Pretty DIY No Sew Face Masks With Cricut Iron On Vinyl


Creating a post on how to make pretty DIY, no sew face mask on my Cricut Joy was not a post I ever thought I would have shared. But hey it’s better to be proactive not reactive, right?

Thus, as I did my weekly shop yesterday I was was horrified that only a handful of people had chosen to wear masks. Some actually rolled their eyes at me. Yes, I know the supermarket is not strictly a confined space, but when people are actively trying to lean across you to get a product, yes this happened, I kid you not!

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Who knows what protection they offer, but the guidance is to wear one. However, something has to be better than nothing right? Also, if I am going to wear a mask I am going to do so in style. Why no sew? Because haven’t us mums got enough on, home schooling working and all the other jobs that come with staying at home. I figured what we need is something easy and quick.

How to make no sew masks with the cricut joy

How To Make Pretty DIY No Sew Face Masks With Cricut Iron On Vinyl

You Will Need


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  • 1. Measure and cut an oblong roughly 7 inches by 12. Cut a dummy mask first to try the size. If this is too large or small for you face increase or decrease the size by an inch each way.
How to measure a small mask, No Sew Face Masks
  • 2. Fold just over 1/3 of the oblong towards the middle .
1st fold to make a diy no sew far mask
  • 3. Fold the bottom edge up an inch to create a hem, then fold the remaining part up towards the middle. This will create a filter pocket should you want to add a filter to your mask.
Fold the edge of the mask so there is no raw seams
  • 4. Cut 2 strips from an old t-shirt, roughly 1 inch wide by 10 inches long. Now stretch these until they curl and lengthen.
Place the jersey strip in to make ear attachments ensuring they are not in the way of the iron on vinyl. No Sew Face Masks
  • 5. In Cricut Design Space make a border piece and choose images to decorate your mask. I made my border by correcting shorter borders together. 1 of the border images below is enough to make 1 mask. See the project here. Don’t forger to mirror your image when cutting out. For a full guide to using Iron On Vinyl CLICK HERE.
Easy no sew children's face masks
Edges for face mask secured with iron on vinyl
  • 6. Once weeded, cut your border image to the right length so you have a little space at each end for your jersey strip to move freely. Insert the jersey strip into the mask and fold your iron on edging over it, but so it is not touching the jersey. Now heat with your heat press according to heat guide instructions. Don’t worry too much if a little bit of the jersey does attach as it’s easy to pull away.
Fold the iron on vinyl over the edges and press to create a seam on the no sew face mask
  • 7. Once you have done both sides to create a seam, heat transfer your image onto the front ensuring you do it the right way up so that the slot for the pocket is at the top of the back of the face mask.
Press your iron on vinyl onto your mask according to heat press instructions
  • 8. Lastly tie you jersey strings as tightly and close to the ends as possible. These will comfortably fit over your ears.
easy home made No Sew Face Masks

A Few Tips For Making Your No Sew Face Masks

  • Please note these face masks are not medially graded or recommended.
  • You can add a filter should you wish, however please check it is recommended as safe to use.
  • Glitter vinyl and holographic iron on vinyl also work, but are a bit scratchy. I didn’t find the holographic vinyl comfy on my face. The traditional iron on vinyl is softer.
  • If you don’t have Cricut you could turn the seams inwards and use fabric glue or wonder web.

If you want to have a go at sewing your own face mask? Try out this post over at Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

For More Cricut Inspiration

Please note this post contains affiliate links, however these are to recommended products that I actually do use.

Easy children's face books, no need to sew just use Cricut Iron On Vinyl to seal the edges and jersey ear wraps for comfort #kidsmasks No Sew Face Masks #facemasksforchildren #prettyfacemasks-2
Easy children's face books, no need to sew just use Cricut Iron On Vinyl to seal the edges and jersey ear wraps for comfort #kidsmasks #facemasksforchildren #prettyfacemasks

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