Easter Bunny SVG Free Alphabet Letters And Numbers


How am I sharing Easter Crafts? Cliche I know, but you spend so much time on Christmas, that moving into Easter always feels a shock. However on another note its glorious to be sharing my latest Free Easter Bunny SVG, PNG Alphabet Letters And Numbers which are perfect for Cricut And Glowforge.

There is so much you can do with this cute Easter Bunny, letter and number set for Easter Craft activities, Easter cards and decorations. Especially as this is the season that brings so much joy, with the promise of longer sunnier days. Ok and all that glorious chocolate!

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Free Easter Bunny Alphabet for Cricut and Glowforge Free SVG, PNG

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Project Ideas For My Easter Bunny SVG, PNG Alphabet & Number Set For Cricut And Glowforge

  • Paper Cut Letters And Words
  • Easter Themed Parties
  • Easter Cake Toppers
  • Bunny Cards
  • Wall Decals
  • Classroom Decor
  • Wooden Banners With Glowforge
  • Easter Porch Signs
  • Use Pegs And String For Hanging Easter Banners
  • Framed Art
  • Iron On Vinyl Hoops
  • Hanging Wooden Signs
  • Easter egg hunt Signs
  • T Shirts
  • Decoupage Easter Bunny Cushions
  • Scrapbooking Pages
Easter Bunny SVG PNG Alphabet For Cricut, Silhouette or Glowforge

How To Make An Easter Bunny Egg Hunt Sign With Glowforge With My Free SVG Alphabet And Numbers

What Do I Need To Make An Easter Hunt Sign With My Free SVG On Glowforge

If you’re cutting on Glowforge, make sure you upload the SVG file for the sign, you are unable to cut PNG files, ( However can engrave with PNG files.) Simply click the + sign in the top bar, choose upload and select your file. Now drag the file to the correct size and click on the image to select cut.

You can now select the correct materials for whatever machine you are using, and send your project to cut or print.

How to upload SVG files to Glowforge

How To Make An Easter Egg Hunt Sign With Glowforge

Once you have uploaded your images, add the draft board to your Glowforge. It will now load in the design area. You should now also be able the see your images and materials on your PC screen.

Glowforge Egg Hunt sign

Next drag the sign to the size you want and click cut in the left hand bar, now click on your image to chose cut or engrave. Note, the sign will want to be set to cut. Additionally anything inside the sign will need to be set to engrave. You can now arrange all of you letters and images.

Thus when you send the project to print this is how it will look. Also note the order your Glowforge will print is the order in the side bar top to bottom.

How to make an engraved sign in Glowforge

Once your Easter Bunny SVG Sign has printed, remove from your Glowforge and peel any protective covering off.

Egg Hunt Sign Before Painting

Now spray paint, if you don’t want a painted finish use wood with a finish to it. Otherwise it will need painting, I went for a peach with a glitter overspray.

Use spray paint to colour your sign

I like the result, however in all honestly, wish I had used a finished wood and kept it more natural, but hey its a learning curve right?

Egg Hunt Wooden Sign Made with Glowforge

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How To Get Your Easter Bunny Alphabet and Number SVG Files For Cricut And Glowforge

Click here of the image below to get your free downloadable Easter Bunny Alphabet SVG/png files and follow these instructions to add to Cricut Design Space if you are using you Cricut Machine. Don’t forget to turn off any pop up blockers, and if your email doesn’t come through check your spam folder. Note if you are using Glowforge you need SVG files to cut the image out of wood or acrylic. Or Png or SVG to engrave.

If You’re Having Problems?

Check out my trouble shooting page, hopefully it will answer any questions you may have.

Tips And Advice For Using Your Download For Cricut

Also please do pop over to TikTok or  Instagram, and give me a follow and if you make a project tag me! I love seeing everyone else’s makes and chatting crafting. I could do that all day! This is also where I share videos of my makes.

Free Easter Bunny Alphabet for Cricut and Glowforge Free SVG, PNG and how to engrave an easter sign

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