5 Hints and Tips For Visiting Stuttgart


During my recent trip to Stuttgart I really packed the activities in.  I was fortunate enough to see a little of what the region has to offer. As a result I have been able to compile a little list of recommendations of what to see and do in Stuttgart.

Stuttgart was somewhere I had never really considered visiting. However, now I have been I realise exactly what I have been missing out on all these years. My Stuttgart guide should help you navigate this amazing place.

Germany has so much to offer families or couples wanting to get away, see a little history and culture. Or just chill and people watch..

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Here are my top tips on what to do in Stuttgart. Great family activities in Stuttgart and Historical places of interest to get the best of the region.

Getting A Flight To Stuttgart

Flights to Stuttgart if planned in advance can be inexpensive. The airport is very efficient and fluid which makes passage through very easy. The rail service to get from the train station into the Stuttgart can be accessed directly from the station, which makes getting into the city easy, only taking 30 minutes. You need to change trains once, but it is simple and there are signs everywhere.

Please note, although you purchase a pass for the rail network, you must carry photo id at all times. If you are asked for your tickets on the train you will also be expected to provide id to validate your ticket.

Behind The Scenes At Stuttgart Airport, Germany

Where To Stay In Stuttgart

The Park Inn by Radisson is located a couple of minutes walk from Stuttgart City Centre train station. It is great value with clean lines and very modern decor. The beds are super comfy with great sized rooms for a city centre hotel. The Park Inn has a bar in the lobby, perfect for grabbing a glass of wine after a long day sightseeing. And the breakfast offering has lots of tasty options, cooked and continental.

5 Hints and Tips For Staying In Stuttgart

5 Hints and Tips For Staying In Stuttgart
5 Hints and Tips For Staying In Stuttgart

Getting Around Stuttgart On Public Transport

You can purchase a ticket for a tour bus to get your bearings and see a bit of the sights. However the rail networks once you get your head around the different levels is easy to use. Just give yourself an extra 10 minutes when planning trips to work out your route. During our tour, our guide told us public transport is always the best option in Stuttgart due to the roads being so busy.

You cannot visit such a wonderful region without grabbing a map and planning some of your routes by foot. The architecture in the region is beautiful and not to be missed.

What To Do In Stuttgart

Stuttgart has so many things to see and do, the problem will be choosing.

Whilst visiting I spent quite some times visiting Christmas Markets. And it you are visiting during the festive season then the markets really are a must.

If you love chocolate box towns then take a walk around Esslingen.

With its super friendly atmosphere and pastel coloured building that had me giddy with excitement at what may be around every corner. Esslingen has to be one of the most beautiful towns I have ever visited.

Christmas Markets In Stuttgart, Germany

A Walk Around Esslingen

Check out the shops In Esslingen

Stuttgart has an incredible shopping area; it is vast and offers shops and boutiques to suit all budgets. I never had time to shop, but next time I visit I will make sure I earmark a day for shopping. Walking past all these gorgeous shops was nothing short of torture.

Visit the Mercedes Museum In Stuttgart

I am not a huge fan of cars, but you cant help but be won over by the sheer beauty of the Mercedes Museum. You really have to see it to believe it. The engineering of the building alone, and how it all flows into an ever-descending walkway with no stairs from the very top, to the ground floor. This is a great day out in Stuttgart for families.

Taking you thorough the history of the automobile, and allowing you to get a glimpse of some real vintage classics, right through to modern technology and racing cars. It was so interesting and so beautiful.

5 Hints and Tips For Staying In Stuttgart

5 Hints and Tips For Staying In Stuttgart

Visit Ludwigsburg Palace for a historical look at Stuttgart

The town is very interestingly built on a grid system and very easy to get around. There is a lot to see and do, and many places I would have loved to stop for a glass of wine or bite to eat. This is a great place to try out tradition Swabian food, which I have to say is very tasty indeed.

You cannot visit Ludwigsburg without visiting the palace. During the daylight hours the gardens are said to be breathtaking, with additions such as a fairy garden Making this the perfect place to visit in Stuttgart with kids. At the night that palace takes on a whole new dimension with its breathtaking lights casting shadows of history that make the place feel almost magical.

An Evening Walk Around Ludwigsberg Palace

Get The StuttCard For Attraction Discounts In Stuttgart

At a cost of 25€ without public transport or  €45 with public transport for 72 hours the StuttCard allows you to explore the Stuttgart Region all-inclusive!

The StuttCard offers the following discounts and services with 46 partners:

– Free admission to all museums and many leisure facilities – Attractive savings in selected theatres

– Attractive reductions at partner retail stores

– Welcome drinks / desserts in selected restaurants

for the duration of the period you have chosen – 24, 48 or 72 hours. All services can be used once only.

StuttCard PLUS:

If you have opted for the StuttCard PLUS, you have the additional advantage of free travel on the public transport network in the entire Stuttgart Region (standard class).

This is a fairly new concept in the region and with so many partners involved it proves great value.

Enjoy your trip and please note this is only the tips of the iceberg. There really is so much to see and do.

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5 Great Tips For Visiting Stuttgart, Where To Stay, How to Get There, What To Visit and See and the StuttCard


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  1. It looks like such a pretty place to visit. I don’t think I’d ever have thought to go but I’d love a good wander about the palace so much. It must have been such a lavish lifestyle for those that lived there!

  2. I’ve never been to Stuttgart or even Germany but this looks great – really useful hints and tips here. I go away most years with a group of girlfriends, this will be going on the list! x

  3. Stuttgart is one of my least favorite cities in Germany, but Esslingen is definitely a top favorite! I’d love to see the Christmas market in Stuttgart again though, as well as visit the Esslingen market! #CityTripping

  4. The Stuttgart Christmas Markets are lovely aren’t they? I went to the city for work a few years back and was lucky to stay right next to the markets and I’ve been hooked on Christmas markets ever since #citytripping

  5. Even after living in Germany for a year (many moons ago) I couldn’t remember much about Stuttgart but there’s so much to see here. I really should get back to the country before I forget all my German and this is a tempting idea to do it. #citytripping

  6. Last week, I got a book about road trips in Germany and am surprised by everything I have learned about the country. That is why I got so excited to learn more about Stuttgart. There are places that are not on your radar but end up being a total surprise. I have not considered visiting Stuttgart but I am sure it is an awesome city. #citytripping


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