Sailing in Greece: 3 Hidden Corners for Summer Tourists


Greece is a great country, brimming with history, rich culture, and the finest Mediterranean gastronomy. It offers thousands of archaeological sites to explore the cradle of Western civilization this summer. However, millions share this idea, and the most emblematic sites become so crowded that visiting them and capturing a good photo can be exhausting.

However, renting a yacht charter in Greece provides numerous advantages. It allows you to explore hidden corners of this picturesque nation, away from the crowds of tourists on packed buses. This small country, nestled by the Mediterranean Sea, is home to secluded beaches, dreamy landscapes, luxury hotels and quaint family-owned restaurants serving the finest local dishes.

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Pontine Islands

This is a beautiful archipelago formed by six islands of volcanic origin. It is a relatively unknown spot for many people. Nevertheless, it is one of the most attractive places in the whole Mediterranean and its characteristics make it ideal for sailing. It has some standing buildings that are reminiscent of its Roman past, and maintains much of its natural beauty.

Its untamed environment is a constant throughout its geography. The Pontine Islands attract divers for its impressive underwater landscapes and underwater caverns. But it also boasts beaches, bays and hiking trails.

The most famous island of the Pontine Islands is Ponza. There are numerous interesting archaeological sites and natural pools that are well worth a visit. There is evidence of a combination of ancient Greek and Roman cultures. Its port is equipped with every comfort and can accommodate up to 200 boats.

The Beach ay Sani Dunes ,
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Spetses is perhaps the least known Greek island. It is a place worth exploring. She conquers the tourists with its neoclassical houses, its cobbled promenades, its beautiful landscapes of villages and nature and its private bathing areas.

In ancient times, the Romans called it “the island of perfumes” or “Pityousa- meaning ‘place full of pine trees’. It is a dazzling and little known island. It has many incredible sandy beaches and charming bays, quiet and with no traffic or cars, as only cabs and delivery vehicles are allowed and no private cars.

You can visit many historical sites such as the Bouboulina Museum that honors Laskarina Bouboulina, a heroine who excelled in the Greek War of Independence in 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. Another landmark building is the Grand Hotel Poseidonion, built in 1914 and in constant operation since that date. Both allow us to know the rich past of Spetses.

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Some of the most impressive beaches in the Mediterranean are found in Amorgos, the easternmost island of the Cyclades. Snorkeling is the main attraction of the island because this area is riddled with shipwrecks and underwater caverns that can only be reached by boat or swimming.

Amorgos is an ideal place for experienced divers and for amateurs. The monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, an 11th century church located near a cliff almost 300 meters above sea level and the many small hidden coves are unique hiking destinations.

Greek Islands Have So Much To Offer

So whether you are island hopping via boat, ferry, ship or air. There is a wealth of culture and nature coupled with breathtaking scenery at every turn to make your Greek advenure perfect.

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