What Is Grouping In Cricut Design Space


There’s a lot to get your head around when you first start using Cricut Design Space. I have a full post here, however I thought I would break some of the elements down a little bit more. A question people often ask is “What Is Grouping In Cricut Design Space?”. Thus that is what I am going to cover today.

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What Does Grouping Mean In Cricut Design Space?

How do you combine images on Cricut? Grouping is perfect when you are working on a project and want to add elements together but don’t want to make it permanent.

What is the Group Tool in Cricut Design Space, how to group and ungroup and what to use it for.

Grouping Images

When working on a project with many levels it’s a great way to keep the project together visually.

Grouping In Cricut Design Space is a great resource when you are building a greetings card or scrapbook page. Thus allowing you to build your image in multiple colours and get a feel for how the project will look. Yet once on the matt it will be sorted into colour ready to cut.

Grouping In Cricut Design Space

However when you add your project to your mat, those images will uh group and separate in into matts by colour.

Love heart valentines day card

Ungrouping Images

If you want to make changes to a collection of grouped images simply ungroup and make changes, before regrouping. This is excellent if you only want part of an image from the library, you simply ungroup and delete anything you don’t need.

Check My Quick Grouping In Design Space Video Tutorial Below

How Do I Group Images In Cricut Design Space?

Right click and select the image you want to group together. Click group in the right hand corner. This will group the image together, now you can move it around as one image. You can also increase/decrease the size as a whole without losing the balance and shape of your image.

How to group in Cricut Design Space

What Is The Difference Between Group, Attach And Weld In Cricut?

Whats the difference between group, weld and attach on cricut

Grouping On Cricut

Grouping enables you to keep a project together, however it will cut all the images separately when you send it to cut. You can group a combination on colours in a project, as soon as you send to the cutting mat they will separate onto corresponding coloured mats.

Grouping on Cricut

Attaching On Cricut

The attach tool will connect the images permanently but keep the overlap lines. Thus when you send to cut in the grouped form, but with any overlap lines. You can not attach a mix of colours, as the project sends to the mat attached it will change your project to one colour. You can not attach multiple colours.

Attaching in Cricut

Welding On Cricut

Welding is permanent, when you weld an image it removes any internal lines and edges and will make your image on solid image. You can only undo this by clicking the back arrow.

Welding on Cricut

Would I Use The Grouping Tool To Cut A Paper-cut?

No you use weld, to cut a solid paper cut the project must be welded together. However it’s a great idea to build your paper cut with the group tool. This keeps the image together, but also allows you too ungroup and make changes before clicking weld and permanently joining the image.

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How to Group in Cricut Design Space, how to group and ungroup and what is it used for.

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