How To Make A Personalised Dome Candy Holder With Cricut


With Christmas and Halloween around the corner, omg did I say that? I thought I would share how to make a Monogram Personalised Dome Candy Holder. These are easy to make and can be made with any of my SVG and Printable alphabets. This means you can make candy holders for almost any occasion.

There are some great templates out there, but I will show you how to make one from scratch in Cricut Design Space. All you need is a letter to start with and you can make a personalised dome candy holder in any theme.

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Step-by-Step Personalised Monogram Carndy Holder Tutorial

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How to make a candy holder

How To Make A Personalised Dome Candy Holder With Cricut

Designing Your Monogram Dome Candy Holder in Cricut Design Space

Start by measuring your bauble and create a circle in Cricut Design Space the same size as your bauble. This will be your guide for the project. Now, upload a letter or number. This dome can be used with any image, letter or number using this method.

It’s great for Halloween trick or treats, party favours, Christmas cards or calendars. For today, I am using our Elf printable alphabet. This is great for Elf on the Shelf treats and surprises.

Measure a circle so its exactly the same size as the bauble_

Upload your letter and size the letter to fit with the circle; your candy holder bauble will fit where the circle is. Now, duplicate the letter since you will have two printable layers to this project. Put one copy to one side with a copy of the circle and slice the circle out of the other letter.

Position your circle over the letter where you want the bauble to go, How to make a candy holder

This will take a hole out of the letter, which will be the top layer of your candy dome letter. Now pop the spare circle back in place and click the offset tool on the top bar to create an offset around the image; this will be your background.

Click on the offset layer in the bottom right-hand corner of design space to remove all contours. Ensure the layer is set as a cut image in the operation bar on the top panel.

Now create an offet of the letter with the circle in position and and remove the contours in the offset

Now duplicate the background layer and grab your circle. You need to make it slightly smaller, as this will fit in between the back layer and your printable layer and allow you to pop your candies into the dome. Slice out a circle from the layer.

Slice a circle out of the layer, How to make a candy holder

You should now have four layers: two printable and two cut layers. These should all line up correctly. Plus, check the half-bauble fits perfectly.

Ensure all of the layers line up you should have 4 layers,How to make a candy holder

Print and Cut Your Project

When you are happy, send the project to print and cut for the printable layers and cut for the back files. Make sure your print-then-cut project is set to fine quality on your printer preferences to get a better quality cut. You do this in printer preferences. And send the two back layers as cut layers.

Send you candy holder letters to print and cut

Building Your Monogram Dome Candy Holder

When your project is printed and cut, line up all the layers to check they align correctly. You should have four layers.

Line up alll the layers,How to make a candy holder
  1. Top layer the letter with the hole sliced into it.
  2. Printed letter
  3. Backing layer with a hole in it
  4. Solid back layer
Put your letter on the the backing letter with a circle missing

Start by attaching layer 2 to layer 3 with craft glue. Then, apply super glue to the edges of the half bauble and attach it over the circle see the image below.

Glue the bauble to the letter

Now, use sticky pads to attach the top layer around the bauble so it’s layered up but fits snugly around the bauble.

Add the top layer to cover the top of the bauble tag

Flip the letter over, and then pop the candies into the back of the bauble; wrapped candies are better.

pop sweets into the back

Now, add the back layer using glue, but be sure not to put any glue on the area that will touch the candies. And hey, presto, you have the cutest monogram dome candy letters and numbers. The great thing is we have alphabets to suit any theme for birthday parties, Christmas, baby showers and wedding favours.

Pop the back layer of the letter on
Personalised monogram candy holder

Get Our Printable Elf Alphabet Here

Simply click here or on the image below to get my free Cricut Printable Elf Alphabet cut file downloads from our shop. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space.

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