Free Printable Happy Birthday Space Rocket Banner


Kids love space rockets right? I can’t remember how many themed space parties we have hosted for our boys, they were huge fans of space and trains and my free Printable Happy Birthday Space Rocket Banner is perfect for printing off and creating birthday banners.

However it can also be printed off as a mini banner and use as an adorable space banner cake topper, or using individual flags for gift tags.

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Free Printable Space Rocket Happy Birthday Banner Download

How To Make A Birthday Space Rocket Banner With My Free Downloads?

You Will Need

  • Printer
  • A4 Card
  • String or Ribbon
  • Hole punch or silent setter
  • Scissors to cut out by hand
  • Cricut Maker or Explore ( If you are going to print and cut)
Happy Birthday Rocket Banner

How To Personalise Your Rocket Banner?

And if you want to personalise your banner I have included a blank banner template, simply head over to my Space Rocket Alphabet and numbers, if you are a member don’t try to sign up, its in the members area under printable alphabets. Upload to the free version of Canva and upload the numbers and rocket template. Because the images are PNG the space rocket letters layer perfectly over the white flag template.

Free space rocket banner printable

Print Your Happy Birthday Rocket Flags For Your Banner

Start by opening the files, and putting A4 card into your printer. Also note your banner will look better on card than paper, although you can use paper too. You now have several options.

You can open each file and send each flag to print. The files are sized to print at 5.2 x 6.5 inches, which is the perfect size for an easy printable banner. Remember you will also need the print off 2 copies or the letters H, A,P and Y. Also make sure your printer is not set to 2 sided printing, if it is, turn it off.

Or alternatively, if you want your rocket flags to be a different size? I have provided the banner in PNG file format, these will open in Word, Pages and the free version of Canva. Simply import or upload and size to the size you would like to print, ensuring they are all the same size before sending to print.

Alternatively upload to Cricut as print and cut files and you Cricut Machine will print and cut the project for you. I have a full post on how to use Cricut Print and Cut if you are new to Cricut.

Cut out your party flags

Cut Out Your Space Rocket Banner

Next use a guillotine to cut out the edges off your banner. And use a pair of scissors to cut out the V area of the banner flag.

If you have a Cricut send to cut making sure you load the flag into your Cricut the same way as it appears on your screen.

Make Holes To Hang The Banner

Once your banner is cut I have marked out where the holes go with coloured dots, simply use a hole punch or silent setter to create holes to thread string through.

Make holes in the banner to hang your string

Hang The Banner

Lastly thread the string through the banner. I thread from the front the the back of the first hole. This way the string threads along the back of the flag and your space rocket happy birthday banner looks neater.

Printable Space Rocket happy birthday banner

How To Get This Free Printable Space Rocket Happy Birthday Banner?

Simply click here or on the image below to get our free Cricut Printable Rocket Banner PNG downloads from our shop. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space if you are using Cricut to cut your banner.

Get my free Rocket Printable Banner

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Free printable Happy Birthday Space Rocket Banner

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