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Hello its been two weeks since my last round-up (Ha ha I feel like I am at confession) its been a manic couple of weeks, I know, I am aways saying that! Our life is manic. But all those amazing memories are worth building. Life is never boring over here in the Christie household. Although the boys might say it’s exhausting.

We have has more blooming illness over here, Chris has been in bed for days with man flu, seriously I am the least sympathetic person I know for illness and have had a month of it between the 3 of them. And don’t even get me started on poorly voices. But he is quite ill, for a family that never gets ill its been quite a month.

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A Weekend At Center Parcs

We spent last weekend wrapped up in the forest with some of our favourite friends at Center Parcs. It was a totally non blogging weekend, I love blogging as I travel, it’s something I would never moan about. However it was wonderful not constantly looking for a great shot, or worrying about pinning Joe down for photos as all he wanted to do was go on long bike rides with his bestie. As a result I don’t have to many photos.

Center Parks Lake

We spent a wonderful weekend going for long forest walks, enjoying the spa (although it was a bit hectic with a gang on lads, which you don’t want when you want to chill in you swimsuit)  drinking pink prosecco and candy floss ( I have a cocktail to share next week) and eating loads. Sometimes you just need a bit of family/friends time don’t you?

It feels odd travelling without Jack, I miss him so much when I am away, but he is growing up and planning his own activities now and had a fab weekend watching football with his friends.

Seeing Saturday Night Fever

I told you in my last round up I was not sure how much I would love Saturday Night Fever , well I was wrong! The new updated show is incredible, the dark parts of the movie are glossed over. Which I think for the show was the right choice. Resulting in a celebration of disco and all things retro.

The dancing and singing was on point, the cast were so talented. I honestly can’t describe the feeling a great show gives you. Its something everybody should experience.

The Cast of Saturday Night Fever - UK Tour (c) Pamela Raith Photography_083

Pretty New Underwear

I had a gorgeous delivery from Fantasie last week filled with spring coloured pretty underwear. This Annalise Camelia set is so pretty and the fit is just perfect, its incredible the difference having the correct bra size makes! I have been measured by so many companies who have never got it right. And since wearing Fantasie have found nothing fits as well. And I have tried other brands but always come back to Fantasie. I am so lucky to be gifted lingerie, but I also choose to buy it too.

Trying Out VA At Hollywood Bowl In Leeds

Joe and I visited the Hollywood Bowl in Leeds last night to check out the new Virtual Reality section. OMG its insane, I went with the opinion, that it will be fun for Joe attitude, thinking its a lovely family thing to do. But I loved it every bit as much as Joe. I have more to share next week, but you honestly forget everything logical when you have that headset on. It transforms you into totally different world, which is so much fun and took me a little by surprise.

VR at Hollywood Bowl Leeds
Bowling in Leeds

We also got the time to have a game in the bowling alley, which is the coolest bowling alley we have ever been to with a retro restaurant and pool area too. Joe may have thrashed me at bowling! Chris could not make it because of his man flu, but Joe and I had the best time. In fact we might have to take Chris back to try it out!

Lots Of Snow

It makes me smile how giddy everyone gets about snow, I suppose we take it for granted as we get so much. But the last couple of weeks have produced some breathtaking moments. I can’t believe there was no snow at Center Parcs when we have had it either side of the trip!

Next Week

It’s a quiet week ahead, ha ha, as if that ever happens? No another busy one, but exciting. On Tuesday I am off to the Opera House to see Annie I am beyond excited Annie was one of my favourite films when I was younger. I say that about every film don’t I? I think I was always so drawn in by the magic of movies and love how they are translated into theatre even more.

We also have an exciting trip to Carden Park in Cheshire planned, Carden Park is more of a resort that a hotel so we are off to check out the family friendly facilities I can’t wait! It’s such a beautiful hotel, so stylish. And I just know Chris and Joe are going to love it.

The Food At Carden Park Hotel

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to!

A Quick Catch Up, My Weekly Round Up

20 thoughts on “My Weekly Round Up, Family Time”

  1. You have the best life. You are always off doing something fun!
    I hope Chris is feeling better. I’ve been full of cold this past week and I may have used my poorly voice a few times.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful time at Center Parcs and seeing Saturday Night Fever. That underwear is gorgeous.
    The snow is so pretty but I am not keen on how cold it is!

    • I have to say my poorly voice has been out too as I totally lost my voice, Center Parcs was wonderful we had such a fab time x

  2. Non-blogging related time away is wonderful – just being able to relax and not have to try and take photos. I’m glad you had a lovely time at Center Parcs. Glad you enjoyed Saturday Night Fever too. That underwear set is so pretty. Love your snow photos. Hope you enjoy seeing Annie next week x #WotW

  3. I love reading about your busy life Sarah, it always looks like lots of fun and I wish I had a fraction of your energy ! Your weekend away sounds lovely, it’s nice to just have some downtime and concentrate on family and friends. I’m hoping to get back into going to the theatre this year, I used to go all the time before the little ones were born, I saw Annie at The Lowry some years back and it was lovely. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your stay at Carden Park x

    • Its lovely to switch off every now and then isnt it? Ha ha I do have a lot of energy, and if I am still I am bored so like keeping busy. I cant wait for Annie I love the movie x

  4. Oh so sad my comment went missing…. just saying how much fun it sounds like you are up to and how much I love Center Parcs. Love the pretties need to buy some nice ones after I stop feeding baby boy. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead no doubt full of fun.

    • Ah no why does it always happen when you comment Jenny, so sorry, The Lingerie is so pretty isn’t it, you should defo treat yourself x

  5. Seriously when are you going to adopt me? I’m so jealous of all the adventures you have. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful two weeks and next week sounds pretty damn amazing too. Have fun x

    • Ha ha you are so funny Kat, its been a fab week but have been in bed all weekend with a rotten cold, so need to be over it for tomorrow and the week ahead x

  6. I do envy your life, you are so busy with the most wonderful things. What memories you create. I’d love to be able to visit the theatre as often as you, I love it. I’m glad you had a nice peaceful time at Center Parcs, I love to turn off sharing for a little while. I hope everyone is feeling well now and next week is fun but not so hectic for you. Thanks for linking up to #wotw xx

    • Anne I am full of a cold now, and have felt so rough. But need to get over it for next week as its a busy one. I really am so lucky getting to go to the theatre as it is one of my biggest passions in life x

  7. You pack so much in. I know it was two weeks, but even so! The VA sounds so much fun. The bowling venue too. Saturday night fever has never attracted me, but I suspect the energy would make it hard not to enjoy. Not looking forward to the children not tagging along to holidays and events. I guess it will come all too soon. I am definitely one who gets giddy about snow. We get it once or twice a year in Somerset and increasingly in bucketfuls each time. Maybe the novelty will wear off eventually, but not yet. I make snowmen like it might be my last chance! Hope you have a fabulous week. #wotw

    • I bet you have loved it this last week, it seems like you have had loads. I wasn’t to fussed for Saturday Might Fever but I loved it, and yes the VR and bowling was such a great night, it is definitely somewhere you could spend a lot of time x

  8. Center Parcs sounds amazing as always, and it really made me miss our January visits. We went for a few years on the run for mine and Katie’s birthday. No place like it is there. Ooooo enjoy Carden Park, I have been there twice, but never with the kids. They are building a brand new spa there which I think opens in the summer x

    • We had such a lovely time, but I am so looking forwards to Carden Park its amazing there isn’t it? I was looking at the spa plan yesterday it looks incredible x

    • It is, although the service was not great in the restaurants this time which was a shame, but I love getting together with friends x

  9. You have been busy. I LOVE how active you are. I bet its strange Jack not being as involved, oh gosh that will be George one day. Those snow photos are glorious Sarah and I loved following your CP break. Enjoy this weekend sweetie x

    • Its so strange Jack not always being involved, I so miss him, of course he is very active in family life just not travel any more, but he may change his mind one day x


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