Free Teacher Apple SVG Letters And Numbers


It’s that time of year when our little angels leave behind their class teacher for a summer of fun. Thus it’s a bitter sweet time of year saying goodbye to a much loved teacher, but also moving on to another exciting school year. Our free Free Teacher Apple SVG Letters And Numbers set is perfect for creating teacher cards, gifts and mugs.

Not only that is just a really cute set, and I can’t wait to share the printable colour version for printables and sublimation.

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Free SVG teacher letters and numbers for teacher crafts and gigts

Craft Ideas For My Teacher Apple SVG Alphabet Letters & Number Set For Cricut And Glowforge

  • Paper Cut Letters And Words
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Banners
  • Cards And Scrapbooking
Free Teacher Apple SVG Letters And Numbers

Can I Cut These Teacher Apple SVG Letters And Numbers On The Cricut Joy?

Yes these Teacher Apple SVG alphabet and number images I have on this page can be cut on the Cricut Joy in card and vinyl.

Uploading Your Alphabet Teacher Apple SVG Letters And Numbers,To Cricut Design Space. 

I am using my Jubilee Alphabet for illustration purposes but the concept for my Teacher Apple SVG Letters is the same. Click on upload image in the bottom of the left hand side bar, this will open a window, select browse and choose the Teacher files, which will most probably be in your download folder.

How to upload files to Cricut Design Space

If you are uploading a PNG, you will be brought to a window with options, select complex file, then continue. The next window allows you the take the back off of your Teacher Apple files, but I have done this for you. If you are uploading SVG files you will be brought straight the the window below.

How to upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space

When you reach the save screen click save as a cut image and continue. Do this one by one until you have all of your chosen Teacher Apple letters and numbers. Once this is done, you can select all the letters you have uploaded and pull onto your mat in one go.

Cutting Your Teacher Apple SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers On Cricut

When you send your Teacher Apple SVG Letters and Numbers files to your Cricut to cut, ensure you use your brayer to roll the paper, vinyl or card to adhere to the mat. Movement will affect the cut. 

When your Cricut has finished cutting, flip the mat over and reverse weed, if find this works better as you are able to bend the mat slightly and gently peel the letters away.

I made a Teacher Apple thank you card with my alphabet, this is super easy to do. You can also make cake toppers with the offset tool. Check out my detailed tutorial for layered cake toppers.

Card for teachers

Cricut Paper Cutting Trouble Shooting

Your Cutting Mat Not Being Sticky Enough 

If your cutting mat has debris on it, or has lost its stick then your card could come unstuck or slide part way through your cut. There are some useful suggestions here on how to re-stick your mat. 

Smart vinyl is a great option for making vinyl decals on the Cricut Joy, check out how I made a large vinyl wall decal with the Cricut Joy. 

Debris On Your Cutting Blade

If your blade is blunt or has debris on it then it will not cut cleanly, check your blade before cutting.

Free Teacher Apple SVG png Letters And Numbers

How To Get Your Teacher Apple SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers For Cricut And Glowforge

Click here or the image below to get your free downloadable Teacher Apple SVG/PNG Alphabet letter and number files and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space if you are using a Cricut Machine. Don’t forget to turn off any pop up blockers. Note if you are using Glowforge you need SVG files to cut the image out of wood or acrylic. Or Png or SVG to engrave.

Get my free Teacher alphabet

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Tips And Advice For Using Your Download For Cricut

This alphabet is also perfect to make cards and cake toppers with your Cricut, check out my guides below.

Also please do pop over to TikTok or  Instagram, and give me a follow and if you make a project tag me! I love seeing everyone else’s makes and chatting crafting. I could do that all day! This is also where I share videos of my makes.

Free SVG teacher letters and numbers for teacher crafts and gigts

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