Free Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card Template


I’ve been meaning to post a little Cricut Joy Card Template for a while now. I adore the Cricut Joy, and the card feature is just the best. I make most of the cards I send on my Cricut Joy, however sometimes I want something a little different or indeed something I have designed myself. Thus I created this pretty Free Cricut Joy mothers Day Card Template, which is available in PNG SVG files.

Cricut Mum Mothers Day or Birthday Card Cricut Joy Template

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Download your free SVG Cricut Joy Mothers DAy Card Template

How To Make This Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card

You Will Need

Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card Free SVG PNG Template

Adding The Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card PNG To Design Space.

Firstly click upload at the bottom of the left hand bar and find your Mother Day file. You now have the option to remove the background, but I’ve removed it for you.

The first option you will see is the image below, choose moderately complex. You will taken to the select top page, this is where you can remove any background.

uploading to Cricut Design Space

Now choose to save your Cricut Joy Mothers Day Card as a print and cut or cut file, before uploading to design space. This can be changed in Cricut Design Space. Don’t worry if the image looks grainy, as soon as it’s in design space it will be fine.

How to save files on Cricut Design Space

Sizing Your Card

I set my card at 4 x 5.1 to start with, when you send the project to cut you can see it on the mat, this will give you an idea if you need to drag it slightly larger. If you do simple go back and resize.

What size should my Cricut Joy Card Be in Cricut Design Space

You can also see the position on the cutting mat, the image below shows the Mothers Day cut file of centre, if this happens drag it to the correct position.

You can see the card position on the card in cut preview and can move in on the mat for perfect placement

You can see in the image below that I have slightly resize my cut file to make it bigger, then dragged it so a central position on the mat.

Resized card image in the Cricut Joy Card Mat

Now you can send the project to cut, ensure you use a brayer to ensure the card is fully attached to the mat, before sending to cut.

When the cut has finished cut gently lift it away from the mat and slot in the card backing.

Mothers Day Card without the Backing on it made for the Cricut Joy

Can I Personalise This Card?

Yes you can slice add a name, just make sure it is an open script, you will just need to weld in the exact position. Or indeed use the write feature to write a name, this will need to be attached to the project.

How To Download My Free Cricut Joy mothers Day Card SVG/ PNG Files

Simply click here or on the image below to get my free Cricut Joy mothers Day Card download and I will pop it across to you in PNG and SVG form. Here’s how you upload the files to Cricut Design Space.

If the files don’t arrive please check my trouble shooting page.

Download the Mothers Day cut files here
Free PNG SVG Mothers Day Card Template

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