend a Blog Mummy girls night in. Who would have thought this time last year that I would have not only loved my little space on the bloggersphere , but have built a new circle of friends.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the friends I have already they are all amazing. But this year I have met some truly wonderful ladies that have helped and supported me throughout my blogging journey. In my experience the blogging world is a friendly place. I was overwhelmed by how lovely everyone I have come across has been. But this group of ladies are amazing, and over time have turned into friends.

Sadly not all of us were able to make it for one reason or another, and ladies we really missed you all.

But here is a list of those that were able to make the journey to the lovely Karen’s.

The wonderful Jess from Mummy of Boy Girl Twins, Hayley from Hayley from Home, Julia from Rainbeaubelle, Katie from Mami 2 Five, Kate from What Katy Said, and last by no means least Katie from Life on Vista Street.friends

We had a wonderful evening, the great thing was that  we all wanted to talk about blogging, one of my favourite subjects. But one I very quickly exhausting with all of my loved ones at home.

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Book Review, Witchcraft Couture by Katarina West

Every now and again you read a book that can absolutely blow your mind. Witchcraft Couture is one of those books.

The book is about a fashion designer called Oscar Pellegrini who despite being mentored by the world-renowned Marisa Marchetti, and hailed as a promising young designer, is crippled with self-doubt. This results in him destroying his sketches and creations, leaving him incapable of completing a full collection.

After one such episode Oscar finds himself in Russia on a drunken binge with a traveling circus. He fears he has lost everything and resigns himself to never working in fashion again, until he came across a dark angel, in the most stunning dress that almost seemed to come alive. He discovers the dress was created in a machine called a sampo that resemble a fridge but has the ability by some form of witchcraft to make garments come alive, thus making the wearer look and feel incredible and desirable.

unnamedOscar manages to acquire the sampo and designs a collection that becomes desired and acclaimed, however success and meddling with magic begins to cost Oscar most dearly, and affects everything in Oscars existence.

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