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It’s that time of year that life is manic, in fact scrap that…. In our home that’s every week of every month. There is always something going on, somewhere to be or something to do. Homework, a club, show or dinner party.  Life is fun but chaotic. No matter the time of year life is busy! And sometimes you jut need a little time planning Easy Midweek Meals.

Anyhow I digress.  We want to give our children healthy hearty home cooked food. However like many parents have so little time between the million other plates we are spinning.

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What Should I Cook For Family Dinner? I Need Some Easy Midweek Meals Inspiration.

It’s that question we always ask ourselves or is it just me that struggles with family mealtime inspiration? Family meal planning is hard, especially when you have your head so full of millions of other jobs, and lists. And everyone wants a different meal.

What Can I Cook During The Week?

Midweek family meal planning is something that many of us struggle with. Its so easy to get into a rut of cooking the same meals again and again. I know we are guilty of that!

However with a little planning ahead when shopping and setting out a weeks meals in advance, meal planning can be made so much easier for busy families.

Can I Freeze Freshly Made Meals For My Family?

Let me tell you, I am NOT always organised or on form. We do our best to be, but family life doesn’t always allow organisation. However when I am on an organisation drive I find the key is bulk preparing and freezing.

The first key to simple midweek family meal planning is preparation, now I slip in and out of this. However when we are organised with meal planning life is so much easier. I buy foil trays from amazon and bulk cook.

Freezing single and double portions is the way forward. When you have teens they aren’t always in the mood for a certain dish, so freezing portion sizes saves a whole lot of grief.

And to save on your tupperware use foil storage trays that you can use in the oven and microwave. However these are not re-usable, you can get reusable tubs that are microwavable but you can’t use them in the oven. I am currently searching for a more environmentally friendly solution to this if anyone has any suggestions?

Here Are 8 Great Easy Midweek Meals For Families.

And yes some may require a little time in initial preparation. Preparing and freezing up front really is the way to rock midweek meal planning and make life easy, yet still eat healthy. But there are also some great throw in a pot options.

Beef Curry Slimming World Style

This easy midweek family meal is a simple pressure cooker recipe, but I have also made it in a pan. The key to the recipe is to make the sauce in batches and freeze in portion sizes.

The sauce may take a little prep but once prepped it is easy to portion up and freeze. We do this and then grab a home made sauce and either beef or chicken out the the freezer in the morning ready to cook up in the evening. CLICK HERE for my Curry Recipe.

Beef Masala made from scratch in 40 minutes

Tuna Pasta Bake

Tuna pasta bake is the simplest of midweek meals, a perfect throw in a dish recipe that takes minimum time and effort. Served with some hearty vegetable and garlic bread, its an easy midweek family meal.

Easy Family midweek meals www.extraordinarychaos.com

Chicken Risoto

Pressure cooker chicken risotto is another throw in a pot dishe that takes minimum preparation and a real winner with fussy families. I use pesto in my recipe but it can be left out if you are not a fan. This recipe is cooked in the teal cook4me, but also works in a standard pressure cooker or pan. ( It just takes a little longer in a pan)

Quick Chicken Risotto with the Tefal Cook4Me 1

Home Made Burgers

We love burgers in the Christie household, but you never know what’s in shop bought burgers. Making them with fresh lean minced beef is the way forward. Home made burgers served with seeded buns or brioche and home made wedges they taste more like a treat and take no time at all to make and can be frozen in batches.

Our Nearly BBQ and Perfect Low Fat Burgers make easy midweek meals

Pulled Chicken Burger And Wedges

The first time I made this pulled chicken recipe I felt it was a little labour intensive, however its one of those dishes that once you have made it, its easy. I have swapped the chicken thighs for chicken breast and find that works well for me. This is also great served with wraps rather than bread rolls.

How to make Pulled Chicken www.extraordinarychaos.com

Slimming World Pulled Pork

Slimming world pulled pork is a dish you prepare the night before and leave in the fridge. This is a super delicious slow cooker recipe that cooks during the day and is ready to serve as you all arrive home, perfect for those evenings where you are run ragged with clubs and activities. This is also a great dish to make in large batches and freeze.

Making Easy Midweek Meals Slimming World Tasty Pulled Pork

Home Made Bolognese

This is a great Nigella recipe. I really need to share my old favourite bolognese recipe, I add a dollop of low fat mayonnaise at the end and it takes it to another level. This is another sauce that is great for making up in larger batches and freezing.

Stand And Stuff Tortillas For Easy Midweek Meals

An old blog post but still a firm favourite in our house. Spicy Tortillas, the boys prefer stand and stuff, Chris and I prefer wraps. Its a super sociable quick and easy meal, I dish up a huge bowl of salad, cheese, fruit, chopped avocado, spicy mince or chicken and we all dig in. If we are in a rush we go for sliced fresh breaded chicken.

And there you have it, midweek meals that are not only cooked from scratch so you know the ingredients but easy to make. Because lets face it, busy families need all the help they can get. If meal planning is something you can make a little easier, then it gives you time to spend on the important stuff.

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