Experience the Awe of Nature in California’s Unique Wonders


America has some of the most beautiful places in the world, with states like Hawaii and Alaska offering untouched wilderness in the eye of the beholder. Raw forests, snow-capped peaks and canyons are only a few reasons why people wander frequently around these places.

Still, beauty comes with a cost, and this can sometimes make people risk their lives. Many of these areas are remote, so they can be prone to avalanches, lighting and dangerous stream crossings. If you’re not properly equipped, you may experience hypothermia or altitude sickness.

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Moreover, many travelers make the mistake of drinking unfiltered water from various sources, which is most likely to contain bacteria and viruses. One of the most common dangers in “natural” water is Giardia, which is life-threatening.

Regardless, take all precautions before roaming around America’s natural spots. This is also the case for California, where we’ll travel to today.

Explore the Yosemite National Park

The Yosemite National Park is one of the many American natural parks that preserve immense wilderness. With 1,200 square miles of explorable areas, the park displays high cliffs and deep valleys between giant sequoias.

It’s necessary to visit the Yosemite Valley, El Captain granite spot and the Merced River. But before preparing for the trip, make sure you’ve checked the weather forecast for every location in the park, as some are open seasonally, such as the Porcupine Flat. At the same time, soma facilities around Tioga Road are available only during summer, so choose your traveling time wisely.

Getting lost may happen, so maybe take someone dear along to feel safer. At the same time, contacting someone in case of an emergency can be difficult if you’re in a remote area, so you can purchase a USA travel sim card for unlimited data and reliable connection.

Cruise into the Lassen Volcanic National Park

If you’re into exciting trips, exploring the volcanic landscape in Lassen Park will leave you speechless. Although Mount Lassen isn’t planned to erupt very soon, the surroundings are thrilling. The park is renowned for its darkness during the night, from where you can clearly see all the stars and constellations.

You also need to hike along Manzanita Lake, from which you can spot the peak of the mountain. Other interesting hikes can be done around the largest hydrothermal area, where you can see boiling mud pots and turquoise pools.

If you travel during the summer, you need to stay at Lassen’s Historic Guest Ranch to enjoy rustic lodge rooms, old-fashioned barbecue and guided horseback rides. On the other hand, winter trips at Lassen offer many sports opportunities, from sledging to snowshoeing.

Reflections off Lake Helen in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California
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Tough it out in the Death Valley National Park

The Death Valley is one of the largest and lowest places in America, where salt flats and deep canyons surround the rugged mountains. The spot is so dry that it was the place where the highest temperature was ever recorded (134 degrees Fahrenheit).

Mountains, canyons and valleys are full of color, from pink to purple, so exploring them at different times of the day to see how light affects their shades are crucial for an otherworldly experience. The Panamint Mountain Range is a popular tourist location from which you can explore hidden oases.

However, the name of the park might hint that the spot isn’t necessarily safe. Besides the fact that you must protect yourself from extreme heat, sudden rain storms can trigger flash floods around canyons, and mine tailings can be dangerous due to their high toxic chemical concentration.

Venture to the Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve

A unique natural limestone is located in this park, the Tufa Tower, and forms unique columns here, but it can be found in many other parts of the US. Some believe that visiting the park will make you feel like you’re on Mars due to the salty water, calcium-carbonate spires and nesting sites.

Some points of interest here include the South Tufa, a large part of the lake full of tufa. At the Navy Beach, you can go paddleboarding or canoeing. There’s also a ghost town at the Bodie State Historic Park, where you can see some of the buildings around 1870, but it’s a considerably cold place.

The Mono Lake has been around for about 750,000 years and has since formed a massive ecosystem of plants and wildlife. The place’s historical importance is also given by the Native Americans, known as Kutzadika’a, whose past events you can learn more about when visiting the site.

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Take a look at Mount Shasta

The volcanic peak reaching 14,179 feet is described as a unique location due to its magic feeling. Many people come here to meditate and have visioning sessions to look within themselves. The mountain is home to the Spirit of the Above-World, according to Native Americans. But the place welcomes any believer, so you will find there a Buddhist monastery besides Native American ritual spots.

The volcano is considered potentially active, so make sure to check the possibility of visiting before planning your trip. Regardless, there are numerous fun things to do when you get there, from mountain biking, river rafting and bird watching.

You can also hike on the Panther Meadows to see the mountain fully or try the Heart Lake trail, which is less energy-intensive. If you’re more into chill activities, there are unique places designated for tennis and pickleball, golfing and yoga, so you can enjoy a simple routine at the bottom of a massive mountain.

Embracing California’s Nature Side Safely

California’s natural settlement is one of the most beautiful in the USA. Californian beaches, coastal meadows and sequoia forests are home to various species like condors, albatrosses and egrets. Indeed, the environments differ from one another, so you should prepare accordingly if you prefer going to the desert or the mountains. At the same time, know that you might encounter bears, elks or mountain lions if you choose to travel in remote areas, so it’s best not to disturb the forest and keep yourself safe.

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