Christmas Iron On Vinyl Tutorial And The Cricut® #ChristmasCraftALong


Cricut Christmas Iron On Vinyl Tutorial

Anyone who reads my blog knows how obsessed I am with my shiny new Cricut Maker.

And how I have made a dedicated crafting cupboard to keep all my Cricut treasure. Yes that is how much I love it. You may have even seen some of my creations I have made this last year. I might have made 1 or 2……

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Cricut heart cushion tutorial

Christmas Craft Ideas

I am so excited that this week I am taking part in the #ChristmasCraftALong

So that gives me the ultimate pass to create and craft all week-long. No one can roll their eyes at home, because it’s a thing “cough” I have to do it!

Why is Cricut So AMAZING?

Whether you’re brand-new to DIY or a creative pro, Cricut® will help you make personalised, professional-quality projects. 

Offering a family of smart cutting machines, and accessories you can cut and create projects for home décor, parties and events, wedding, apparel, and more? Check out my unicorn christening gift and party straws projects for ideas of what you can achieve. 

Iron on Christmas Projects

Home furnishings made with Cricut

using iron on vinyl

I am ever so slightly proud of my latest Cricut iron on vinyl project. 

You see I love decorating our home for Christmas, who doesn’t love the odd festive cushion? But I can never find exactly what I want. Do you ever do that?  Get a vision in your mind of something you want to buy, but can’t quite find it? Either that or when you do locate said item it costs the Earth.

The vision was a simple one, an oblong NOEL cushion. Something subtle but striking, festive but understated to fit in and blend into our home.

Cricut Vinyl project

Noel Cushion with layered vinyl

Cricut Christmas project ideas

I have made a few projects with Iron On Vinyl, however this time I had a secret weapon. My new and ever so swanky Easy Press. I have debated getting one of these for a while but pondered over the question:

 Is The Easy Press worth the money?

And after a week of playing with fabric and vinyl I can confirm it makes such a difference to iron on projects. Being able to set the temperature and timings makes a huge difference. And it’s big enough to cover a good surface area. When I have used a standard iron I always had to go back and re add heat, this has not happened once with the easy press. 

Unlike ironing, you keep the easy press still. I am not sure if it’s the hours of ironing I have done in my life that has conditioned my brain, but I find keeping an iron still impossible,  it feels so wrong? 

Timer setting on cricut easy press

For my Noel Iron on Vinyl cushion I used:

A plain oblong cushion 

1 sheet of iron on vinyl in a colour of your choice

 1 sheet of white glitter vinyl for the snowflake

A Cricut Maker connected to the design space via my Ipad

Blue cutting mat

A bright pad (optional) however for me this has been a game changer

Weeding tools

An easy press (optional) 

A heat-resistant pad, I bought a travel ironing pad that folds away neatly. 

The snowflake design is from the image bank on design space (#M8784A5A)

Decorative Monogram letters N E L are also from the image bank in design space (#M1BB840) (#M1BB9B4)(#M1BB952) 


How to position Iron On Vinyl

Do I need a cricut bright pad for weeding out

layering iron on vinyl

Tips for using the Cricut Easy Press and creating this project.

Use the easy press on a stable surface with a heat protective pad, when applying heat you push down so an iron board is not stable enough.

Place the vinyl face down on the mat to cut so you can’t see your chosen colour just the backing

Before cutting your design click mirror to flip the design

Measure and position your design before cutting to ensure a good fit

Heat the fabric you are ironing onto before placing your vinyl project. This will help it bond.

Don’t move the easy press; press down on the project keeping it still. 

When the timer goes off give the vinyl a minute or two before peeling the backing off. 

Click here for the design space link to the Noel Cushion project.

If you have design space access then follow this link for the project Alternatively copy the image below and follow these instructions to add to design space.

Design space elements used in this project
Cricut Christmas cushion

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How to make a Christmas Cushion with Cricut


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