Christmas Cookies And Milk For Santa!

Today I am going to share how to make treats for Santa plate and bottle.

Hello, happy November, is it ok the mention the C word now?

I know we have a while to go to get to Christmas yet. But some things need to be made and prepared. Christmas doesn’t happen overnight does it? Although I do know some people that do it all on Christmas Eve. That would be not good for my stress levels let me tell you!

We no longer have smallies in the house. Everyone but Toby is well and truly in the grown up camp in the Christie household. But you know what you have to find the magic somewhere!

Home made Christmas eve plate
Milk For Santa Bottle For Christmas Eve

So this little Cricut Christmas craft project may be lost on the Christie household.

But I still know plenty of small people to keep that magic very much alive. Therefore I am embracing this and have made a cookies for Santa plate and milk for Santa bottle. The big guy works soooo hard, so he deserves a personalised treat.

Cookies for Santa
Santa and Rudolph treat plate
Make a milk for Santa Bottle

That does beg the question what does Santa eat in your house?

Is it Christmas Eve cookies, or a mince pie for Santa? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure, it is always carrots for reindeers. We may have even been known to leave Santa a glass of Baileys before now, I often wonder if he ever gets a bit fed up with milk!

Whatever treat you love to leave. This little Cricut project, Christmas milk bottle and Santa treat plate is perfect to add to a family Christmas Eve box.

So I have been pottering over on the Cricut Design Space. And with a bit of slicing and welding I came up with these designs.

Cricut Christmas Crafts
Christmas Eve Plate For Father Christmas
Home made Christmas

How to create a milk and cookies for Santa set in the Cricut Design Space?

  • Choose your canvas,  for the Santa Christmas Cookies plate I centred my design around a square plate which is from Ikea. For no other reason than I wanted something a little different. And I picked up the mini milk bottles and paper straws from Amazon.  These ever so beautiful cookies are from Biscuiteers they are all seriously gorgeous, check them out. I so want the 12 days of Christmas next.
  • Choose your text, I chose Apple Chancery and Anna’a Fancy Writing from the Cricut Design Space to create a difference between the wording.
Milk for Santa Cricut template
Treats for Santa plate template
  • Decide on your images, I could not find the exact images I had in mind so sliced and welded existing images in the design space to create the exact look I wanted. I created my carrot by ungrouping, slicing and welding a carrot image already available. See the vlog below to see how I did it.
  • The gingerbread man was exactly what I wanted but had a border,  I sliced that away to remove and be left with my finished gingerbread man. Remember you can slice with circles as well as squares to create curved lines.
  • Weld your project, before setting you project to cut, welding your image together makes it easier to transfer if it is all in place.
  • A brightpad is amazing for weeding, this was the first time I used my brightpad and I found it so much easier weeding out with a backlight. (More on that soon)
  • And lastly when transferring the image put the red layer on last so your holly berries sit on top of the holly leaves. Or cut your holly berries out and transfer them separately. 

If you have Cricut design access click for the milk and plate projects. And enjoy leaving cookies for Santa.

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Make a milk for Santa bottle with the Cricut Maker and vinyl