Cricut Print Then Cut Trouble Shooting


Cricut Print Then Cut is super easy once you have mastered it! However, if you encounter problems, you have come to the right place. This article will take you through potential issues with Our Cricut Print Then Cut Trouble Shooting Guide. For step-by-step instructions, follow our printing tutorial, Then Cut With Cricut. Also, see how to make stickers.

Cricut Print then cut troubleshooting

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What Is Cricut Print Then Cut?

To enable you to make custom stickers and decals. Then cut the design using a Cricut Maker or Explore machine. Cricut Print then Cut is a feature available on Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore machines that allows you to print your design on a printable material such as sticker paper, printable vinyl, or magnetic paper sheets using a printer.

The Cricut machine uses a sensor to read special registration marks printed on the material. Thus allowing it to cut around the edges of the printed design precisely. This allows for accurate cutting of intricate shapes and designs that would be difficult to cut by hand.

To use the Print then Cut feature, you must design your project using Cricut Design Space software and then connect your printer to your Cricut Machine to print the design onto the printable material using your printer. After printing, you can load the material into your Cricut machine, automatically reading the registration marks and detecting and cutting around the printed design.

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Cricut Print Then Cut Trouble Shooting

1. The Image Cut Wrong Ie Upside Down.

Make sure your project is in the correct orientation. The registration marks must be in the top left corner of the mat, and make sure not to smudge them.

2. Paper Stuck In The Printer.

Use the correct materials. Not all materials are compatible with Print and Cut. Use sticker paper or Cricut printable vinyl to get the perfect kiss cut for your print-then-cut project. I find Cricut sticker paper needs to be thick enough for my printer.

3. Your Blade Does Not Cut Through The Stickers Properly, Or Cuts To Deeply And Right Through.

Please ensure you set the cut pressure right for your materials; there are many settings in Cricut Design Space. I find washi tape or printable vinyl works best for me to get the perfect kiss-cut effect. (Cuts through the top layer, but not the back)How to make planner stickers with Cricut Design Space

4. The Print Quality Of The Stickers Is Poor

Make sure your printer is set to the correct settings. Your printer should be set to print at high or fine-quality settings.

Click-use system dialogue when you send your projects to print; if the box doesn’t appear, reduce design space, and the page will appear behind.How to print then cut in Cricut

5. The Machine Is Not Cutting The Lines In The Correct Place, They Are Slightly Off

A. Calibrate your machine. If you are having trouble with the machine reading the registration marks, you can calibrate your machine. To do this, click the three lines on the top left of the design space and scroll down for options.
B. If your machine can’t read the registration marks, firstly, check no bright lights or sunlight are shining on your machine. This can stop the engine from reading the print, then cut the project and make it cut incorrectly.
C. If this doesn’t work, move the project slightly in the mat, just an inch, but this often works.

6. The Cut Quality Is Jagged And Poor

A. Make sure the mat is clean and free of debris. Any dirt or debris on the mat can interfere with the machine’s ability to cut correctly and make the cut inferior. 
B. Use a sharp blade. A dull blade can cause the machine to cut unevenly.

7. Your Image Is Not Cutting As One Image

Right-click on the image and choose to select all. Now click flatten to flatten your image so it cuts as one layer.

In Conclusion

I hope that has helped you with your Cricut Print Then Cut Issues. If there is anything that does have you scratching your head, then please let me know. I may still need to find the answer, but I am always willing to have a go.

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