Creating A Thank You NHS Paper Cut


What strange and scary times we are living in? This morning I decided to say thank you the only way I can by creating as NHS Paper Cut. That is of course apart from donating to Captain Tom Moore, omg how amazing is that man? What an inspiration! And of obviously staying home, which we have for nearly 5 weeks now.

Thank you NHS paper cut

Making A Thank You NHS Paper Cut

However this morning I set about making my latest little paper cut, I have been making them daily in the last few weeks.

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These are the paper cuts I have made so far.

Alphabet Paper Cut

Paper cuts for framing

Numbers Paper Cut

paper cut numbers for cake toppers

Baby Paper Cut

Free baby paper cut template

My Latest NHS Paper Cut Is A Nod To Our Wonderful NHS

Ok this is no use what-so-ever, however if sharing this on instagram brings joy to my Nurse friends then it has to be worth my time right? And then I thought I would share it here so others can save and cut should they want to. It can also be cut onto removable vinyl so stick onto windows, just remember to reverse the design if you want it to show on the outside.

It’s available as a project in Cricut Design Space. Alternatively for this link for instructions how to add it if you dont have paid design space access. The houses on the first cut were a bit wobbly, so I re-edited the design which now cuts perfectly.

Free NHS Paper Cut template

On a side note this red card stock is Official Cricut and omg it cuts so much better. I struggle weeding the white card I bought from Amazon, however the Cricut Card Stock is slightly thiner and creates a much better cut, it peels off the mat with no need for weeding, omg this is a game changer for me! I hate weeding!

And just wish I had tried it before, but am not a red fan! However will be ordering a batch of white Cricut Card Stock now.


We are so lucky to have the NHS, being the Mum of a young adult with type 1 diabetes, who has also had pneumonia, and another teens who is like a walking accident, our family have at times relied on the NHS and they have never let us down, saving Jacks life on more than one occasion.

I hope and pray we don’t need them anytime soon and are ensuring we all stay home to enforce that.

So for now I will carry on staying in and crafting and thanking my lucky stars that we have such wonderful people to take care of us.

Free template of an NHS Paper Cut

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