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On 6th May 2023 His Majesty King Charles III will be crowned King alongside Camilla The Queen Consort. Of course we have created a Free Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters And Numbers SVG, PNG set for this not only joyous occasion but historical event. Also see our Coronation colouring alphabet for the kiddies.

The coronation usually takes place several months after the death of the previous monarch, as it’s considered a joyous occasion that would be inappropriate whilst in mourning.

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The Kings Grandfather Father King George VI died on 6 February 1952, this is when our late Queen overtook royal duties, even though her coronation was on 2 June 1953 ( It was held a year later) In a similar vein, we lost our deal Queen Elizabeth II on the 8th September 2022, which is when King Charles officially became the King. However the coronation is the official ceremony to celebrate the reign on a new King and Queen Consort.

Free SVG PNG Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters and Numbers for Royal Coronation decorations and crafts and scrapbooking with Cricut, Silhouette, xTool and Glowforge

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Craft Ideas For Our Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters And Numbers SVG Set For Cricut And Glowforge

Free letters and numbers for the Kings Royal Coronation

Can I Cut These Free SVG Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters And Numbers On The Cricut Joy?

Yes these Royal Coronation Alphabet letters and number images can be cut in card or vinyl on the Cricut Joy.

How To Create Our Kings Coronation Cake Topper?

What You Will Need 

How to build your files

Uploading Your Free Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters And Numbers SVGs,To Cricut Design Space. 

I am using our Jubilee Alphabet for illustration purposes but the concept for our Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters And Numbers SVG is the same. Click on upload image in the bottom of the left hand side bar, this will open a window, select browse and choose the Coronation Alphabet Letters Alphabet files, which will most probably be in your download folder.

How to upload files to Cricut Design Space

If you are uploading a PNG, you will be brought to a window with options, select complex file, then continue. The next window allows you the take the back off your Coronation SVG Alphabet Letters and number files, but I have done this for you. If you are uploading SVG the window below will open.

How to upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space

When you reach the save screen click save as a cut image and continue. Do this one by one until you have all of your chosen Coronation SVG Letters Alphabet letters and numbers. Once this is done, you can select all the letters you have uploaded and pull onto your mat in one go.

How To Create Your Coronation Cake Topper In Cricut Design Space

Start by selecting the letters or numbers you want to use. As you can see I have used 2023, I started with 2023, and set a zero offset on each letter. Once I have done this I removed the contours on the letters but not the gaps, ie in the middle of the 0. This way I create a white background on numbers.

Create an offset on each letter

Then create an offset on each individual letter and coloured it red again not removing the centres of letters. Now select and a create an offset on the whole project and colour this grey, this will be your silver layer.

Now select all and create one offset on all of the layers

At this stage I am going to add my crown into the cake topper, this way the layers gradually build up.

Now position your coronation crown and create an offset

Lastly create two further offsets, firstly in white, I took the contours out of the crown in this layer which I felt really worked. Then a solid offset for the back layer.

How to build your Royal Coronation cake topper in Cricut Design Space

Cutting Your Coronation SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers On Cricut

When you send your Coronation SVG Alphabet SVG Letters and Numbers files to your Cricut to cut, ensure you use your brayer to roll the paper, vinyl or card to adhere to the mat. Movement will affect the cut. 

When your Cricut has finished cutting, flip the mat over and reverse weed, i find this works better as you are able to bend the mat slightly and gently peel the letters away.

First build your layers

Building Your Coronation Cake Topper

Start by glueing the back white later to your letters. Then use sticky pads to add the letters to the red letter offset.

Next add the letters to the silver layer. Now you want to glue the crown to your white layer and add the numbers to the white layer with sticky pads.

Now add the white layer to the red back layer with sticky pads. Flip the cake topper over and glue the straw to the back. Once dry flip back over and add jewels to your crown with the Nuvo Drops.

Royal Coronation letters and numbers for street party decorations

How To Get Your Free Royal Coronation SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers

Click here or the image below to get your free downloadable Coronation SVG Alphabet , SVG/PNG Alphabet letter and number files from our shop and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space if you are using a Cricut Machine. Note if you are using Glowforge you need SVG files to cut the image out of wood or acrylic. Or Png or SVG to engrave.

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Tips And Advice For Using Your Download For Cricut

This alphabet is also perfect to make cards and cake toppers with your Cricut, check out my guides below.

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Free SVG PNG Royal Coronation Alphabet Letters and Numbers for Royal Coronation decorations and crafts with Cricut, Silhouette, xTool and Glowforge

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