How To Plan A Dinosaur Birthday Party With Free Printables


Planning a DIY dinosaur party can be daunting, especially when you have a mini palaeontologist expecting the best birthday party ever.  However, we are here to tell you that creating excellent diy dino party supplies for the kid’s party of dreams is simple. You can easily create a dinosaur birthday party to remember. Check out our step-by-step guide to help you plan a memorable dinosaur-themed birthday celebration with our free SVG and PNG files and printable dinosaurs for birthday party celebrations. 

This post is packed with links to free dinosaur files. You can either print and cut with your Cricut machine or print off and cut out by hand. All you need is a printer and sticker paper.

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How to create a Dinosaur themed party With Free Printables

How to Create a Roarsome Dinosaur Birthday Party

Make Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitations

Design dinosaur-themed invitations. These are so easy to make on programmes such as Canva. Upload our free Dinosaur image or alphabet letters and add text. I.e. venue, times and party theme for a custom Dinotastic party invitation. 

Let guests know if they need to wear dinosaur costumes. And don’t forget to add an email or phone number to RSVP. You could even create a tear-off portion on the bottom for parents to reply with; this is a great way of finding out in any kiddies have food allergies. 

Printable Dinosaur PNG For Card. Free Printable Dinosaurs for Birthday Party Decor

Create Jurassic Themed Decorations

Add to the excitement to the party’s grand opening by using dinosaur footprint cutouts to create a trail leading to the entrance or party area for guests to follow. Or use dinosaur letters to make a walk this way sign.

Use green, brown, and earthy tones for the colour scheme. Although it’s your party, and if you want pink dinosaurs, go for it. Hang dinosaur happy birthday banners, posters, and balloons to decorate the party venue. These are easy to make by printing our Dinosaur letters and numbers and using a hole punch to add to the string. 

Set up a table with a dinosaur-themed tablecloth and matching plates, cups, napkins, and cutlery. Alternatively, decorate a green or white tablecloth with mini dino models and leaves for a Jurassic theme. Add plants or fake ferns to create a prehistoric atmosphere, with a dino-coloured balloon arch decorating your table.

Create Dinosaur themed parties

Create a Photo Booth for a  Dinosaurs Birthday Party

Create a Jurassic balloon arch and use a green foil curtain behind it for a jungle effect.  Dinosaur-themed photo opportunity. Get every child’s photo and pop it into your thank you cards using an instant camera. A great way to grab the kiddies’ attention is to have props ready such as Dino masks, roar signs and an inflatable T-Rex, Raptor or Triceratops to pose with.

Kids love posing; they will be queuing up to have a snap with the birthday boy or girl and fake being eaten by a T-Rex. 

Free Printable Dinosaurs for Birthday Party Decor

Have Dino Themed Food and Refreshments

Create a lasting impression and use dinosaur-shaped cookie cutters to create mini dinosaurs for birthday party sandwiches. Fill with various fillings and serve with mini pots of carrots and cucumber dinosaur vegetation. 

Cook up some chicken dinosaurs, and serve with dinosaur bone fries.

Bake chocolate or sugar cookies and imprint them with dinosaur footprints or use fossil-shaped cookie cutters.

Create a dinosaur punch using green or red-coloured fruit juice. Decorate with dino flag straws made from our dinosaur-themed paper. Or decorate milkshake straws for a milky treat.

Free Printable Dinosaurs for Birthday Party Decor

Set up Dinosaur-Themed Party Games and Activities 

  1. Make name stickers for all the party guests using our dinosaur-patterned papers and let the host hand them out.
  2. Create an egg hunt by hiding dinosaur eggs (plastic eggs filled with candy or small toys) around the party area for the children to find.
  3. Create a sandbox and fill it with mini toy dinosaurs and bones for the children to excavate like palaeontologists.
  4. Use our free printable dinosaur png to create a free pin the tail on the dinosaur game.
  5. Set up a craft station where the children can create their own dinosaur masks, hats, t-shirts or puppets using our free dinosaur SVG files.
  6. Create a dinosaur-themed obstacle course where the children have to crawl under, over, and through various obstacles like rocks, nets, logs, and inflatable dinosaurs.
Dinosuar themed parties for kids

Make A Dinosaur Cake Topper

Decorate a cake with one of our downloadable dinosaur-themed cake toppers. Or, if you are brave, make a 3D dinosaur-shaped cake using a mould.

Use green frosting and dinosaur-shaped sprinkles for cupcakes and top with dinosaur numbers using the birthday child’s age.

Dinosaur cake topper png file free to download

Make Dinosaur Party Favors

Make your own dinosaur-themed party bags. Use colored paper bags and decorate with homemade dinosaur stickers using the initial of each party guest.  

free printable Dinosaur alphabet lettters and number

Fill the bag with small dinosaurs, a dinosaur sticker sheet of the child’s name, dinosaur pens and erasers, dinosaur-shaped candy holders or homemade dinosaur candy bars with the child’s initials on them.

Downloadable Cricut Template For A Castle Easter Egg Holder

Include a personalized thank-you note with a photo of the child with the birthday girl or boy at the photo booth.

Print Dinosaur coloring pages and pop in some crayons.


In Conclusion

Following our tips and tricks, you can easily set up your super cute-themed dinosaur party, which will have kids discussing the party for weeks. It just takes a little planning, and with our free printables, you don’t need to spend a fortune. For a little more children’s party inspiration, check out our kid’s party ideas.

How to create a themed Dinosaur Birthday Party

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