Decorative Straws For Gin Parties And Other Important Events


Sometimes you have a product in your mind, but you just cant find in reality.

And that is what I love about my Cricut Maker, if I can’t find something I just make it.

Ok its still only November but like I said in my Santa cookie plate tutorial the preparation takes time. And I am currently planning an exciting gin bar project. So after what seemed like ages searching for cool straws on amazon and not finding quite what I wanted I decided the only way was to make them myself. 

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This home made decorative straw Cricut project is so quick and easy.

In fact, so easy I may just make party straws for every gathering or special event we hold in the Christie household. Decorative straws are a great way to personalise a gathering or party. They can be made so cheaply and in no time at all. 

Star Straws made with Cricut Maker
Home made Christmas Straws
How to make personalised straws with cricut

For perfect party cocktail straws you will need:

  • A Cricut machine, I have a Cricut maker 
  • Access to the Cricut Design Space. 
  • Silver striped straws I chose a multi pack thinking the others will be useful, for another project. 
  • 1 sheet of silver metallic poster board   
  • A tube of super glue
  • A bright pad for weeding out your design (optional)
Star straw for Chrismas table
Gin straws

How to Join letters in Cricut Design Studio

  • I used Billionaire text, when using this text to create a word ungroup the text, then click the eye so you can see the black background,  you can then delete the green part. 
  • Ungroup the black text and move it together so it is all touching then weld it together. See the vlog below for steps

Tips for cutting on poster board with the Cricut Maker

  • I have found that the green Cricut cutting matt works better for intricate cuts. But does take a little more effort removing from the matt afterwards.
  • In custom settings, find poster board, and set pressure onto more.
  • Once cut and weeded simply glue the shapes or words onto your paper straws. 

And hoorah party straws for any event and occasion. I so wish I had had my Cricut when the boys were little, the party favours I could have create! 

Merry Christmas Straws

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How to make party straws with the Cricut Maker

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