Valentine SVG Alphabet Letters And Numbers For Valentines Craft Projects


Valentines day is on its way, that wonderful time of year when romance and love is in the air in abundance. Ok there is an argument for it being about all year round, however, Valentines is special. A day to demonstrate how much you love someone, anyone. Because we all need love in our lives. Our Valentine Alphabet SVG letters and numbers are perfect for Valentines craft projects, because home made is always better.

Free Downloadable Valentine SVG Alphabet letters and numbers  for crafting on Cricut and Silhouette

Project Ideas For My Free Valentine SVG Alphabet & Numbers

  • Paper Cut Letters And Words
  • Valentine Themed Meals
  • Valentines Cake Toppers
  • Valentines Cards
  • Wedding And Engagement Invitations
  • Use Pegs And String For Hanging Romantic Banners With Names
  • Framed Art
  • Iron On Vinyl Hoops
  • Welcome Signs
  • Wedding Table Plans
  • Decoupage Valentine Cushions
  • Scrapbooking Pages And Wedding Albums
Cricut Free Love letters and numbers

You Will Need 

How To Make Your Own Valentine Alphabet For Romantic Craft Ideas With Cricut?

I searched for Valentine and love in Cricut Design Space. I wanted the set to be perfect for all Cricut romantic, engagement, valentines and wedding crafts and home projects, but also creating great party decorations.

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Soiree Lettering is a my favourite for creating, yes there is a huge choice of styles, however I prefer an open font for cuts and creating. It gives me more scope.

Free downloadable valentines alphabet

Making Your Own Cricut Valentine Themed Alphabet?

Simply pull in the elements you want to use and weld together, it’s a long process and can take a day to do a full alphabet. However is so rewarding once finished.

It’s important to make sure you join all of your Valentines elements together, and also consider what media your projects is for vinyl is better for smaller intricate cuts. If you want an alphabet to cut smaller, ensure the cut is not too complicated and fiddly. However on larger projects and vinyl you can add more detail.

If You Want To Use This Free Cricut Valentines Alphabet?

Click here or the image below to get your free downloadable png files from our shop and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space. Don’t forget to turn off any pop up blockers.

Cutting Your Valentine SVG Alphabet

When you’ve chosen the Valentines SVG PNG Alphabet letters to cut, send to your Cricut. Ensure you use your brayer to roll the paper, vinyl or card to adhere to the mat and remove any bubbles or creases.

Also make sure you set your material and cut pressure to match whatever material you’re cutting. If I’m using card, I always set my pressure to more for a cleaner cut. Additionally I find Vinyl will cut much smaller that card.

When your Cricut has finished cutting, discard the outer area of the paper/ vinyl this pulls away easily. 

Now lift a corner of your letter with tweezers, the letter will then lift away in one piece.Use the weeding tool to remove any areas that need gently weeding and removing. 

Downloadable love alphabet for Cricut and Silhouette

Other Cricut Alphabet Ideas

Free Downloadable Valentines Alphabet for home made Valentines Cards and Cricut Crafts

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