Pass on the Christmas Love With Thorntons

Making Time To Reconnect With Family At Christmas

I thought long and hard about this post when Thorntons asked me to show how I ‘Pass The Love On’ to my family as part of its ‘Continental Journeys’ campaign. My automatic response was to create a Christmas gift, a Christmas Eve Box packed with Thorntons goodies and treats for the whole family. However, the …

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My Weekly Round Up, Family Time

Hello its been two weeks since my last round-up (Ha ha I feel like I am at confession) its been a manic couple of weeks, I know, I am aways saying that! Our life is manic. But all those amazing memories are worth building. Life is never boring over here in the Christie household. Although …

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Family Time At Center Parcs

A Post Christmas Trip To Center Parcs Whinfell Forest With Tweens

Last weekend we spent a blissful weekend with friends at Center Parcs, Whinfell Forest. This was our 17th trip as a family. Our first being when Joe was only 12 weeks old. Last year was the first year we hadn’t visited Center Parcs for 11 years and we missed it. So this year we were thrilled to …

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A walk on the beach At St Annes

A Walk On The Beach At St Anne’s

Yesterday we sat in bed the rain hitting the windows, wondering where the blooming hell summer had got to. It’s almost as if the bad weather syncs with holiday time? As soon as the School bell rings for the summer, the rain descends. The thing is we can’t just wait for the sun to shine …

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Organising My Life With Pirongs Unique Planners

My Top Tips For Life On The Go

Anyone that knows me knows that I am always planning my next trip or adventure. I have to be hatching a plan of some description; I think it must be in the genes. And if I haven’t got a plan on the go then I feel a little deflated. Dare I say bored! Gosh I …

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10 Things I Never Knew The Xbox One S Did!

10 Things I Never Knew The Xbox One S Did !

Did You Know That An Xbox Does More Than Gaming? No, neither did I! I kid you not, we have had an Xbox in the house since they came out. Models have been upgraded regularly, and never, not once, did our boys mention that are much more than a gaming console. Ok, I did not …

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