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Is it just me that wants what I can’t have when it comes to clothes shopping? I see a T-shirt and think ooh I would love that if it was blue, or stripped! And this is where Cricut Design Space and the Cricut easy press UK come into their own.

And that is exactly what inspired me to design a T-shirt with the Cricut Easy Press Uk

UK high street shops are great but sometimes a slogan T-shirt can be over published. 

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You know, instagram cliché’s where the world has or wants that T-shirt? Which is great and what fashion is all about. But sometimes you just want something slightly unique. And it doesn’t have to be ott, simplicity works too.

With this in mind and my sale bargain leopard print ankle boots as inspiration, I wanted something casual and simple to wear with a blazer. A slouchy T-shirt I could use my Cricut Maker and Easy Press to personalise. Fortunatley I picked up the khaki slouch T-shirt for a reasonable price on the high street.

Make a T shirt with easy press
T shirt iron on with Cricut Easy Press

Designing my T-shirt was simple once I had the wording I wanted. I knew I wanted a simple French slogan T-shirt, and went for Ooh La La.

Once I had my slogan it was a case of typing this in the Cricut Design Space and scrolling through text until I found one that worked. I chose Cursive 101 to give a curled effect.

Don’t be put off that the letters are not joined up in a word as this is simple to remedy. Working with a joined up word when using the Cricut Easy Press is so much easier when you are using smaller words.

Follow the step by step images to join letters up the Cricut Design Space.

Right click and highlight your word, then unlock the letters and drag then closer together.

How To Join Letters Up In Design Space

Once you have positioned your letters right-click, highlight and weld. ( Don’t forget to mirror words before cutting)

Welding Letters Together in Cricut Design Space

Cricut Easy Press Tutorial

Tips for using the Cricut Easy Press and creating this project.

Preparing your project for the Cricut Easy Press.

Measure and know the desired position of your design before cutting to ensure it is a good fit on your T-shirt. I find working on the level of the bust and armpits on a T-shirt works well.

Before cutting your design click mirror to flip the design. This will ensure your design is the correct way up once ironed in place.

Place the vinyl face down on the Cricut cutting mat to cut (so you can’t see your chosen colour just the backing).

Using the Cricut Easy Press

Be aware of any seams on the back of your T-shirt. They may mark or affect the outcome, I place my cutting matt inside the T-shirt before using the Cricut Easy Press.

Use the Cricut Easy Press on a stable surface with a heat protective pad. when applying heat you push down so an iron board is not stable enough.

To get the temperature of your Easy Press right use this Cricut interactive heat guide, or click on the printable version lower down on that page for guidance on which temperature you need for which fabric.

Heat the fabric you are ironing onto before placing your vinyl project, this will help it bond.

Don’t move the easy press; press down on the project keeping it still, the Cricut interactive guidance will advise you how much pressure to use.

When the timer goes off give the vinyl a minute or two before peeling the backing away.

Now turn your design over and press the back with the Cricut Easy Press Uk to ensure itis bonded.

And if you have any more questions about using Cricut Maker Check out my top tips and here is the link to the Cricut Easy Press UK, Iron On Vinyl Ooh La La project in Cricut Design Space and my instagram stories for the Cricut Easy Press  Step By Step.

I was gifted my Iron On Vinyl, Easy Press and Cricut Maker from Cricut© but all opinions and images are my own.

how to use the cricut easy press to make a t shirt

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4 thoughts on “Cricut Easy Press UK, Designing A T-Shirt”

  1. Your t shirt looks super stylish! I have made lots of custom logos for my children’s t-shirts but have yet to do one for myself. I haven’t used an easy press but it looks amazing and very useful for all my vinyl and iron on projects.

  2. What a fab idea, I’ve made a child’s logo with the iron on transfers on the computer & printer but they don’t last.
    This is a good idea especially for an adult t-shirt as I feel i’m a bit old for some logos.
    Nicely made on the Cricut Sarah, it’s still on my want list.


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