Frozen Mango Daiquiri Cocktail, a delicious frozen cocktail

Frozen Mango Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Anyone that reads my blog will know that this year I have rekindled my love for cocktails. Especially my latest discovery this easy Frozen Mango Daiquiri recipe? I have so enjoyed making smoothies and slushes with for the boys. But whilst I love my little blender, the true reason adore it so very much is …

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hot gin toddy recipe

How To Make A Quick And Easy Gin Hot Toddy

I shared this easy gin hot toddy recipe over on instagram last week and it was a real hit, sometimes its the simple things that are the best and this easy hot gin drink is a real winner. Is it just me that also has a winter cocktail repertoire? There’s nothing better than a hot …

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Halloween potion bottles-6

How To Make Halloween Potion Bottles With Cricut Joy

These cute labels for Halloween Gin Potion Bottles, made with my Cricut Joy are perfect for Halloween parties. Now these bottle are filled with colour changing gin and strictly for adult parties. However you could also create a non alcoholic version for children’s parties. Because as wonderful as this gin version is, the intrigue and …

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How to make a peach Bellini Cocktail

Simple But Delicious Peach Bellini Cocktail Recipe

This delicious Peach Bellini Cocktail Recipe can be a simple as you like to make it. However the addition of fruit puree really does make all the difference. The sweet texture blended with ice and peach gin makes this cocktail a little special and perfect for special occasions and summer garden parties, where you need …

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How to make the perfect low fat Pina colada

Delicious Frozen Low Fat Recipe For A Pina Colada

I know I am on a bit of a cocktail rampage at the moment. But this sunny weather just creates the perfect environment for mixing up gorgeous frozen cocktails. Also, I might have discovered the best low fat Recipe For A Pina Colada. I rejoice at the fact that this amazing recipe is lower in …

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Brockmans Black Book of Gin Cocktails

Summer Fruits Gin Punch Recipe

Have you ever tried Brockmans Gin? If you haven’t put it on the list, it’s different from any other gin I have tried. With gentle flavours of botanicals such as blackberries, blueberries and orange peel to name a few. It gives a unique fruity flavour, making it perfect for a great summer fruits gin punch …

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