Birthdays, Awards And Flying


I didn’t share a round up last week as I was mad busy, you know when you have so much on and before you realise it, its Sunday night! Well that’s life around here at the moment.

However, getting back to a routine is feeling pretty fabulous. This summer has been odd Joe has wanted to spend time seeing his friends and his girlfriend. All part of growing up, however parental redundancy feels kinda odd.

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But now normality is sort of restored. Joe is back at school and we are in a routine, as much as we can be in this house. And life is back to its busy buzzing but organised self. And this lovely readers is what we have been up to in the Christie household for the last couple of weeks.

New school year

Jack And Joe’s Achievements.

Jack has just found out he has completed his level 3 part of his apprenticeship, he is now moving onto his HNC and we are so proud of him. He has wanted to work in architecture and design since he was little so to see him doing what he loves is wonderful.

And Joe failed to tell us he won a gold award at School for the amount of merits he got. We found out the first day of this term when he produced a certificate he received before he broke up.

I don’t know where our boys get it from because they don’t like fuss, how can you fail to tell people you won an award?

Joe Flying A Plane!

This week Joe got the opportunity to fly a plane, I kid you not, Joe flying a plane?

Joining The Air Cadets is one of the best things he has ever done. To see how much he enjoys it is truly wonderful. However, I have to tell you; I did pace the floor a lot on Tuesday when I know he would be somewhere up in the sky with an instructor pilot.

Of course he loved the whole experience, and now cant wait to fly again. This photo is not great quality, but omg look at my little boy!

Birthday Celebrations

I celebrated my 47th birthday this week, eeeek, I have had some truly beautiful messages. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to message. Chris and the boys thoroughly spoilt me, I got some amazing gifts, money and beautiful flowers. But most importantly, I felt loved and that is what birthdays are all about.

Flowers and Jo Malone

One of my closest friends knew I was pondering on getting acrylic nails done so she booked me in as a surprise. I was concerned as I am so heavy handed and have also had some horrific nail experiences, so quite frankly, was terrified.

However Kelly booked my in with her nail technician Annette and she is amazing. I have nails, they look fab and she never hurt me once.


This week has been a mega week on the awards front, and given me lots to celebrate, see the boys do not take after their mum!

On Wednesday Donna and I found out the Cruising With Kids had got to the short list in the World Of Cruise Magazine Wave Awards. The shortlist still has 15 on it, but we have strived for this since day 1, so are thrilled.

Award nominated cruise bloggers

And then last night I found out I had been shortlist for the Britmums’ BIBS 2019 in the Pinterest category, I LOVE PINTEREST so am blooming over the moon. Its such a honour to be recognised for doing something you love.

Pinterest is just full of inspiration and such a great place to share content, but also plan new projects. Although our kitchen designer may disagree as its down to Pinterest that I have changed the kitchen plans so many times.

Making Cocktails

At the weekend I pottered in the kitchen making cocktails, it’s the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And I am pretty thrilled with the result, if you like to odd cocktail then try out my passion fruit daiquiri, it’s easy to make and tastes amazing.

Frozen passion fruit daquiri with rum and vodka

And Crafting

I felt I had really lost my crafting mojo during the last couple of months. So I dusted of my Cricut machine and started creating again. And you know what? I totally forgot how much I love crafting. I started by creating a Witch Paper Cut. I find creating paper cuts so therapeutic!

Craft ideas for Halloween

And I also made a car cushion. I plan to create a set, with a bicycle and hot air balloon but with the designs all in different colours.

Simple projects in Cricut Design Space

And Next Week

Seriously, I can’t stop smiling today what a wonderful week its been, and next week promises more of the same.

Tuesday I am off to see 9to5 at the Palace Theatre in Manchester. I have seen it before and love it! Do you remember the TV show? I used to love watching it on a Friday night when I was younger. And who doesn’t love Dolly?

And Friday Chris and I are off to Greece for 5 nights, woohooo I can’t wait. We love Ikos Oceania so decided we would treat ourselves for our Anniversary as our present to each other. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forwards to the Greek sunshine and cocktails.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to and enjoy the sunshine.

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6 thoughts on “Birthdays, Awards And Flying”

  1. What an exciting week, I don’t know where to begin. Well, I guess I should start by wishing you a safe journey and a fabulous holiday. Well done to the boys, my girls are the same, very reserved when they acheive something, but my Little Man can’t wait to show me, I think it’s because he’s so young. Well done on your achievements too, I did notice you when I was casting my votes on the BiBs 😉 Good luck with both awards. Thanks for linking up to #wotw

  2. A truly exciting week. So many lovely things going on. Congrats on your nominations and good luck too. Glad you were spoilt on your birthday. As it should be. I love your crafting. Your cushion is far too cute and the witches legs are going to be spot on come Halloween. Well done Joe on his award and flying. And Jack too on passing his Level 3. Enjoy your trip. Wow. Do your feet ever touch the ground?! #wotw

  3. Well done on the nominations that’s brilliant! The boys sound like they are both doing really well, how brave of Joe to fly in that little plane I would be terrified, what an experience though. I loved the movie 9 to 5 and always sing along when Dolly comes on the radio, I bet the show will be amazing. Have a wonderful holiday with your husband x

  4. Well done your boys! It sounds like they’re doing great and doing you proud.
    Wow! Go on Joe, flying a plane is amazing! I would have been worried too.
    Happy birthday to you. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!
    Good luck with the awards! x


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