My Top Tips For Life On The Go


Anyone that knows me knows that I am always planning my next trip or adventure. I have to be hatching a plan of some description; I think it must be in the genes. And if I haven’t got a plan on the go then I feel a little deflated. Dare I say bored! Gosh I sound like a teenager ha ha.

When I worked full-time as a teacher my life was busy in a restricted way. Being told what to do with my time, endless paperwork, open evenings and other responsibilities that come with the job. Juggling this with family life made life manic in a stressful kind of way. I constantly suffered from heartburn, my colleagues used to laugh at me as I often took a hot water bottle to work to help ease it. The reality is that I was eating the wrong food during my rushed lunch break and most probably eating far to quickly.

Since going self-employed I have learnt to listen to my body. I know how to avoid making those mistakes. Which has not only had a huge impact on my health, but also my happiness. It’s incredible how we can keep going despite stress and the effect it has on us. The amazing thing is I am busier that ever before, but in a balanced way, which means I feel great.

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My Top Tips For Life On The Go
Here are my top tips for living life on the go.

Write everything down

Last year I relied on my smart phone to keep me organised but found I was over booking myself. I never looked at my calendar. Introducing a planner made such a huge difference to my organisation skills. I now have a weekly job list page, month planner and day-to-day breakdowns. Writing a list of jobs and errands has made such a huge difference to how I organise myself. As result I feel much more on top of things.

Organising My Life With Pirongs Unique Planners

Plan meals, yes we all intend to do it don’t we?

For me this is so important, I plan all our meals at home, and ensure the fridge is full of healthy snacks. I try to avoid bread where I can and swap for a jacket potato or pasta lunch, which fills me up, but doesn’t make me bloated. I also make fresh evening meals and freeze them so they are ready to pop in the oven when I am away or on those busy days that I don’t have time to cook a meal from scratch.

When I am traveling, I take a salad or plan where to eat to avoid grabbing an unhealthy take away or sandwich. There is nothing worse than being hungry and having to eat unhealthy food that you don’t really fancy because there are no other options.

Have an exercise schedule

By far my favourite form of exercise is swimming; it is the perfect sport to reduce stress and doesn’t rely on class times and schedules. I can nip to the gym whenever I feel like a swim. I also plan it to coincide with my hair washing routine to save time in the mornings. Yes, I have a hair washing routine. Is that sad?

New Years Resolutions And Embracing Yoga

Schedule Time To Relax

I attend a weekly yoga class, which is perfect for de-stressing and ensuing I allow myself a little time to focus my mind. Our minds are so active all the time. Yoga has taught me that we don’t always realise we are using our brains, its like a habit.  Being aware of our bodies and how to relax the body and mind is so beneficial. So much so, I so wish I had discovered it years ago.

Make Time For Family

Having a growing family also means having a busy family. I find it helps to plan in and schedule family and couple time. It’s all about balance, and when you are all on the go as much as our family its very easy to get into the habit of just chilling when you are all together. We also try to plan nights out, pizza making evenings, country walks and city breaks to enable we get quality time, rather than just all chilling and watching movies.

And Lastly A Little Time For Me

A huge benefit of our family growing up is that I am able to schedule in time for me, whether it’s a trip to London with friends or a spa break. Having that little time makes me appreciate family life even more.

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5 thoughts on “My Top Tips For Life On The Go”

  1. Life is so different out of full time teaching isn’t it.
    I completely agree with writing lists – I finally seem to have created a system that works for me – there’s no pretty bullet journalling going on as I don’t have the design skills but lots of lists.
    What I do need to do though is to factor in the exercise and relaxation . . . both things I suck at.

  2. I do agree with taking time to exercise. Since getting fitter I’ve actually discovered that I do enjoy exercising and that it helps me mentally as well as physically, especially when I’m feeling particularly down with grief. Some great tips there!

  3. I am with you with planning swimming around hair washing routines lol. So much easier to go for a swim and then straight in the shower. We eat so much better when we meal plan, plus with the plan on the fridge it saves the teen asking about a million times ‘what’s for tea’. Are they constantly thinking about their next meal ? x

  4. EVERYTHING is always written down in a note pad i carry with me. I packed in teaching last year as i was fed up of being restricted by the holiday times and it limited my travels, but I’m now applying for a new job for september as i’m bored in-between travelling


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