5 Free Monogram Maker Tools And Ideas To Try At Home


Crafting is something you can do anytime, it can be related to scrapbooking, crafting, schoolwork and sometimes (or in my case most of the time) just for fun. They are a great resource for those working from home or home schooling. And can be a wonderful creative activity to fit into the day and make learning fun. Thus I have been doing the research and have found 5 Free Monogram Maker Tools, And Ideas To Try At Home.

However there are many other benefits to using monogram makers for the small business and party planners. Being able to create your own logos, stationery and artwork can potentially save you so much money and time.

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5 free monogram makers for crafting

As a creative person I find it very difficult to trust others with my ideas, you always have a vision of exactly what you want dont you? Thus having the tools available to make that a reality is incredible.

What Are Monograms?

A monogram is two or more interwoven letters, usually a person’s initials. This can be used to identify a possession or as a company logo. However using 1 letter or indeed many letters is also fine in my book and far more useful in a crafting or home schooling capacity.

Card making with monograms

What Can You Use Monograms For?

Yes monograms can be used for logos, yet are great for branding. However they are also fabulous to use for;

  • Wedding stationary
  • Decorating text books
  • Labeling
  • Creating paper cuts
  • Phonics sheets
  • Colouring sheets
  • Creative spelling tasks
  • Banners
  • Cushions
  • Cups
  • Cards

Today I am going to share 5 free monogram makers and share a couple of quick and easy tasks to demonstrate how easy Designing A Monogram is on monogram maker.

Use A Monogram Maker To Create Home School Activities.

At the moment home school is a huge thing! Making cute signs can help kiddies embrace home school, such as personalised signs, phonics sheets and colouring pages. This covers so many areas of learning, IT incorporates English, art and potentially maths and science depending on the projects you choose to set.

Some great ideas are using a monogram maker to;

  • Create the solar system
  • Personalise stationery
  • Phonics sheets
  • Make board games
  • Maths games
  • Badges
  • Teacher/ student mugs
  • Weekly journals pages.
How to make phonics sheets with monogram maker

Use A Monogram Maker To Make Home Made Cards

When nipping to the shop to grab a last minute card is no longer an option it’s easy to create custom home made monogram birthday cards.

I created this card by cutting out my monogram with the Cricut maker. However an alternative would be to print and cut out your monogram. This would also give you a lot more options for using colour with some of the cute critters and castles available.

Making cards with monogram maker

How To create Home Made Monogram Cards?

A Colourful Card With Monogram Images Such As Animals

Simple create your monogram, if you want to use multiple monograms such a the 2 I used in home school, download them both.

Next upload them to editing software such as pages, pic-monkey of photoshop to position.

Now send to print before cutting out and sticking to your card with double sided tape.

A Cut Out Monogram Card

Design your monogram and download.

Upload to a cutting machine such as the Cricut Joy or Cricut Maker.

Save your monogram as a cut file.

Now add to design space and create your project.

I used mine with the new Cricut Joy card mats, just ensure you centre it before cutting.

5 Free Monogram Makers To Use At Home

Monogram Maker

Monogram maker gives you many options to create monograms for a huge variety of projects. If you are looking for a great all rounder where you can create professional, craft, homeschool and wedding monograms then you will find it all here.

It’s also great for creating multiple monograms in one project. You are able to change colours, shapes and sizing to create a truly bespoke design.

This home school sign was quick and easy to make, thus making it a fantastic resource for kids and teens to use. Particularly useful home art lessons with integrated english, and additionally for creating phonics sheets.

Home School -sign monogram maker

Wedding Chicks

Is a wonderful resource for creating wedding stationery. You are able to create beautiful cards free of charge, thus saving on the designer fees for wedding cards. However these cards can also be tailored to parties and christenings.

Wedding Chicks  wedding invite maker


Allows you to make and personalise single monograms, this is more geared to those wanting more of a botanical, whimsy monogram or logo, nevertheless does create some pretty designs.

How to make custom monograms

Design Evo

If you are looking to create a business logo? Design Evo allows you to add images and text, but also customise colours to create a bespoke business logo design.

Extraordinary Chaos family, food, craft and travel blog
Creating a custom blog logo


Aimed at weddings but also nice for parties and christenings. The monograms can be edited and colours changed to fit your colour theme. This generator is geared more towards names and invitations but has some nice options.

making logos for wedding stationary with a monogram maker

So there you have it, a few ideas for home schooling, making cards and invitations and creating your own logos. Hope it’s useful, happy crafting x

Please note this is a paid post.

How to make custom logos

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