Summer Scrapbook Titles And Cut File Template


Today I want to share this oh so pretty Summer Scrapbook Cut File Template and some summer titles ideas for scrapbook pages. If you’re a Cricut crafter there’s also a quick and easy tutorial showing you how to make your own digital cut files for a beautiful scrapbooking title layout.

Scrapbooking is all about sharing those beautiful memories and what better way to share you summer memories than in a gorgeous scrapbook layout.

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How to make a summer layout scrapbook template in Cricut Design Space and summer titles ideas

How To Make A Summer Digital Cut File Scrapbook Template?

You Will Need

Choose Your Font For Your Scrapbook Summer Title Layout.

Start by deciding on a theme you want to create for your scrapbook layout and choose your lettering. I knew I wanted to create a scrapbook theme around summer so chose the Cricut Outline font. This is perfect to creating open word paper cut images and cut files for scrapbooking.

The images used making this scrapbook summer template cut file

Type And Arrange The Letter To Create A Title For The Layout

Once you have chosen the lettering for your scrapbooking title layout, ungroup it and rearrange to create the shape you want for your scrapbook page layout.

Start you scrapbook digital file by tripping your letters, next ungroup them and drag them into to shape and position you want

Now Weld Your Word Together In Its New Scrapbooking Layout Shape

When you are happy with position of your letters and words, right click and weld them together. Once welded you can drop to make you summer scrapbook cut file bigger and smaller should you want to.

How to make a scrapbook digital file template and summer titles ideas

Add Images And Accents To Your Scrapbook Cut File Template

You can now search in design space for images to enhance your digital scrapbooking layout, I chose and sunshine and clouds. However these needed slicing to get them exactly how I wanted them to look for my layout.

My sun had multiple layers, firstly I split the layers, however I wanted the left hand lined image to be the centre of my sunshine. Then I used a circle to slice and remove the solid centre of the sun. Once The centre was removed I positioned the lined circle and welded it into position.

To get a lines sun centre, slice the middle away and then weld the connected images in for your cut file
To use layered images from design space ungroup and separate to make an elect for a scrapbook template

I then did the same with the clouds by simply slicing the area I wanted to keep and discarding the rest of the image.

To get the clouds, simply slice them away from the main image

Now I was able to weld the images together to create my scrapbooking summer layout.

If You Would Rather Use This Summer Scrapbooking Cut File?

I you have Cricut Design Space Access, feel feel free to right click and copy the image below, follow these instructions to remove the backing in Cricut Design Space. However the link to the cut file in design space is here.

Free summer scrapbooking layout template

How To Back Your Summer Scrapbooking Cut File?

How to back a scrapbook template in Cricut Design Space

Start By Duplicating Your Title Cut File. 

Put one copy to one side, this is you master top copy. Then decide how you want to back your cut file.

Solid Scrapbook Layout Cut File Backing.

To create a solid background image select the contour tool, you will find this in the bottom right corner of Cricut Design Space.

To slice of the background firstly choose the contour tool and remove all contours

Select hide all contours and it will create a solid image the shape of your scrapbook cut file layer ready to cut. Ensure you lay one over the other before cutting to ensure the sizes are exactly the same.

How to back a scrapbooking layout with a solid cutout layer

To Back Your Scrapbook Cut File Template In Multiple Colours And Textures.

Decided on the first part of your image you want to cut and choose a shape from the left hand shape bar. Now size it over your image. Whatever area is covered is the area you will slice out.

To back your cut file cover an area with a shape and slice to cut out the contoured shape for your digital scrapbook file

Next, right click and select slice to slice out your image from your background. Once you have your cut the shape recolour it, so it cut’s separately when you send it to cut. 

Keep going until you have built your background with multiple coloured images ready to cut and back your summer digital file template with.

separate scrapbooking layouts cut files to back a template

Before cutting ensure your images match perfectly by hovering one over the other.

Scrapbook cut file and summer titles ideas with the backing

To Attach The Backing To Your Digital Cut File.

Simply attach double sided sticky tape the back of your cut file and attach piece by piece, now you have a summer title template for your summer scrapbook layout ideas.

backing a digital cut file for my scrapbook summer titles
Stick double sided tape onto the back of the layout template
scrapbooking layout summer ideas

Other Ideas For Paper-cutting And Scrapbooking 

Free summertime scrapbook cut file template for summer scrapbook layouts

Summer Scrapbook Title Ideas

Summer Scrapbook Title Ideas Beginning With A, B & C

A bright, sunshiny day
A Summer to Remember
Ahoy, Matey!
Anchor’s AwayBeach Baby
Bubble Trouble
By the PoolCatching Bugs
Catching Waves
Chalk Art brought to you by……..
Chillin’ Out
Coastal Craze
Cocktail Time
Come Aboard
Come Sail Away
Cool at the Pool
Cool By The Pool

Summer Scrapbook Titles Ideas Beginning In D, E & F

Dare Devil
Day at the Pool
Days Of Summer
Dive In
Dog Days of Summer
Don’t Let The Grass Grow Under Your Feet
Down by the Sea
Dreaming Of Summer
DrenchedEnd of Summer
Endless Summer
Family BBQ
Feeling Hot! Hot! Hot!
First Dip of Summer
Fishing with ……
Floating into Summer
Fun in the Sun
Fun With Bubbles

Summer Scrapbook Titles Beginning With G, H & I

Getting Wave Reviews
Girls gone fishing
Girls Just Want To Have Sun
Go with the flow
Going for A Swim
Gonna Soak Up The Sun
Good Clean Fun
Got Sun Block?
Hanging on for Dear Life
Happy Summer Days
Have a Sunshiny Day
Having a Blast 
Having a Sand-sational Time
Heat Wave
Heaven seems a little closer when your house is near the water.
Hello Sunshine
Here Comes the Sun
Hot Fun in the Summer
Hot, Hot, Hot

Scrapbook Summertime Titles Beginning With I, J, K & L

I know what you did last summer…
I’m Gonna Let It Shine
It’s a sunshiny day!
It’s A Beautiful Day
Just Add Water
Just You and Me
Keepin’ Cool
Land lovers
Lazy Days
Let’s Make Waves
Life Is The Beach
Lifeguard in training! 
Little Mermaid
Loving the Outdoors

Scrapbooking Summer Ideas Beginning With M, N & O

Make a splash!
Making a splash in the world
Making funny faces
My Sunshine
Natural Beauty 
Ocean of Love
Official Beach Bum
One Fine Day
One In A Melon
O–U–C–H !!!!
Our Little Fish
Our little Mermaid
Out to sea and back again
Outdoor Fun

Titles Beginning With P, Q & R

Peek A Boo, I Sea You
Playing In The Sand
Ray Of Sunshine
Relaxin’ by the Pool
Rest and Relaxation
Rockin? Down The Highway
Row Row Row your boat – life is but a dream.
Run in the sun

Summer Time Titles Beginning With S

S Is For Summer
Sail Away
Sailing Away
Sandy Claws
School’s Out for Summer r
Sea, Sand And Surf 
Seashells by the Seashore
Seasons in the Sun
Time in the Shade
She Sells Sea Shells, By The Sea Shore
Shore Thing
Sip Of Summer
Sittin’ on the dock of the bay … waste’n’ time
Sizzling Summer
Slice Of Summer
Slippery When Wet
Snorkeling Fun
So Crabby
Soaking Up Some Rays
Some Like It Hot
Splashing Around
Squeaky Clean
Stay Cool
Still plays with boats!
Summer In The City
Summertime… When The Living Is Easy
Sun Kissed
Sunny Day, Chasin’ the Clouds Away
Sunny Days & Cozy Nights
Sunshine Of My Life
Surf’s Up
Swim Like a Fish

Scrapbook Summer Themed Titles Beginning With T, U & V

Take Me Home
The Beach Boys
This is the Life!
This Sure Beats Work
Time and Tide wait for no man.
Tips for a perfect summer
Toes In The Sand
Too Cool to be Hot
Too Hot to Handle
Treasures from the Sea……
Tropical breezes and Blowing Palm trees
Tryin’ to Keep Cool
Under The Sea
Very Hot

Titles Beginning With W & Y

Watch Me!
Water Babies
Water Fight
We Love The Beach
Whale of a time
What Are You Wading For? 
What I did on my summer holiday
Walking On Sunshine
Wishing you calm seas and a gentle breeze!
You, me by the sea
You are my sunshine
Yummy Watermelon

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