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I am loving Autumn/Fall so far this year, ok not so much the rain but the cozy evenings by the fire are very welcome. It’s such an exciting time of year, with so much promise and hope of family days, frosty mornings and planning for the seasons ahead. This Hello Fall SVG Free File For Fall Decor And Crafting is available in PNG and SVG form to create beautiful fall decor home projects, and scrapbooking layouts.

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Free Hello Fall craft and scrapbooking file

How To Make A DIY Iron On Cricut Cushion With My Free Hello Fall SVG PNG Files.

You Will Need?

Hello Fall SVG for Cricut fall decor and projects

How To Make A Hello Fall Cushion With My SVG

Choose Your Fabric Or Base For Your Hello Fall Project.

I chose a cushion as I wanted some stylish in the home, that I can pull out every year to celebrate the season. However this Cricut Hello Fall, SVG, PNG can also be used on;

  • Bags and ruck sacks
  • Scrapbook Layouts
  • Wall Decals
  • PJ’s
  • T Shirts
  • Tea Towels
  • Wall Decals
  • Passport Covers
  • Pumps
  • Cups
Free Hello Fall SVG and PNG File

To Get Your Hello Fall SVG PNG File

Just click here or on the link below and download it for free. Don’t forget to turn off your pop up blocker if you have one. Also check this link if you are not sure how to add your file to Cricut Design Space.

Free Hello Fall SVG Downloads

Make And Attach Your Iron On Image

Before cutting you must size your Hello Fall image, I used my cutting mat as a guide to lay over my cushion. This gives me an idea of how big I want to cut my decal. This is perfect for getting an idea of where it will sit on the cushion and getting the size perfect. 

When sending your image to cut ensure you mirror the image. It’s also important to place your iron on vinyl on the cutting matt shiny side down. Thus you can’t see the glitter side of the vinyl on the top. (The shiny side is the top film part you will use to apply your heat press to to protect the vinyl.)

I used the green cutting mat for this project, as find it is much better for glitter vinyl.

Weed your Cricut Fall iron on vinyl design

Weed the design ensuring you have got all the little bits, once ironed on it is too late.

follow the cricut heat guide to use iron on vintyl

Heat press your cushion to warm it up and prepare for your Hello Fall SVG Decal.

Put your design into place and set the heat press to the appropriate heat as per the heat guide. For this project using the easy press 2 and a heat mat 330° for 30 seconds. Then flip and press for 15 seconds, then allow to cool before peeling. Check the heat guide if you are using alternative products or fabrics.

Top tip, to protect the fabric I overlay with my clear top layer of my cutting mat, I feel this protects the velour from marking. I also used butcher paper to protect the velour.

add the first layer, heat press and remove film layer then add the second

More Tips And Advice For Using Your Download.

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Free Hello Fall PNG SVG

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