Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes


What better way to cool off in the summer than with a delicious cocktail. Yes cocktails are totally meant to be adored and enjoyed all year round, but some just scream summer don’t they? With this in mind I felt it a public service to put together a lovely list of delicious easy summer cocktail recipes to sip during glorious summer days. And of course test a few out for you, for research purposes of course!

What Drink Is Best In The Summer?

So what cocktails are the best kind for summer days? That really depends on your favourite tipple, do you like a long drink or a margarita or like me a frozen cocktail that feels like an oh so decadent slush? Sometimes you need a choice don’t you? So here is a little list of oh so amazing summer cocktail recipes to try out.

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Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes To Try This Summer

The Best Prosecco Summer Cocktail Recipes

Apple And Honey Gin Prosecco Cocktail With Elderflower Foam

My Apple And Honey Gin Prosecco Cocktail with elderflower foam is a deliciously sweet cocktail. Perfect for an early evening soirĂ©e, topped with a light and fluffy sweet elderflower foam this is the perfect dessert cocktail.

Gin and prosecco cocktail topped with elderflower foam, Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes to try for hot summers day.

Candy Floss Fizz Prosecco And Gin Candy Floss Cocktail

Alternatively for a prosecco cocktail to impress at summer garden parties. This Candy Floss Fizz prosecco and gin candy floss cocktail is super simple to make. And the ultimate showstopper cocktail to wow guests. It only takes seconds to make and is super stylish.

Valentines Day Candy Floss, Champagne and Gin Cocktail

Cocktails For Strawberry Lovers

Berry Fun Strawberry Cocktail

Helens Berry Fun Cocktail is a light refreshing serve, infused with Jasmin tea but with a sweet edge, this would also be amazing as a frozen cocktail.

Berry Fun Summer Cocktail

Strawberries And Cream Vodka Cocktail

For those summer dinner parties when you want a dessert that is just a little different. My Strawberries And Cream Vodka Cocktail is a wonderful dessert alternative. This is also one for you if you have a sweet tooth and love thick and creamy cocktails.

Strawberries and Cream Cocktail

Best Frozen Cocktails For Summer

Frozen Mango Daiquiri

The Frozen Mango Daiquiri is my absolute favourite cocktail in the world ever! This is one for those super hot days when you just want to chill and sip cold cocktails to cool you down. This is the ultimate sunbathing cocktail, just add a lounger and a great book.

Frozen Mango Daiquiri Cocktail, a delicious frozen cocktail, from my list of easy summer cocktail recipes

Frozen Gin And Orange Slush

Or if you would prefer a frozen gin creation, the Frozen Gin And Orange Slush is the simplest of cocktails. But is more of a simple alcoholic slush than a cocktail. Yet earns its place in this summer cocktail recipe list due to its simplicity, because some days that’s what you need.

Easy summer cocktail recipes with gin

Easy Summer Cocktails For Gin Lovers

The Blackberry Gin Sour Recipe

A great cocktail from Cat for blackberry season, this Blackberry Gin Sour Cocktail is sweet but bitter and full of the flavours of summer. It also makes a wonderful summer night sundowner.

Blackberry Gin Sour Cocktail Recipe

Gin Summer Punch Recipe

And still on the summer fruit theme this Gin Summer Punch recipe made with Brockmans Gin is sweet, light and fresh. It’s easy to make up in a jug filled with summer fruits for garden parties.

Brockmans Black Book of Gin Cocktails

The Best Baileys Summer Cocktails

The Frozen Baileys Mudslide

The Frozen Baileys Mudslide was my first cocktail love ever. It still has a special place in my heart. With the addition of chocolate ice cream this is the ultimate indulgent cocktail.

Chilling out with Nespresso Coffee and Cocktails

Best Rum Summer Cocktail Recipes

The Jamrock Barbadian Cocktail

Becky’s Jamrock Barbadian Cocktail sounds like a dream. With a rum base but packed with Caribbean flavours this is at the top of my cocktail wish list.

Jamrock Rum Cocktail Summer Cocktail Recipies

The Perfect Mojito Recipe

For the perfect Mojito recipe try out. Caro’s Summer Mojito recipe because it wouldn’t be summer without a Mojito would it? This is the quintessential summer cooler and ideal for pre dinner drinks with friends.

Perfect Mojito summer cocktail recipes

The Frozen Banana Daiquiri

The Frozen Banana Daiquiri is a sweet thick frozen rum and banana cocktail. Made with banana rum its quick and easy to make. A little different from my usual cocktail but its refreshing, if not a little filling.

How to make a frozen Banana Daiquiri

And there you have 12 delicious easy summer cocktail recipes. Some old favourites and a few newbies to try, happy cocktail sipping. Let’s hope summer lasts long enough to try them all.

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