Pretty Printable Planner Stickers, A Cricut Print And Cut Tutorial

Here we are, a New Year lots of exciting plans and ideas buzzing around in our minds. And that’s without the New Years resolutions that need tracking. Although I have to admit this year I can’t say I have any resolutions, more ideas for projects and craft plans. A great place to start seems to be getting organised and making Pretty printable Print And Cut Planner Stickers For The Cricut Maker.

A New Year A New Planner, New Planner Stickers!

Is it just me that hates moving into a new planner. Planners are like comfy shoes aren’t they? It takes a while to get settled into them, and then once you do you don’t want to change when the time comes.

This year I think I may have found the perfect planner, the About Time Planner has all I need to plan my life around my busy family. With sections for school holiday dates, birthdays, monthly goals and appointments. But as I am visual person, it also has to have pretty planner stickers all over the pages. They draw my eyes to important times and dates, that I know I would otherwise miss if it were a sea of blue ink.

Cricut print and cut wont print?
Making your own cricut planner stickers

Every Planner Needs Cute Planner Stickers, And These Pretty Printable Planner Stickers For The Cricut Maker Are Just What I Have Spent Years Looking For.

I kid you not? Every January I spend hours looking for pretty pastel coloured planner stickers, the right seasonal stickers to track my year. To highlight holidays, cruises, school holidays and birthdays. Ok I like the odd cocktail and living in the North of England where it snows a LOT, tracking snow days is always a bonus. So yes I want a diverse collection of stickers and all in my favourite colours.

The Only Solution Is To Design And Make My Cricut Planner Stickers Myself.

Cricut Maker Print And Cut Sticker Tutorial

I had the print and cut sticker paper in my craft supplies for ages, before I finally had that light bulb moment. However getting my printer to collaborate with my project has been a challenge.

But after a bit of nail biting and shouting at said printer. (Because that ALWAYS helps right?) I finally got there. Is it just me that won’t be beat by a craft project? And when you can’t make your printer cut your Circuit Sticker Paper it makes you more determined than ever to make it work?

Free planner sticker template
Free print and cut sticker cricut template

Which printer is compatible with Cricut print and cut?

My last printer was not compatible as it did not feed card and printed the images wrong ( see below), I have recently replaced it with the HP Envy 5020 which works perfectly. So far I have cut sticker paper, vinyl and magnetic paper and all printed perfectly.

Before you design your print and cut project you have to calibrate you printer with you Cricut machine

 To calibrate your Cricut maker to print and cut click on the left hand drop down menu, Calibration is second down. Click and follow instructions. You printer will print a calibration sheet, which the Cricut will perform a series of cuts on. You them have a answer a few questions about where the cuts are located in relation to the lines. Its a simple task and essential to get your cuts to line up correctly. 

How to print and cut in Cricut Design Space

Designing Pretty Printable Planner Stickers For The Cricut Maker in the Cricut Design Space

The new features in Cricut Design Space make putting patterns into shapes soooo easy. Check out my instagram stories for my tips on making pattern backed stickers, which would also be perfect printed on card for scrapbooking projects. 

You need to decide on a colour palette and themes before you start, for me it was pretty clear in my mind that this year will be all about summer, cruising and travel. As a co-editor of a cruise blog cruising is something I pretty much think about all of the time. 

Make sure you measure the squares or sections in your planner and ensure the images you have chosen are sized correctly to fit. 

Flattening Images To Print And Cut In Cricut Design Space

When you have chosen an image and you can choose anything in Cricut Design Space. It doesn’t not have to be a print and cut image. If it is not, then flatten the image to make it printable so it can be printed as Cricut Pretty Printable Planner Stickers. See my instagram story here for how to flatten images in the design space. 

How To Overcome Problems Printing Onto Cricut Print And Cut Sticker Paper

I spent far too much time wondering why my Cricut print and cut images were not printing properly on my last printer. But it seems that for whatever reason my printer was adjusting the way it printed because the print and cut paper is not a standard size and I could not change the size in setting. It was printing cutting half the images off. Thus resulting in only half my stickers being printed and my Cricut Maker not being able to recognise the broker project outline. I remedied this by saving the printer sticker sheet as a PDF.

To do this you send your project to print, then click advanced options. You will get the print options, click on PDF on the bottom left corner and save as a PDF file. 

My Printer will not print my print and cut project

Once saved as a PDF I opened it and flipped the image in PDF viewer and printed it upside down. For whatever reason this works on my printer and I don’t lose half the image. You can then press the make it button again and click the “already printed option” to go straight to cut. From there I was able to trim the top of the paper so my printed guideline was an inch from the top of my printing mat and the project printed perfectly.

Which other products can you use for print and cut?

Stickers also print and cut very well onto the printable vinyl, in my opinion the vinyl gives a thinner sleeker finish which I much prefer to the sticker paper. You can also use magnetic paper, I am currently working on a few exciting projects with magnetic paper which I can’t wait to share.

Downloadable planner stickers

Suggestions And Ideas For Making Printable Stickers For The Cricut Maker

Not only can these super easy printable stickers be used for pretty printable planner stickers, there are so many other things you can use them for. 

  • Party bag seals
  • Scrapbooking decals
  • Envelope seals 
  • Personalised address stickers
  • Moving home address reminders
  • Labels
  • Wall decorations 

The list is endless, being a parent I can think of so many great party ideas, festive stickers and school sticker sheets for labelling text books. 

Free Templates For Print And Cut Stickers

I have attached the pdf versions of my printable stickers should you have enough time on your hands to cut them out for yourself. However should you like me be totally in love with your Cricut Maker ( Cricut love is real) and have design space access, here are the ready to print and cut projects in design space, monthly stickers and seasonal stickers.

And here are the PDF versions. Monthly printable Cricut planner stickers PDF, seasons printable planner stickers PDF.


Free Downloadable Year Round Cricut Planner Stickers for all the months and seasons of the year.


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