Printable Halloween Pumpkin Alphabet Letters & Numbers For Stickers


Today I am sharing my super cute Printable Halloween Pumpkin Alphabet Letters & Numbers For Stickers, they come in PNG and JPG form so you can upload to cutting machines such as Cricut and Silhouette, or print and cut them out by hand if you haven’t got a cutting machine.

This is my last halloween project of the season, it always feels so sad when a craft season comes to an end. However, I figure Halloween will be here again before I know it. And its the Christmas Holiday season next and that is something to get excited about.

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Free printable halloween alphabet and numbers for print and cut Cricut projects

How To Make A Candy Bar With Our Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Alphabet Letters & Numbers

You Will Need

  • Printer, (Make sure you calibrate your printer to your Cricut before using for the first time, you will find the calibration button by clicking on the 3 lines next to CANVAS in the top left corner of Design Space)
  • Glossy sticker printer paper or printable vinyl,
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cutting Mat
  • 1 Chocolate Bar (Any size you wish) I used a 135g bar
  • Guillotine or Scissors
Free printable printable alphabet

Uploading Your Free Printable Halloween Pumpkin Letters And Numbers,To Cricut Design Space. 

Start by clicking upload in the bottom left hand corner of Cricut Design Space, a box will appear where you can select browse. Now find you download file and choose the PNG folder, these are the files you will need for design space.

Select the printable Halloween Pumpkin PNG Alphabet letters and numbers you require one at a time. When you choose a letter you will see the box below. Select complex and click continue in the Botton right corner.

How to upload printable to Cricut Design Space

Next you’ll be taken to a screen where you can remove the back off the file, however I have done this for you, click continue in the bottom left corner. Now you will get the choice to save your printable alphabet as a cut file or a print then cut file. You must save as print then cut.

uploading print and cut to cricut

You can now bulk select the letters and numbers for your Halloween Pumpkin project to pull into Cricut Design Space.

How To Make A Printable Halloween Pumpkin Candy Bar Wrapper With Cricut

Start with an oblong 6 x 8.75, now duplicate this and colour that orange, drag the square smaller and right click and bring to the top. You now want a white square on top on that. You will end up with 3 layers, two white with an orange layer in between to create an orange border.

create 3 letters to make up the printable halloween pumpkin chocolate bar

Now upload your pumpkin letters, you could personalise your candy bar and choose a name. I just went for BOO, I also chose some bats from Design Space Images.

Your letters want to to sit between 5 and 7.8 inches, see the image below. Once you are happy with your placement select all and flatten before sending to cut.

Position your letters on your chocolate bar

A Few Useful Tips And Hints For Printing The Chocolate Bars

  • If using a Cricut calibrate your printer before using with you Cricut, this will save so much time and effort.
  • Load your paper the correct way into the printer. Obvious, I know, but I have made that mistake many times.
  • Also avoid smudging the ink they come out of the printer, because its glossy paper it needs time to dry properly, especially the black ink.
  • Load your Halloween Pumpkin wrapper the correct way into your Cricut as it appears in design space.
Free printable Halloween pumpkin printable alphabet

If You Don’t Have Cricut ?

You can create your printable Halloween Candy Wrapper in word or Canva and print off, just be sure to measure the size to fit to your candy bar.

When Your Halloween Candy Wrapper Is Printed

When printed, trim your chocolate wrapper to size to fit around your candy bar. 

Measure your choclate bar and trrim

Now flip it over and peel the backing back an inch and fold the backing away to leave a sticky edge. This will create a sticky edge to attach your valentines candy wrapper.

How to create a sticky endge for your printable candy bar wrapper

Lastly wrap your chocolate bar and use the sticky edge to secure your label. Alternatively if you are using regular paper or card you will need double sided tape to secure.

DIY printable Halloween pumpkin  Candy Bar

If You Want To Use My Halloween Pumpkin Alphabet Printable’s

Simply click here or on the image below to get my free Halloween Pumpkin Alphabet from my members shop. However, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space.

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Tips And Advice For Using Your Download For Cricut

This alphabet is also perfect to make cards and cake toppers with your Cricut, check out my guides below.

Also please do pop over to TikTok or  Instagram, and give me a follow and if you make a project tag me! I love seeing everyone else’s makes and chatting crafting. I could do that all day! This is also where I share videos of my makes.

Free Halloween pumpkin printable letters and numbers png and jpg for print and cut

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