Glowforge Project Ideas And Free Files To Make To Sell


Today I am sharing a good handful of Glowforge project ideas and free files to use on your Glowforge. These free files are perfect to make projects to sell. If you are a fan of pretty flowery projects or children projects, cards and door signs then you have come to the right place.

I have had my Glowforge Pro for a couple of months now and if you are reading this post, you may like me an obsessed user? Or thinking, “should I get a Glowforge?”. I can’t tell you the answer to that question?

If you want to see me create my projects, follow me on Tik Tok and Instagram.

However what I can tell you is I am obsessed with my Glowforge. It truly is a game changer for crafters to take your crafting to the next level.

Free Glowforge Files For Crafters And Small Businesses

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Glowforge Project Ideas And Free Files To Make Projects To Sell

I have been working on the craft side of my blog for a little over 2 years, but been a crafter all my life. Notably one thing I have learn’t is be brave and go for it. Creativity is so objective, we all love different styles, colours and projects.

The same goes for equipment and materials. This inspires me to constantly strive to create new projects and free files for my readers to be able to access and download. Also offering a few hints and tips along the way. But I am no expert, I am a learn as I go kinda gal and like to share what works for me.

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I am still experimenting and looking for new materials to try out. However some of my favourites so far are the proof grade wood and acrylic. Also Bamboo boards are fabulous for engraving as are pencils. I have found it also works to use Plywood and Spraypaint for a coloured effect.

How To Laser Engrave Pencils With Glowforge

The Thing I Do Have Is Lots Of Designs That Are Perfect For Your Next Glowforge Project!

Free Alphabet And Number Files For Door Plaques, Cake Toppers And Cards

These designs are perfect perfect projects to make as Glowforge Projects and sell. They work so well cut with wood and acrylic. Clear acrylic looks gorgeous if you spray the back with spray paint, just like the card I made below with my floral alphabet.

Cards made with Acrylic

This Princess door sign was made with my free Princess Alphabet, it was super easy to make and could me made with any of my alphabet designs for children door signs or bedroom decor. I love the ideas of creating a wall freeze with a whole alphabet.

Door Sign Made With Free Letters to sell

Or my Ballerina Alphabet, which I used to create a cake topper, I simply added a swirl around it and created a stick shape and attached the files together. If you have Glowforge pro on desktop this such and easy Glowforge project to make in the program. If you only have the free version you could use illustrator or Canva?

Glowforge Cake Topper Ideas and Free Files

Other Free Alphabets I Offer For Glowforge Projects

My files are generally based around a theme, for example I recently created a layered Mermaid file, which I then went on to create a matching Mermaid Alphabet to work alongside the file. But this isn’t my only alphabet I have tons, my aim is to have letters and numbers to cut out for every occasion and season. And you know what? I’m getting there, the library is growing all the time. Check out just some of my alphabets below…….

Mermaid Keyring Made on Glowforge

Other Kinds Of Free Files I Offer?

I tend to draw what ever takes my fancy, thats the beauty of being a self employed crafter, however, I do listen to reader suggestions. Additionally I look at seasonal trends and occasions, I particularly love creating nursery wall art.

Nursery Decor, Glowforge Projects to make to sell

But also check out my back to school files, guitar and Butterly mandala cake toppers. They can all be cut with Glowforge as a multiple layered file or single layered file. The image below is cut on card-stock on my Cricut, which I also adore, however would also work with Glowforge.

Free 3d Layered Guitar Mandala SVG

Permission Rights, What Can My Free Glowforge Files Be Used For?

All my files (EXCEPT the Disney themed files which are personal use only) can be used for makers to use to make products to sell or personal crafting. This is as long as the project is not on a mass produced level or for stores.

However small businesses using my files to make for Etsy or Craft Fairs is fine. Additionally I don’t give permission for the files to be resold, only projects made with the files.

Alphabet letters and numbers cut out with glowforge

Glowforge Project Ideas Using Everyday Objects

It’s also a great idea to think outside the box with Glowforge, I find myself doing this a lot more lately. You know when you are browsing shops for wooden items to engrave you are obsessed ha ha.

Wooden Spoons are great to have in for last minute kitchen gift. OK maybe more of a tongue in cheek gift. Or indeed decorated for a wedding day token, do they still do that?

It’s also a romantic gesture to just pop in the cutlery draw on valentines day, saying I Love You. Although let’s make this clear, this has to be with no expectation of cooking!

Everyday objects made with Glowforge

Snack boards are also a great idea, especially for Mothers Day hampers or cheese boards.

Mothers Day Ideas With Glowforge
Cheese Board SVG Design For Cricut or Glowforge

How To Get My Free Files For Your Glowforge Project?

Every project has a subscribe box, alternatively you can sign up below. Keep an eye out for my weekly newsletter this is where I share my new files every week. There is also a link in the the newsletter for my members area.

Once you have signed up this is where you go for free files, just read the instructions on on each members page. Additionally it’s a great idea to bookmark the link and you will never need to sign up again for files, just head straight to the members area.

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

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And please do pop over to Instagram, and give me a follow and if you make a project please do tag me! I love seeing everyone else’s makes and chatting crafting. I could do that all day! This is also where I share all my projects in progress.

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